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  1. Those constant crashes aren't going to optimise themselves now.


    Yeah, it's just... not very good. Seemingly all they've done is hobbled most of the systems from Vermintide. All the weapons feel bad, all the classes feel bad, the game has even worse optimisation, the levelling and perk systems are less engaging, the maps are less interesting. The mix of ranged and melee doesn't really work. You need a 5090 Ti to run it and it crashes constantly. All they really had to do was make Vermintide with guns and they've fallen over themselves to make something a bit rubbish instead. Still, I'll hold out for launch. Hmm.

  2. 2 hours ago, El Spatula said:

    I'm slightly worried this is going to be a bit poo. I don't know why as I'm proper looking forward to it.


    I really want it to be good, it's playing my tune for sure. But I'm not slamming down 50 notes for a pre-order on the off chance a brand new studio can knock it out of the park. But I'll pay that much for a stonking Dead Space-ish revival if it's decent.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Girth Certificate said:

    occasionally Fredo is all like 'I see something' and I'm all like 'do ye, aye?'. Point or something dude.


    Ha yep. The amount of times I've come out of a menu or walked into a room and Scrappy-doo goes "I THINK THAT WHEEL TURNS!" before I've even had a chance to pan the camera. It ends up playing out like a game of I Spy, where companions jabber about fulcrums, switches and cranes and then you have to look for them.


    I don't think it's a bug, though I wish it was.

  4. 3 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    I almost want to avoid these threads when I'm playing the game because stupid griping like this can slightly impact my enjoyment. 

    I'm at a further point in the game (not too far though) - 

      Reveal hidden contents

    with Tyr in the light-elves bit


    ...and the game introduce a new puzzle mechanic to you, which is bouncing your axe off the purple crystals to smash the door-lock-crystals. 



    You're introduced to a basic puzzle that has you performing the basic mechanic and the companions will then point out the basics to teach you but after that literally every other puzzle they're silent and they let you get on with it. I've even sat there waiting for the audio cues to happen, for them to spoil the puzzle, which doesn't happen...then I realise what the fuck am I doing and who cares about this totally stupid non-issue? 


    You're simply mistaken, dude. There's no other nice way to put it. Companions are gabbling solutions to puzzles of a type I've done plenty of, constantly and consistently. Eurogamer, Gamespot, Polygon, GMTK, Gamesradar etc have all produced content on it recently. It's frequently mentioned in the discourse online and it'll be mentioned in  game of the year discussions by any outlet with common sense. It's been mentioned on every gaming podcast I still listen to including by people who have finished the game. It's a meme at this point especially among tedious Xbox/PC knobheads.



    I've also seen comments from people with physical and cognitive disabilities complaining about it sapping their enjoyment of puzzles completely because there's no way they can physically experiment to find the answer - it's often difficult enough for me to finish a puzzle before being told the answer even without any impedances.


    Even silly git David Jaffe, the actual creator of God Of War, has talked about it.



  5. On 21/11/2022 at 09:01, Kevvy Metal said:

    If there is some sort of bug around then maybe it’ll get fixed. 
    move noted a complete drop off of them from the bit I prior mentioned. 


    Still happening a fair bit into the game - in


    Vanaheim with Freya

    telling me exactly how to throw my axe at a bucket of fire before I've gotten within throwing range. Then again while I'm aiming, then telling me it's wrong and I need to move to another perch before the crane has finished moving, then telling me it's right the second my axe hits the crane from the other perch. It's absolutely absurd and ruining my enjoyment of long stretches of the game.

    It would make sense if it did it for the first mechanic of each type before it moved on and let you figure it out, but it doesn't. It's absolutely relentless. I was wondering if it's tied to framerate ticks because I've got the game running about 90fps on the HFR mode. But I'm sure someone would have figured that out by now. I can't believe it's like this on purpose. The galling part is WE ALREADY SOLVED THIS PROBLEM. Press R3 for a hint. Jesus Christ.

  6. Weirdly it's running fine-ish now, everything on max/high and getting over 100fps. The DLSS3 frame generation input delay is still there, but it's only about as bad as playing with vsync on. 


    I do agree that the game seems awkwardly plonked between Vermintide/L4D/B4B and GTFO. I want to get a bit better at it and see how it distinguishes itself at the higher difficulties. 


