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  1. I'm watching a bit of the first hour on youtube and it's basically just Dead Space. Not in a bad way exactly, but hard to see what they've done to differentiate it.
  2. Dead Space is much more Resident Evil than it is System Shock. SS is an immersive sim, Dead Space is third person survival horror. They're all great though. Daddy or chips.
  3. Let me know what you think, it really improved things for me. You can dial it in on DAC for global usage in Steelseries GG under the old "engine" bit, so that it's always active. But if you're using Steelseries Sonar on your PC, you can dial it in with some added accuracy for pure PC use. To save you 20 mins, here's the crucial bit: Custom EQ for the Dac in "Engine" Steelseries Sonar/GG setup for PC usage
  4. Seems to be running quite a bit better after the 5GB launch patch.
  5. I also bought that headset recently to use across every platform and for work. I previously tried Logitech Pro X Wireless (garbage mic quality) and Corsair Virtuoso RGB XT (inadequate battery life for someone who occasionally has meetings all day and games all night). Overall it’s very good for a gaming headset, as you’d expect considering the price. The ANC is above average, battery life is as good as it ever was on the old pre-Arctis Steelseries Pro, and it works well on all formats as long as you buy the correct model, see above. It has a few killer features: Firstly letting you connect to Bluetooth and the wireless dock at the same time. You can stay connected to your phone while using it for gaming. Sweet. The other killer feature is the chatmix dial. Via a slightly different setup on each platform, including a complicated set of virtual devices and a dodgy bit of software called Steelseries GG on PC, you have a hardware dial to fade between game and chat audio. However the PC app keeps mixing up inputs and routing the wrong input through the virtual device, which is a bit annoying but could be a windows thing (like your monitor speakers becoming the default every time you update your GPU drivers). You can turn off the dodgy bit of software and virtual devices to use the same EQ built into the dock instead, but you lose chatmix on PC. The final killer feature is the hot swappable batteries which are as great as they were on the Steelseries Pro (I.e. very great). The flat EQ is a bit uh, flat, I borrowed the settings from this guy who supposedly painstakingly tested the audio response of the headset to find the ideal EQ to compensate for lacking frequencies. It took a bit of time to get it dialled in (both into the custom EQ on the dock, and the software EQ in windows) but it was worth it, they really came alive after. Give it a try @Flub Overall I recommend them, they aren’t quite on par with your Sony/Bose/B&W around the same price or even significantly cheaper. But nothing else ticks every box for a multi format gamer who works from home and has enough experience with decent headsets to expect “good enough”. I wouldn’t be scared to wear them outside either, though the mic needs to be pulled out to talk so you’ll look like a lunatic taking calls.
  6. That’s the type of review I used to write for the Bristol evening post when I was 11 and the game was too hard or scary so I didn’t play it properly.
  7. It’s great in VR because it adds to the sense of scale and depth. On a screen it doesn’t really add much. I mean it’s just stereoscopy at the end of the day.
  8. Commander Shepherd
  9. Tony Gilroy being interviewed: "It's not political"
  10. This show is a masterpiece.
  11. Those constant crashes aren't going to optimise themselves now. Yeah, it's just... not very good. Seemingly all they've done is hobbled most of the systems from Vermintide. All the weapons feel bad, all the classes feel bad, the game has even worse optimisation, the levelling and perk systems are less engaging, the maps are less interesting. The mix of ranged and melee doesn't really work. You need a 5090 Ti to run it and it crashes constantly. All they really had to do was make Vermintide with guns and they've fallen over themselves to make something a bit rubbish instead. Still, I'll hold out for launch. Hmm.
  12. I really want it to be good, it's playing my tune for sure. But I'm not slamming down 50 notes for a pre-order on the off chance a brand new studio can knock it out of the park. But I'll pay that much for a stonking Dead Space-ish revival if it's decent.
  13. Ha yep. The amount of times I've come out of a menu or walked into a room and Scrappy-doo goes "I THINK THAT WHEEL TURNS!" before I've even had a chance to pan the camera. It ends up playing out like a game of I Spy, where companions jabber about fulcrums, switches and cranes and then you have to look for them. I don't think it's a bug, though I wish it was.
