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  1. Yeah, me too. Surprised at the negativity, I found it charming and compelling. I'm interested to see where it goes as the curtain begins to lift, but I'm enjoying watching these two under-utilised performers strut their stuff. I'm not bored or anxiously waiting for the next breadcrumb leading back to CG saving the world shenanigans. The commitment to the sitcom setup, which is more of a loving celebration than parody or satire, is admirable. The number one complaint about Disney's handling of the Marvel property is how samey they are. Well, here you go.
  2. I could see them switching to a twice-weekly podcast rotating the various members of the East and West coast crews at this point. Given that eveyrone's working from home for the foreseeable. It's really worth mentioning that Brad and Will's podcast is excellent, I look forward to it much more than the beastcast. Their patreon Discord is a lovely place too. https://techpod.content.town/
  3. I couldn’t have put this better if I spent an hour rewriting it. It really comes down to whether you want a sit-back experience with a controller or a tuned-in experience with a keyboard and mouse.
  4. I snagged a 3070FE from Scan. After weeks of not being bothered, Discord notifications turned themselves back on somehow and I got the alert and though ehh why not. And amazingly it went through. I think it'll tide me over until the next gen - I want to see what Nvidia do (and what their pricing is like) with AMD truly competitive again. The real time to upgrade will be when the last gen consoles drop off the radar in a year or so and the baseline leaps to PS5/Series X. At that point, games will become much harder to run and will probably start defaulting to 30fps on console again
  5. It’s as much like Xcom as it is a typical grindy RPG. You can’t really grind as there are a set number of fights. If a fight seems impossibly hard and you can’t find a single other enemy to kill for XP, you’re probably approaching that fight wrong or getting unlucky. Sometimes a bit of foresight helps (knowing some extra enemies are going to appear etc) so playing fights a few times before getting it done is normal. It’s a tactical combat system with the onus on tactical. You can almost never over-level yourself to make a fight easier, though you can be under levelled or under equipped (or wro
  6. I’m on the same puzzle in chapter 4, I’ve looked the solution up on three different websites and even read an explanation of how you’re supposed to have figured it out, and I’m still completely mystified as to how any of the words, symbols, combined words, dial positions or numbers have any correlation with anything. I’m probably overthinking it. Edit: just read Fondue’s explanation and I still don’t get it. I’m pretty sharp with puzzle games in general so going to conclude this is a bad puzzle.
  7. You just described most film sequels!
  8. I’d put this in the same boat as Solaris and Contact (but not as good). The majority of people are going to complain that nothing happens because they don’t really engage beyond surface plot points or consider the subtext and context of individual scenes. Then another big swathe of the audience are going to claim they “guessed the twist” as if it were a Nolan puzzlebox that lives and dies by a reveal the whole plot is awkwardly constructed around. Not to oversell it (I’d give it like, a 6/10) but it’s exactly the kind of sci-fi that doesn’t land for most.
  9. I’m ready to watch a simple film about the human condition without the need for an elaborate metaphorical framing device getting in the way. They’re edging towards it too slowly for my liking. But yeah, every Pixar film is hailed as a return to form and then promptly forgotten, because they’re always a mixed bag of similar motifs. We’re at the Skyward Sword stage and I’m waiting for Pixar’s Breath of the wild!
  10. This was good, but I enjoyed the stuff on earth more than the stuff in the metaphysical realm. I’m ready for Pixar to drop the slightly too complex framing devices and simply tell a human story - I find the complications are starting to get in the way a little. This was clearly Pixar operating in a post-Spiderverse landscape in a number of ways. It’s good to see them take inspiration from elsewhere (not always easy when you’re on top of the pile!) But at the same time you can feel Pixar’s limitations, their slightly more conservative and safe stance. Spiderverse felt like it pushed a
  11. It was also Dom Tipper’s first big acting job. You can virtually see all of them get better by the episode. Even Holden gets some contact lenses and stops squinting and smelling farts eventually.
  12. I thought this was quite a sober and gentle “sensible sci-fi” story. It struck me as a quiet, thoughtful film. The emotional journey through the various threads worked for me. It was clear where it was going from about the half way point but it didn’t rely on puzzlebox reveals so much as arrive at an emotional conclusion naturally. It’s more Solaris than Interstellar or Gravity. I liked it more than Ad Astra at any rate.
  13. I didn’t mind that. The cartoony physics and tone felt quite fun and silly, at least when they weren’t deployed via weightless CG. The problem is it’s not very tonally consistent and doesn’t have much flavour or character as a result. That bouncy early action scene felt like something out of a Schwarzenegger comedy but wasn’t repeated. Somewhere in here is a 90 minute film which works, but it’s far too bogged down in unnecessary extraneous detail and wrinkles which don’t serve the characters or the plot. I wanted one or two of the leads to go away so the film could focus for a mom
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