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  1. Yep that's it. Also a tip for people out there - for some bizarre reason the crosshair isn't in the middle of the screen, there's an offset option to put it back in the middle hidden in the options.
  2. Yes, I've seen quite a few people complaining about the "acceleration curves" on the joysticks. Not really my area of expertise. But the aim assist is so strong (at least when I plugged my dualsense into my PC) that I think it probably doesn't matter too much in combat. But could be very annoying for movement. While Arkane are "investigating" the same stuttering issues which plagued Dishonored and Dishonored 2 as if they're a surprise, I can give you some advice from days of fiddling and reading. The game simply doesn't run well at any framerate which isn't a multiple of 30. 30/60/120 fps are all smooth, anything close to or inbetween those isn't. The stuttering juddering mouse appears over 60fps. What I've done to fix this on a 160hz monitor is: With these settings I'm able to maintain a constant 60FPS which makes the mouse feel smooth finally. What a palaver though. There's a Digital Foundry guy investigating now and he's confirmed there are mouse issues over 60fps where inputs are being dropped as the mouse tracks, causing the stuttering. This is getting some traction now so hopefully Arkane can finally fix this issue rather than requiring everyone to wait five years and buy a new PC to be able to run their games at 120fps solid.
  3. Help me out with something. If I've got two infused slabs (or weapons) equipped, and I come across an item I want, I have to drop an infused item to pick up the non-infused item. I take it back, infuse it. Is the one I dropped is just... gone? Or does it come back at the start of the next loop when it fully resets? Is the system "you can drop this and pick up a different one to infuse it, but the one you've dropped is gone for the rest of the loop", or "you can drop this and pick up a different one to infuse it, but the one you've dropped is gone until you find it and infuse it again". if it's the latter, I should walk around with an empty slab/weapon slot at all times to pick up new slabs/guns I want to infuse without dropping anything?
  4. It fell straight through the map as I killed him. It didn't roll off the ledge etc. I was stood there trying to figure out if I could get it somehow. I jumped down there to have a look and it was under the level geometry. Others have had the same problem, someone mentioned it in a review (maybe ACG?) I did nearly have a 'by design' instance though when I killed Julianna on a roof and couldn't find my way up there to get it. I eventually did it with an awkward double jump.
  5. It’s hard to see the lack of an inventory as anything but a dumbing down of Arkane gameplay systems. E.g. I can’t switch which shortcuts my weapons are on except by finding a weapon I don’t want, then throwing weapons on the floor and juggling them around that way. Then again if you remember that almost nothing survives the loop, you can kind of understand the lack of junk and inventory to hold it all. But I loved shoving all my junk into the recycler in Prey. Best bit of the game! The menus seem passable with a DualSense, but I quickly went back to mouse and keys and they’re really difficult. Every menu is different with some minor annoyance. The mouse wheel scrolls a different number of lines of text each time. You can click on some button prompts but not others . The screen for selecting which terminal message or confirming to leave a level is a nightmare, it’s a vertical list of messages which neither mouse wheel or W/S scroll through, and the cursor is invisible. So you have to wiggle the mouse until it starts to switch message and then imagine a cursor in your head. It’s all a bit too annoying and in need of a usability pass. My sincere hope is all these slightly underwhelming bits and pieces make up a fantastic whole. Hopefully I’ll start to see the patterns and causalities between the different times of day and think about changes I need to make to bend the loop to my will on a more macro level. Good example of the mouse issue doing the rounds: It's not stutter exactly, and it's not related to performance as it only happens with a mouse. It's worse when you're looking at something far away, the effect is more pronounced. Cue "what am I meant to be seeing" and "runs OK for me" etc