    What is interesting is that no matter what you do, any combination of settings including vsync, DLSS2/3, reflex, turning everything off altogether, it still has this swimmy feel. Like the centre of gravity for the character is too far forward, even though the FOV is OK. It's odd.

  7. 1 hour ago, Nathan Wind said:

    Medium/high settings mix, 1440p, no RT, DLSS on balanced, framerate capped at 60 and it’s honestly been absolutely fine the past couple of days. Hitches when loading in and occasional lag notwithstanding. I’m not making any excuses for it, it’s undeniably badly optimised but I’ve hit on a set up that works well for me after those initial problems so I guess I must just be one of the lucky ones.


    Ah OK. I'm trying to do a fair bit more with it but the main issue is it's using about 30-40% of my CPU and GPU. I don't really mind making it look like potato Quake 2 mode but it still dips wildly all over the place even when doing that.


    Starting to wonder if it's a driver issue or something to do with my system/settings. This guy has virtually the same setup as me and he's getting 120fps near constant at 4k with DLSS quality. I was getting 40fps! His GPU usage is constantly around 90% too. Mine was never above 35%. 



    Frame generation was definitely on for me (turning it off tanked my framerate further) although I'm not a big fan of it as it introduces a weird mousefeel and input lag. Weirdly turning DLSS on/off and changing settings didn't seem to make any impact, so I'm wondering if my DLSS wasn't kicking in properly. I might have to rebuy it and have another fiddle.

  8. 14 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    As not all games are made for hard-to-please disgruntled 40-something year olds, the banter that occurs in-game around the puzzles is purely in the first few hours while the game is teaching you the puzzle mechanics, you know… like a tutorial. 

    …by the time you get to



      Reveal hidden contents

    The mines

    and beyond, the hints stop and you’re left to work them out with the knowledge of the mechanics you’ve learnt. Only if you’re really stuck they might hint you should literally get a better angle or something to that effect. 

    I also often find GMTK infuriating, as so much seems to whoosh over his head. 

    They don’t stop here, I put in a giant five hour sesh after I left this area and it carries on at about the same pace the whole time. Thor’s right, it almost feels like a bug. I don’t suppose they based the timing on framerate ticks or something like that… Before you’ve even panned your camera to the latest silly contraption your companion has told you how to solve it. 

  9. Same, I guess I meant what happens with all the journos being told they’re wrong, all the buyers convinced it wasn’t user error, etc. The damage is likely done to Nvidia’s rep, especially as it’s being repeated everywhere by AMD fans etc. 


    Followup, headline is Nvidia came to the same conclusion and the failure rate is 0.04%.


    My main takeaway from all this is that GN is on another level, a real gold  standard in investigative journalism of any type. 

  10. On 09/11/2022 at 23:50, Hitcher said:

    Why didn't you tell them to leave it somewhere safe?

    I did, they didn’t come within a mile of my house, I was watching on the tracker. Cunts the lot of them

  11. I've actually refunded it because it was borderline unplayable at times and I was getting close to two hours. Even on the lowest of the low settings (Quake 2 mode) the framerate was still all over the place. I'll check out the final release on gamepass, but hooboy if they don't get some optimisation done for the release day build it's going to cause a few headlines. The fact my GPU was on about 30% utilisation most of the time tells me there might be an underlying driver or game issue hampering performance. If it runs OK on gamepass I'll rebuy it on Steam, because it'll be really annoying if it disappears from gamepass. Thanks to the zero crossplay (even between Steam and Gamepass PC) I haven't really got anyone to play it with, my usual crew is a weird mix of Xbox and PC gamepass people.

  12. Anyone playing on Steam? Currently getting 30-40fps on a 4090 at max settings with DLSS off and raytracing on high. :lol:

    DLSS helps a bit (and it has support for DLSS3) but it's still miles off. The absolute best performance I can get out of it is 120fps with everything set to off/low, DLSS3 on performance mode and frame generation turned on. But then it looks like Quake 2. Interestingly you can use frame generation with DLSS upscaling switched off, which yields the same performance. My GPU utilisation is about 40% and my CPU is doing almost nothing. This is at 1600p incidentally.


    I did see someone on Reddit say the new Nvidia driver halved their performance, but nothing to corroborate that. Let me know if you fancy a game @Nathan Wind, we can see whose PC catches fire first

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