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  1. Same. My PC’s a giant Xbox in the living room on the cx55 now. Wife put a foot long scratch in the screen yesterday with her zip leaning over tv to yank the curtains. Fml
  2. I put rechargeables in mine the moment I got them, it’s really fine.
  3. I’ve just played for a couple of hours with my prescription lenses from VR optician. These things are fantastic. The build quality and presentation is nice. They install in seconds, acting as a lens protector in the process. They allow me to remove the glasses spacer which gives me a wider FOV and no gap around my nose. Which means no fogging, finally. There’s a tiny bit more glare especially at the edges compared to no lenses at all, but far less than wearing glasses. The prescription itself is perfect. If you’re a glasses wearer suffering from discomfort or annoyances at all, I can wholehear
  4. I played it on PSVR when it came out and didn't get the fuss at all. Bought it on Quest last week, and then refunded it after an hour. I have to conclude it's only really impressive as a first time or early VR experience. it's a distant, limited, on rails experience more like playing a game on a 3DTV than actually existing in an interactive 3D space.
  5. Outer wilds seemed like a tough one. Everyone gave it 8/10 with a not very inspiring write up and then (deservedly) gave it GOTY.
  6. I didn’t totally hate Rebecca while watching it, but the change they made to how the end plays out was baffling and made me hate it.
  7. I really didn’t get Rez in VR. I’ve tried it on every platform and it seems like a quick and dirty port without much going for it. Area X is pretty annoying to control too.
  8. My decaffeinated brain read that as fascist animations, and I really struggled to comprehend the rest of the post. Anyway - Half Life 2 is quite interesting in the new context of being the precursor to HL: Alyx. That game still uses the old numerical health system and has the slightly modernised design of fewer guns with an upgrade system. But it has a stronger than ever focus on physics-heavy dense environments full of environmental storytelling. They've tripled-down on that, in a world where most studios are flirting with or fully embracing open world design, they've gone the com
  9. I really like the Half Life 2 shotgun. Honestly I just like the feel of that engine, goldsrc and all the variants. It's why I love Titanfall 2 so much. I've said before that you could make a source engine/variant game about shooting rainbows at kittens and it would still feel snappy and satisfying.
  10. Yep. I remember sitting with my jaw hanging loose watching headcrabs ragdoll around realistically as they died. Maybe it wasn't the first game to do it, but it felt like it added a new dimension of realism that wasn't there before.
  11. Oh yeah that’s a good one. Half Life 2 suffers terribly from Seinfeld-isn’t-funny syndrome. The physics, environmental storytelling, constantly switching-up gameplay and tasteful characterisations just didn’t exist to any significant degree until it came along. Those things have been so completely absorbed and standardised across the medium. As a result it doesn’t stand up half as well as it should unless you have firsthand experience of the context in which it came out. You’re still left with great tasteful worldbuilding and a really thoughtful production overall but the impact is l
  12. Alyx tricked my brain into kicking a door that didn’t exist, twice. Other answers are: Super Mario World Ocarina Of Time Modern Warfare Resident Evil 4 Wow Mass Effect 2 Bloodborne TLOU
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08HN4DSTC?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_2515581_197831511 3080 in stock
  14. Sidequest can do savegame transfers but it's a bit "YMMV" by all accounts.
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