  6. I only got invaded once by another player and she was absolutely unkillable, warping and sliding all over the place and totally impossible to hit. I'm guessing it's peer to peer, my game got extremely laggy so I wondered if they were the host and had a terrible connection, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. Surely the invadee is the host. She invaded me a few times since while under AI control, and each time either threw one grenade then stood still and let me kill her (usually on a rooftop) or ran against a wall until I killed her. I'm pretty sure you could write her AI on a matchbox with a sharpie. I've been running around with an infused silenced LIMP-10 for a couple of hours, I have half the visionary slabs and some upgrades infused, but I'm not using them. I'm not bothering to use any weapon trinkets or other weapons as this gun already kills everything in one headshot. Even the enemies wearing bike helmets etc. I really hope it starts to introduce challenges where I have to use the powers as tools to solve problems/puzzles in interesting ways. Someone from Arkane said in an interview: “There is no difficulty option, but we have an adaptive difficulty system. As you can play the same maps several times at different moments of your play-through, we had to think about a system that can make the game challenging the more you play. If the NPCs accuracy is forgiven at the beginning, they will be more accurate, aggressive, and reactive the more you perform.” I think I need to watch a video on how stealth is supposed to work. I've played all Dishonored/Prey content available and went full stealth in those, but I can't get the stealth in this to work at all. You throw something to distract them a couple of metres away and they don't hear it. You can walk right up to them and they don't react, they seem to have a cone of vision of about 30 degrees dead ahead. There's an area where a few of them are guarding a garage door which is operated by a crank. You can walk straight past them and turn the crank (which takes about 10 seconds of holding a button) and none of them react to the door they're guarding being slowly noisily opened. It's really odd.
  7. Yeah I've just realised the game doesn't have an inventory at all when you're in mission. That seems like a huge step back for Arkane. Anyway I went looking for Egor. After hipfiring at a few sub-Borderlands-AI enemies for a couple of minutes I noticed a purple blob miles away taking shots at me. I fired back and killed him in one or two hits, then watched his slab fall through the map. Can't finish any of those leads in this loop now. I'm going to bed.
  8. Yeah, you need to burn it all before you die or reset. Now imagine frantically trying to navigate the menus and trying to spend it all you're being hunted by the invincible teleporting lagmonster for the third time. What a strange idea, can't believe anyone signed off on it.
  9. Its much worse if you have a monitor/TV that can do over 60 or VRR/GSYNC it seems. I'm a couple of hours in now, it's enjoyable but it's very explainy. I'm still seeing tutorials, text, tooltips and conversations explaining the structure and systems spewing all over the screen, sometimes getting cut short by each other. Outer Wilds gave the player a single unskippable conversation and then let them figure everything else out by themselves for the next 30 hours. Hopefully Deathloop eases off the incessant tutorialisation a bit. The gameplay itself feels great compared to Dishonored and Prey, but also seems fairly shallow thanks to the stupid AI and simplistic stealth. Almost like an afterthought to the concept and systems at the moment, which wasn't the case with Dishonored or Prey. I'm genuinely struggling to distract the guards because they won't investigate anything that falls right at their feet. This ends up making the stealth unintuitive so everything becomes a gunfight, and those are extremely easy. It seems trivial to kill everyone in the level at the moment. The nice thing is, there's no pressure to do everything perfectly or worry about "playing it wrong" because you'll repeat areas multiple times with different gear etc. The other gripe I have is that the UI controls on PC are bizarre, almost every screen has a different set of controls. Clearly designed for console with PC a complete afterthought. One minute it's ESC to continue, the next minute it's ENTER. Delete confirms some things and cancels others, etc. You can click on some prompts with the mouse but not all of them. Some things are hold to confirm and others aren't. It's a bit exhausting. The invasion feature is absolutely fucking rubbish. An invincible woman spawns in your map, teleports around while your game suddenly becomes incredibly laggy, kills you instantly because your shots on her aren't registering, and then camps your corpse. Twice. And you can't do anything about it. And then you lose most your stuff and start again. It's awful. Turning that off straight away - what a horrible implementation of a fairly horrible idea.
