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  1. This was… OK. There’s not really any gameplay bar fetch quests and running past stealth sections, and it’s quite boring at times. But it looks and sounds great. An otherwise 5/10 game elevated a bit by great presentation. Definitely being oversold because there’s a cat in it.
  2. I think that’s what it is.
  3. In my first week of secondary school my twin sister told everyone I was the boy who went on Stars in their eyes as Jimmy Osmond, and I still have to correct people about it 27 years later.
  4. All consoles have early access except Switch I think. Edit - nope switch has it too
  5. That's what they said about the 3080. It's less the drop in framerate and more the variance that it adds. Most games seem to feel sluggish and have a less consistent framerate with RTX. Plus I've generally been underwhelmed by the implementation and end result.
  6. Moz


    The menus broke when I tried to change resolution. Now I've got a weird box taking up the top left eighth of the screen, kind of like a console. If anyone knows how to scroll down the visuals menu let me know. It's not down, or mwheel down, or S, or pagedown. Nevermind, restarted and it was OK. Still runs like crap even with DLSS. That's enough of that
  7. I'm still not convinced by raytracing, still. It smacks of PhysX to me. With my 3080 it's never worth the performance hit. Having said that, going back and breathing new life into old games with raytracing is a great idea.
  8. All they needed to do was badge it as early access. I am endlessly confused when companies want to release broken RPGs (cough, Bethesda) instead of doing a Larian.
  9. Moz


    Yep. It's more COD than Outer Wilds/Hitman/Majoras Mask etc. You pick the order of missions and that's about it. I noticed in the patch notes that there's some kind of combat difficulty option in the accessibility options so I might have a wee look at that and see if you push the game beyond being trivially easy even with nothing but a pistol and no powers equipped (license to kill mode, baby!) Also interested to see if they've ironed out any of their performance problems yet or if the engine is basically a write-off at this point.
  10. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    It's a bit stuttery on Xbox Series X from time to time. It's still a bit stuttery on a beefy PC though, that's just down to the frankly insane way the simulation works and their philosophy of "the truth in the system". Other than reducing rendering and physics complexity for far away objects, the whole simulation runs in real time. Spoilers abound in the vid, but the Noclip documentary has some great tidbits in. e.g. When you jump, you're not jumping, the entire world is moving away from you. On Brittle Hollow, the pieces that fall onto the crust of the planet aren't randomised but they're not scripted either. They're a physical simulation built in such a way that the correct pieces fall in the correct order. The anti-gravity training area on the tutorial planet has no gravity because it's at the center of the planet, it's not a tweak of the gravity/physics engine. The best way to absolutely tank performance is put yourself, your probe and your ship on three different planets and watch the game engine try to render visuals and collisions for all of them simultaneously. They wanted to include an achievement for crashing the game but Annapurna wouldn't let them I'm sure given enough resources they could keep engineering away at it forever but they're a small studio working in Unity on a limited budget, working from code which started as a university project ten years ago. They did say they're working on performance issues in certain areas though I wouldn't hold too much hope.
  11. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    It runs OK on Steam Deck
  12. As a boomer shooter fan who grew up playing rhythm games, playing drums in a thrash metal band and listening to Swedish melodic death this is pretty much my perfect game, and boy is it fun. It's great how you can hit things between beats without any penalty (e.g. you can tap reload on 4s or click shoot on 8s between shots as long as you stay on beat). There's more they could do here but it would risk alienating other players - why not have a machine gun that shoots on 16ths but has to be held at the right time (maybe there is one) or drop the windows down to one note per bar in the breakdowns but you do quad damage - make those shots count and really get the gameplay in sync with the music. I guess it's because the music is changing based on your multiplier, but I'm at 16x pretty much all the time and getting into the top 100 on most attempts, at least for now. I've had a few bugs such as weird floating platforms that shouldn't have been there, but it's pretty polished. Worth doing the challenges as you go along I think to stretch out the playtime a bit and unlock everything as you go.
  13. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    The 60fps patch is nice for sure. As is the QOL patch which fixes a fair few things. There’s a good vid by Ratotoskr which explains why the game is so great without spoiling anything bar the general structure, some locations (bearing in mind it’s almost completely non-linear) and a few light details. Definitely worth a watch if you’re on the fence. But better still to go in completely blind. It’s such an impossibly hard game to talk about because robbing someone of the joy of discovery robs the game of its power. A few years later I still think it’s one of, maybe the best game I’ve ever played. But even I found some sessions aimless and frustrating. I reconciled that by telling myself the scientific method is frustrating sometimes too. It’s really an incredible work of art, I still don’t understand how it exists. The best thing is, it’s a janky low-poly indie game which started as a student project. For a while you’ll wonder what on earth people have been smoking as you bang your shitty ship around and stumble across meaningless objects and information. But then somehow it gets you, and you’re powerless to resist.
  14. I think he’s been in more actual films than anyone else in the cast, in the second game at least.
  15. Hmm he’s pretty good in killing of a sacred deer, Mid 90s and God Of War. As child actors go he’s way up there. Plus he’s about 20 now
  16. I think virtually everyone complaining about "bad writing" and "not like the books" has never read the books. They're just throwing around crowd-sourced workshopped complaints. I've even seen people complaining about "Tolkeen spinning in his grave"
  17. Yeah I agree, theirs is such a weird take. Firstly it's Galadriel. IT'S GALADRIEL. Secondly, Galadriel is an elf. AN ELF. Thirdly, she's an elf with a chip on her shoulder about the unjust death of a loved one. CHIP ON SHOULDER. Fourthly, and this is the craziest bit of all. TV SHOW CHARACTERS HAVE ARCS AND DEVELOP AS TIME GOES ON. Methinks a lot of these chuds are too used to Marvel characters who have almost no character development over a decade and all tend to speak with the same quippy voice. These same guys would bail on Breaking Bad in episode one because Walter was too much of a "cuck" probably.
  18. If I play too much Destiny 2, all other screens start to look awfully choppy. I need a 120hz phone really.
  19. If only you could talk to the reels of tape.
  20. I loved Until Dawn and liked Man Of Medan. Today I played through Little Hope and didn’t enjoy it much sadly. I did like the story, including the ending, which capital-G Gamerz seem to think is awful by the sound of it, but it worked for me. It’s the twist from only unlike when I watched that I didn’t see it coming despite some big clues throughout. However there were too many little niggling issues in most respects on a mechanical and logical level. Most annoying is that heartbeat QTE which I managed to fail every single time. I’ve played the drums for 30 years and have more or less perfect timekeeping, and my TV/AV receiver/PS5 is in more or less perfect sync, within a few milliseconds. But I just couldn’t seem to hit these. Bizarre. Anyways I’ve heard the next one is better so I’ll definitely pick it up on the cheap and have a bash.
  21. Most multi-game studios work this way, it's very difficult for large teams to all work on the same thing at once as the project goes through different stages.
  22. Moz


    You sound like the lady who walked out of my screening of Inland Empire shouting "FIVE STARS... FIVE STAAAARS!!!!" incredulously.
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