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  1. It sounds like you're not looking hard enough. You've mentioned GTAV, The Division 2, Watch Dogs 2 and Last Of Us 2, all big sequels from big developers/publishers, all shooters or adjacent. Isn't that a bit like watching 4 Transformers films and then concluding films aren't good any more? You said you've got Gamepass, so: Outer Wilds Nier Automata Subnautica Alien Isolation Control (it's a shooter, but...) Titanfall 2 (it's a shooter, but...) Prey (it's a shooter, but...) Celeste Spiritfarer Monster Train The Gardens Between
  2. My favourite bit was in the last episode when they went from a courtyard to an inside scene, then had a fight and the bad lady ran away and they lost track of her. Then it cuts to the bad lady having a conversation clearly shot in the upper level of the courtyard they'd just come from.
  3. Dan Ryckert, Mary Kish and Mike Mahardy have started a podcast together. This one could go either way! https://anchor.fm/fireescape
  4. Moz

    It Takes Two

    Watching our sweet boy @jcafarley do the bit I mentioned before with that boss, I have absolutely no idea how my wife got through that. Completely baffled. The fun part of that is you can't stop to look at the other person's screen for a second so you're both trying to describe the complete madness going on at your end while the other person is going FUCKING HURRY UP About 01:50 mins in, spoilers obviously
  5. Hulk was created by the super serum too. Banner swapped vita-rays for gamma-rays.
  6. The Falcon is flightless after episode 1, and the winter soldier isn't the winter soldier any more, so it's a weird title. Might I suggest Rod Dull and Emu instead?
  7. Moz

    It Takes Two

    I nearly died laughing during the bossfight when my wife was trying to dodge a million lasers while I was getting squashed by the Easy GOTY frontrunner for me at the moment. There's a "chase cam strength" option configurable per player which dictates how much control the camera takes from you during some sequences. But an early major section of the game uses simplified third person shooter controls (think one gun and no reloading) which my wife really struggled with but it did eventually click. It's fast though, with a good amount of lock-on, which mean
  8. Hope so. I’m baffled that MS haven’t bought Remedy yet.
  9. Moz

    It Takes Two

    Our own @jcafarley and @murray are playing through this now and having a whale of time. I can’t believe there isn’t more interest in this here!
  10. I got an MSI 3080 order in at Amazon a week ago after an alert pinged and it hasn’t been charged yet. There was a delivery date when I pressed buy but now it’s pending. I’m hoping it’ll act as a preorder of sorts even if I have to keep it awhile. Wonder if it’ll get cancelled. If it does go through I’ll sell my 3070 at auction probably for more than the 3080. At this rate I’m going to upgrade to a 3090 or 3080ti for effectively nothing. I bought a 3070FE for £450 and then sold my 1080ti for £650, more than I paid for it in 2017! I felt awful but I’m going with auction rather than scalping pric
  11. I played the demo for awhile, now I’m playing the full game. It’s thrown me straight into some completely insane missions where I die instantly if I stand in fire, I can’t even cast my spells because I die during the wind up. Like playing vanquish on the hardest setting, except bad. The only thing I’ve found which works is sprinting straight at the boss/sniper/whatever and killing them before it starts randomly spawning enemies around you, and then onto the next one. It keeps giving me better gear in the seconds before I die which seems like a weird way to balance your game. Cover doesn’t work
  12. This has some of the most confusing, shitty and broken mission design in recent memory.
  13. Moz

    It Takes Two

    This is brilliant. My wife has played about three games in her life (Overcooked, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley). I convinced her to give this a try and we’ve just finished a mammoth session of nearly three hours. We had a great time and haven’t laughed that much in ages. Nintendo-tier polish and inventiveness, great controls, sharply smart puzzles and absolutely splendid visuals make for a really potent formula. Over and over again it gives you some toys to play with, extracts maximum value from them and then moves onto the next thing before the mechanic becomes stale. So far
  14. Nvidia's resizable BAR update is out now. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-30-series-resizable-bar-support/?ncid=afm-chs-44270&ranMID=44270&ranEAID=TnL5HPStwNw&ranSiteID=TnL5HPStwNw-olkpnEDkiVadUMNek9wEpw Promises a 5-20% framerate boost in supported games which includes Cyberpunk, Horizon Zero Dawn and Control.
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