  10. Righto. Not to bang on too much, but hopefully this is helpful. There's a Digital Foundry guy in the Resetera thread now. He says: Turn off GSYNC/freesync any kind of variable refresh rate in your Nvidia/AMD control panel. Turn ON Vsync in the game. Set FSR to whichever you want (quality, balanced etc). And turn motion blur off because it's yucky. You might have more luck with adaptive resolution, but that didn't seem to yield good results for me as the framerate varied too much. That seems to have made it more playable for me, let me know how you get on.
  11. There are definitely some problems with mouse input causing skipping and juddering, if it feels a bit weird regardless of framerate that's why. On the plus side, controller input is incredibly smooth and the game supports wired dualsense haptics on PC if you disable Steam input. The consensus seems to be it plays terribly unless it's running at a locked 30, 60 or 120, and you ain't getting 120 on anything you can buy or build today unless you play it at 720p. So get it running at a locked 60fps (disable vsync and set the limiter in game to 60fps) and you should be good to go. Gonna have a little blast at lunchtime, I'd rather be playing than tinkering but that's how it goes on PC sometimes.
  12. Dodged a bullet there really, given that they're jamming out to
  13. Immediately very likeable indeed. Echoes of Dunwall, but groovy baby. The dialogue is good, there's loads of snappy chatter right from the get go. The PC version is certainly miles better than Dishonored 2 was at launch, but there's a lot of guff in there to toggle on and off. Most of the raytracing or adaptive resolution settings seem to make the game feel skippy and sluggish, I found it best to turn that stuff off. At that point the framerate is pretty all over the place, but it's always been above 60. I'm playing on a 3070 at 3840x1600 so it's getting a workout for sure. I could always cap it to whatever to get consistent performance between the indoor and outdoor scenes. Like with Dishonored 2 it drops a lot when you go outside, so you really have to configure it for that. There's always the adaptive resolution to play with, but it felt really odd when I turned it on, like the framerate and mouse sensitivity were linked. Ultrawide support seems perfect apart from defaulting to the wrong resolution the first time I fired it up. I also struggled with the gamma for ages, it seems to do that Metro 3 thing where there's a blueish filter over everything so you get raised blacks all over the place. But it's not a dealbreaker. Hope to have a bit more to say about the game itself tomorrow. All I've noticed so far is Colt's animations are extremely good and the AI seems beyond stupid. I threw multiple firecrackers within a couple of metres of two enemies clearly set up to be "the firecracker tutorial" and neither of them flinched. But at least it's predictable, I assume it's that way for a reason.
  14. The actor himself has said to keep watching and trust the show to work in the long form.
  15. Very glad it appears to be very similar visually, which should mean we'll get a lovely PS5 version with a rock solid framerate. It's a bit too early in the PS5's lifespan to start waiting for the PS6 version. It does look better though, models and environments are much more detailed and the geometry is much more complicated.
  16. It's actually alright once it gets going. There are certain moments where the framerate absolutely tanks (in my case going from about 100 to 15-20). I think it might be when it writes important choices to the back end, it seems to line up. There's never anything interesting happening on screen when it happens. Once I gave up trying to stream it and playing it for a bit natively it was a bit better too. No ultrawide monitor support but there's a fix for 2 which I assume someone will just mod to support 3 in the next day or so. I've put about an hour in now, it's very welcoming so far, a real millennial fantasy of turning up somewhere beautiful and being handed a job and a house within two minutes! A couple of scenes were a little cringey but that's not unusual for Life Is Strange, you either embrace it or it rubs you the wrong way. Good performances all round so far too - main girl is very good and manages to deliver the internal monologue George Stobart style lines without sounding insincere. Definitely read the various bits of content on the phone and note the dates alongside them, it'll fill in some early backstory for you.
  17. This thing is a bit of a disaster from a technical perspective. Hopefully they’ll fix with some quick patches. Amazing that so many review outlets simply didn’t mention the performance problems.
  18. One of the best episodes of TV for ages. It was slightly ruined by the people who live under my sofa cutting onions during that scene though, very inconsiderate!
  19. The PC version is currently running between 2 and 3 frames a second in DX12 or DX11 mode no matter what combination of settings I choose. I wish I was joking. Ok I rebooted and now it's running at 100+ fps on highest settings at 1440p, that'll do.
