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  1. I’m sure it’ll get fixed up for those having problems. The important thing is it’s now on PC where it can live out a long and happy life. Now do Bloodborne you fucking cowards!
  2. Soooo after all the drama today, I fire it up, turn off all the automatic fps bullshit so it’s just running at 1440p, and I’m getting a solid 60fps or above using ultimate settings. It absolutely shits the bed at 4k no matter what settings I use, but 1440p/120hz/ultimate seems like a really nice consistent experience. It looks a little bit sharper than the PS4 version and is of course a lot smoother. Which is all I wanted. Maybe I’m just lucky. 6770k and a 1080ti. I’ve been to a couple of villages without any significant drops. There are a few stutters here and there, which seem to coincide with a new batch of dialogue being loaded, but nothing particularly unusual for an open world game.
  3. You automatically get a call from the RAF asking where to deliver your fighter jet.
  4. I'm not even sure most people have 4K TVs yet. A lot of TVs can do 120hz (anything with 3D, remember that?) but you need the bandwidth of HDMI 2.1 to do 4k 120hz HDR. My graphics card is 2.0b so I'm doing 1440p/120hz/HDR over HDMI which seems like a really nice compromise although I'm looking forward to seeing the full fat 2.1 spec in future. Or they could just add displayport...
  5. Yep, agree entirely. It would be really, really great to have the option in fairly easy to run games like indies and 2D actioners.
  6. What if I told you that you could play at 240fps with a mouse. Anyway https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-08-01-all-confirmed-120fps-games-for-ps5-and-xbox-series-x This is a really good concise roundup about why 120fps is great (but really bleeding edge, given you need a high end TV and potentially receiver too).
  7. I've just opened up the second area, after spending far too long in the first area (I've maxed out all available talent trees, upgraded all the outfits, done every available activity, liberated it etc). I'm not sure I'm going to continue, I'm finding the story missions and sidequests a real drag. I've enjoyed playing the wandering samurai, strolling to points of interest and seeing which of the five or so activities will be there. What I don't want to do is another 5 Masako Missions, 4 Yuna missions, 9 missions for the Monk guy that just turned up, 10 or so longwinded main quests and then open up yet another area. I'm finding the characters too dry and underwritten. The tension between stealth and Samurai feels like it snapped a long time ago and nothing really matters as a result. A big part of the fun of Assassin's Creed (which I'm sick of now) is the virtual tourism, seeing known landmarks and bustling cities. But the world here, as beautiful as it is, only has limited appeal when you know it's borrowing as much from Breath of the Wild as it is from historical record and folklore. I do like the combat but it hasn't changed for about ten hours - and now there are some guys that do the same thing but take more damage. I think it's my own fault for not moving on quick enough but the main quests have been such a turn-off that I've been actively avoiding them and spacing them out because I don't really want to do them. I'm perhaps more excited to play Horizon on PC at the moment which isn't a good sign. I feel like I just want it to end and I'm only half way through by the look of it. The strange thing is, Days Gone got me to the point where I 100%ed it, and I don't see how it's any better than this (if anything, it's worse). It's probably something to do with the fact that I'm eager to sell on my PS4 Pro as I'm kind of done with it now.
  8. Lost of stuff was 120hz or so until LCDs game along and tricked everyone.
  9. PAL speeds made the game run slower, and thus easier. Sekiro does not run at half speed (or quarter speed) when dropped from 60/120fps to 30. Having said that, Dark Souls has/had numerous bugs when running at 60fps or above including the infamous durability bug. Another fun example is Vanquish, where the player took damage proportional to their framerate (which actually made the game more fun...)
  10. The jump from 60 to 120 is about the same as the jump from 30 to 60. E.g. pretty massive. However 60fps is so much more acceptable than 30fps that it feels less vital in comparison. I don't think all games should be 120fps - it's a luxury for spendy PC Gamers or the people happy to compromise at 1080p/lower settings. But 30fps always feels like dragging a camera through gravel, and really harms your ability to track enemy movement (e.g. quickly tapping to counteract an attack). How people played Sekiro at 30fps I have no idea.
  11. It massively simplifies things too. We already know Xcloud will be included with gamepass.
  12. Mark my words: Ultimate will become the only thing you can pay for, which will include gamepass, cloud saves and online play.
  13. This is great news. Microsoft, if you’re listening: MAKE ALL YOUR FIRST PARTY GAMES LOOK ROUGHLY THE SAME AS CURRENT GEN GAMES BUT RUN AT 60FPS/120FPS/4K. MAKE THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND. DRAG THEM KICKING AND SCREAMING INTO THE LIGHT OF RESPECTABLE FRAMERATES AND THEY WILL EVENTUALLY LOVE YOU FOR IT. I’ve had it up to here with games like Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU2, God Of War, Bloodborne etc which look amazing but run like a flipbook and feel gritty and unwieldy. My TV is 120hz. My phone and tablet are 90/120hz. My PC monitor is 165hz. My laptop screen is 120hz. Sub 30fps is simply not an acceptable compromise any more. It never was. Framerate is king. Framerate is king. Framerate is king.
  14. Man I’ve been looking for a thread like this for ages. I recently bought an LG CX, 55”. My GPU can only output at 1440p 120hz HDR due to the HDMI spec (waiting for a 3080ti so I can do 4k/120hz HDR) but it’s bloody marvellous especially with gsync/freesync included too. We’re all used to OLED on phones but seeing the TV power on without any of the pixels lighting up is still magical.
  15. Moz

    The Valve Thread

    Gabe on New Zealand TV talking about throwing a big party for some reason and also declaring himself Team Xbox.
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