  14. You're simply mistaken, dude. There's no other nice way to put it. Companions are gabbling solutions to puzzles of a type I've done plenty of, constantly and consistently. Eurogamer, Gamespot, Polygon, GMTK, Gamesradar etc have all produced content on it recently. It's frequently mentioned in the discourse online and it'll be mentioned in game of the year discussions by any outlet with common sense. It's been mentioned on every gaming podcast I still listen to including by people who have finished the game. It's a meme at this point especially among tedious Xbox/PC knobheads. I've also seen comments from people with physical and cognitive disabilities complaining about it sapping their enjoyment of puzzles completely because there's no way they can physically experiment to find the answer - it's often difficult enough for me to finish a puzzle before being told the answer even without any impedances. Even silly git David Jaffe, the actual creator of God Of War, has talked about it.
  15. Still happening a fair bit into the game - in telling me exactly how to throw my axe at a bucket of fire before I've gotten within throwing range. Then again while I'm aiming, then telling me it's wrong and I need to move to another perch before the crane has finished moving, then telling me it's right the second my axe hits the crane from the other perch. It's absolutely absurd and ruining my enjoyment of long stretches of the game. It would make sense if it did it for the first mechanic of each type before it moved on and let you figure it out, but it doesn't. It's absolutely relentless. I was wondering if it's tied to framerate ticks because I've got the game running about 90fps on the HFR mode. But I'm sure someone would have figured that out by now. I can't believe it's like this on purpose. The galling part is WE ALREADY SOLVED THIS PROBLEM. Press R3 for a hint. Jesus Christ.
  16. Crashing constantly since the latest update. Constantly. None of this bodes well for a game supposedly out in a few days.
  17. Darktide might be playable by Christmas
  18. Weirdly it's running fine-ish now, everything on max/high and getting over 100fps. The DLSS3 frame generation input delay is still there, but it's only about as bad as playing with vsync on. I do agree that the game seems awkwardly plonked between Vermintide/L4D/B4B and GTFO. I want to get a bit better at it and see how it distinguishes itself at the higher difficulties. What is interesting is that no matter what you do, any combination of settings including vsync, DLSS2/3, reflex, turning everything off altogether, it still has this swimmy feel. Like the centre of gravity for the character is too far forward, even though the FOV is OK. It's odd.
  19. Ah OK. I'm trying to do a fair bit more with it but the main issue is it's using about 30-40% of my CPU and GPU. I don't really mind making it look like potato Quake 2 mode but it still dips wildly all over the place even when doing that. Starting to wonder if it's a driver issue or something to do with my system/settings. This guy has virtually the same setup as me and he's getting 120fps near constant at 4k with DLSS quality. I was getting 40fps! His GPU usage is constantly around 90% too. Mine was never above 35%. Frame generation was definitely on for me (turning it off tanked my framerate further) although I'm not a big fan of it as it introduces a weird mousefeel and input lag. Weirdly turning DLSS on/off and changing settings didn't seem to make any impact, so I'm wondering if my DLSS wasn't kicking in properly. I might have to rebuy it and have another fiddle.
  20. I’m always very suspicious when it comes to optimisation from a new studio. Hold fire until launch would be my recommendation.
  21. How are you getting it to run acceptably? What resolution? Everyone saying “it’s fine for me” is playing at 1080p with DLSS on
  22. They don’t stop here, I put in a giant five hour sesh after I left this area and it carries on at about the same pace the whole time. Thor’s right, it almost feels like a bug. I don’t suppose they based the timing on framerate ticks or something like that… Before you’ve even panned your camera to the latest silly contraption your companion has told you how to solve it.
  23. Same, I guess I meant what happens with all the journos being told they’re wrong, all the buyers convinced it wasn’t user error, etc. The damage is likely done to Nvidia’s rep, especially as it’s being repeated everywhere by AMD fans etc. Followup, headline is Nvidia came to the same conclusion and the failure rate is 0.04%. My main takeaway from all this is that GN is on another level, a real gold standard in investigative journalism of any type.
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