  20. I'm simply not doing it, I made that decision at the start of this gen. I didn't consider for a moment that Life Is Strange would be capped to 30fps though, I normally check before purchase. Slightly gobsmacked, but my fault. Downloading the PC version now. From what I can gather online it's a bit of a mess too, but I'll be happy with 60+ at any settings really, I'd rather it looked like crap and didn't give me a banging headache. I'll stream it via moonlight to my Apple TV for the Comfy Couch ExperienceTM. I can't find any info on the Series X version but the cheapest I can find it is a tenner more than the PC version.
  21. Choppy 30fps on PS5. Yikes. That’s going straight back in favour of the PC version. Not remotely acceptable even for a game like this.
  22. I still think that right now you don’t really need a series X unless you’ve got a 4K 120hz screen and really want to maximise the potential in a tiny number of games. However given how small the Series S hard drive is and how expensive the add-in hard drive is, you might as well just buy a series X. Both of the current gen consoles have been put to best use when running last gen games at better resolutions and framerates. The PS5 is worth having just to play GOW, TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima at 60fps. They’re both quite flawed in their own way, the Series X doesn’t feel that new (it’s a bit like getting a new graphics card, except all your old games are still locked to 30fps). The PS5 is somewhat buggy and has a litany of annoyances around purchases and upgrades, savegames etc. Actually the best reason to get a PS5 is that it doesn’t sound like a car crash in a wind tunnel every time you turn it on.
  23. How does Alan Wake on PS5 look worse than the PC version I played at release. Tramp PS5 gamers take a hike!
  24. Well well well. Over the past week and a bit I have been utterly obsessed with this. I originally played it on PS4 and burned out doing sidequests for 20 hours without even unlocking the top of the map, and then started again on PS5 but decided to wait for the Directors Cut. And I'm glad I did. I've now platinumed the game and done everything (banners etc) and I'm about to platinum the DLC. The Directors Cut really takes this from a 7/10 to a 9/0, for me. The unwaveringly silky performance and upgraded visuals bring a fluidity to the combat and environments which was sorely missing on PS4. There are so many environmental effects going on that at low framerates the image became quite overwhelmingly busy for me at times. But at 60fps I was able to discern the motion of petals, birds, wind and everything else. (I know it runs at 60fps without the Directors Cut, but I think the other additions are worth the price of entry). Some of the animation is brilliant too and much easier to follow at 60fps. It's a truly beautiful game, breathtaking at times, with a great variety in environments enhanced further by the new island. I knew not to burn out on sidequests too much early on, so I initially stuck to quests and sidequests rather than collecting things, and I enjoyed all of the questlines. The game has a pretty stoic and serious personality which initially comes across as a bit too dry, with most of the side characters not having enough personality. But as each questline progresses you do start to care about these characters and how their stories will conclude. Jin is a wonderful protagonist who really embodies the spirit of the game - warm, playful at times, but disciplined and subtle. I didn't feel the need for the tension between the Samurai and Ghost playstyles. It was one of the core pillars of the story, but I only wanted to be a Samurai. There are a million stealth games and one samurai open world game, let me be a samurai! I never wanted to engage in stealth and felt really annoyed when the game kept forcing me to and then chastised me for following instructions. You're killing people either way, but I would have enjoyed a more dynamic approach where characters would treat you differently and the story would fork depending on which style you leaned into, with branching trees rather than being able to get every upgrade for both styles. I wonder if that was the intent at some point and they realised there was simply too much damn game not to force players to engage in both playstyles for some forced variety. The combat was consistently more fun than the stealth which seemed very rudimentary. You can come up with all sorts of wacky builds to make the stealth more interesting, but it never surmounted the aged under-developed feel of the mechanics. Fighting, especially fighting huge numbers of enemies, really evolves into the rhythm game style combat of Batman/Mordor/Mad Max over time as you start to master the mechanics. The stances are a great addition to that style of combat, bringing a layer of complexity which I appreciated. It wasn't until very late on that I got tired of the combat, partially because I had so many tools at my disposal that it felt a bit of a chore to switch between them all. The controls for switching stance and ghost weapons were about right, but I would have personally gotten rid of the poison dart and throw action, at least while in combat as it clutters the UI up and they aren't very useful when things are really kicking off. The side activities are an interesting bag, because while they're almost boring (YMMV), the repetitive nature of unhurriedly ticking them off works well with the types of meditative actions you're carrying out. I especially found the haiku genuinely relaxing, and sat for hours bouncing between question marks in a very relaxed trancelike state while enjoying the flow of the game at a slow pace. I've done this in plenty of other open world games, but the content usually grates after a while as it's meant to be exciting and challenging but becomes a chore after a while. For some reason, being asked to visit lots of pretty spots and have a little relax was more compelling than ticking off combat challenges in Spiderman or platforming challenges in AC: Valhalla. The new island is a very welcome addition, and features quite a few ideas which seem tailored to respond to the lack of variety in Tsushima itself. Once you realise you can bounce between the two islands instantaneously, it adds a welcome new mix of activities to add to your checklist. I found myself time and time again making a massive cup of tea and then wandering between question marks on both islands for hours, sometimes with a podcast on. I gave the multiplayer a quick try and was really surprised - there's a lot there, and it's shockingly good. Survival mode seems to offer the most fun but it goes on a little bit too long. I'm taking a little break to play Psychonauts and Life Is Strange, but I fully intend to get back and play the multiplayer, maybe I'll platinum that too. I'm sure this has been said elsewhere but I strongly recommend enabling Dark Souls style controls (R1/R2 for strikes) because once you get used to it, you can't go back. Turn on arrow warnings too, and definitely turn on the option to have separate perk builds per costume. It's obviously been added afterward so it isn't totally obvious, but change your armor and it changes everything - your mask, hat, perks, dye colours and even horse accoutrements. It means you can have a sick Tadayori build focusing entirely on arrows and then immediately switch to a Samurai build focusing entirely on melee, then switch straight back to your traveller build focusing on item pickups and utility. All while keeping your costumes looking sharp and your colours matched. It's a huge improvement to how the game shipped and I can't understand why it's not on by default, but kudos to them for adding it in. All in all, a brilliant game with plenty of room for improvement and refinement, but I can see why younger players might not enjoy the weirdly middle-aged vibe of decades-old samurai movie worship and having a nice sit down every five minutes. They must surely be working on a sequel where Jin goes the mainland, I'm hoping it maintains the focus and vibe of the first while adding some more variety and flavour. And making the stealth optional. I'll be there day one.
  25. Three fun games in a row tonight, nice! My squadmates were doing damage into the low hundreds and not being completely suicidal. They didn't get any kills and made plenty of obvious misplays showing, but I'm sure I'm making millions myself that I'm not aware of. I got 4 kills in two games and 3 in the third, which is way above my average for solo queue thanks to the reliance on ratting that having suicidal teammates necessitates. I even had two non-fragment drops in a row tonight, which is unheard of. I gained three quarters of a rank in those three games which is great going after a week off and feeling quite rusty. We almost won one, with the final 3 squads equidistant to each other in the final circle, we were actually IN the circle though thanks to a survey beacon. We'd seen them and they hadn't seen us. They were going to clash coming into the circle so we could simply sit and wait for an easy win. "Let them fight, and third party them" I type. Seconds later, our Loba fires a charge rifle shot over the head of one of them and six grenades and a hail of gunfire immediately comes flying our way. Because the other two squads hadn't seen each other yet but they'd both seen us, they both took the obvious action to focus fire us first and then fight between themselves. A Wattson ult (yes, I picked Wattson for the daily challenge) gave us a few seconds of respite but it didn't last. Still, it's a huge improvement over the prior few sessions where you could count my squadmate's damage (or seconds survived) on one hand. Onwards... more dispatches from the Outlands soon...
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