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  1. I BET THERE'S A WAY TO MOVE THAT CRANE, FATHER! (Sorry, I'll stop now!)
  2. I don't really mind this, it's a weird mix of Metroidvania/character action and open world. It works for me, but some of the environments are annoyingly dense.
  4. Ok brilliant. The narrative has gotten more interesting with the resolution of this section. All signs pointing up.
  5. I’m currently in the mines and Atreus is telling me how to solve problems I haven’t even noticed yet. It’s really, really bad. I hope you’re right because it’s driving me nuts!
  6. Probably been asked 100 times, is there any way to stop the game from giving me the answer to every puzzle before I’ve even spotted the puzzle? It’s insane. Mimir is telling me to hit various buttons or try things from a different angle before I’ve even finished opening the door between me and the puzzle. It’s got to be a mistake surely? Have they said anything about fixing it? Incidentally the writing is the same as the first so far, I’m switching between playing them both depending on whether my wife is using the TV or working at my desk. It’s a bit jarring going from ultrawide to widescreen, the FOV and situational awareness is very tight in the latter. That extra screen at the edges makes a big difference. Anyway I’m only a few hours in and it’s really quite dull so far, like cut content from GOW. But I know it’s a longish game and it gets more interesting before too long. Unbelievably it has exactly the same problem as the first game, where normal is MUCH too easy and unsatisfying, and hard is a bit too annoying with a basic moveset and gear.
  7. I've tried to get back into this so many times since hitting act 2, but it's ugly, annoying and tedious. I've played tens of CCGs and LCGs and I don't enjoy the cardgame here at all. Shorn of the amazing atmosphere of act 1 the game has nothing going for it beyond memey fourth wall breaking which was done better elsewhere. I think I'm just going to call it a day. But it's great they made Kaycee's mod, clearly they know that's the bit worth playing.
  8. Yeah, and it really speaks one truth loud and clear - In reality, fighting against an established system, even one which strips you of your dignity and freedom, is fucking scary. Not just because of what you're up against and the unlikelihood of success, but because you're throwing away everything you know, any last modicum of stability, for a completely unknown future. Freedom can be frightening. That's what it means to rebel against fascism or dictatorship once it becomes established.
  9. I love his arc. At first he is
  10. That Stellan Skarsgard speech is burned upon my soul
  11. I feel like his casting is throwing down the gauntlet to Disney and saying “are you seeing this?!”
  12. The fucking useless cunts at DPD have taken my copy "to a convenient pickup location" 4 miles away on foot. Yeah, sure, I'll take a baby on an 8 mile round trip in the rain while also somehow working full time to do your fucking job for you. Cunts. Still, it's interesting to see how many of these cunts couriers will happily tell you that you didn't answer the door when you've got 24/7 CCTV and motion alerts that say otherwise. (It's all of them).
  13. Syril’s Mum is hilarious to be fair.
  14. It's likely I'm reading and extrapolating too much from it, but it's great that I can do this with a Star Wars show. Obi Wan held about as much interest as an empty crisp packet.
  15. For anyone still confused at all, That scene is absolutely masterful, the confusion, shock, fear spreading, the sense of chaos and wrongness growing among the men. goes through more character development in 60 seconds than Rey goes through in 3 films, and really sells it. Yeah, this is absolutely a show about fascism. It's a world away from the lovable Mr Bean fascists of the new trilogy, in which whole planets are exploded for fun but the experience of living under fascism is never examined. I don't think I'd change a thing about Andor, it's fantastic.
  16. Just checked Currys, and I've bought and paid for this twice. It doesn't seem to have shipped yet but I can't cancel either of them. Oh well.
  17. Can I get three of whatever he's having, please.
  18. I assume the PC modding community will have this all sorted out in a year or two.
  19. We guessed it was Star Wars but we didn't know which one, glad it's Andor because it's 9 jabrillion times better than Obi Wan.
  20. My mate stumbled across the set in mid 2021 while on a walking holiday.
  21. They absolutely are though, depending on the game. I finished parts of Half Life Alyx by rolling around on the floor like a lunatic, holding shutters with one hand and rolling grenades under the gap with the other. I had to get down onto the floor to be able to hold the shutter low enough. Wheelchair users can't rotate 180 degrees with using their hands, which are holding motion controllers. I know because I was in a wheelchair for a few months after a nasty knee injury. There are plenty of games which can be played sitting or lying down, but there are plenty which really need you to move, duck and rotate. "VR" itself isn't the distinction, it's a per-game type of deal.
  22. There is a grain of truth to his comment through. You're limited by your own flexibility and endurance, and certain skills are almost 1:1. Try turning off the autoaim in Pistol Whip for example.
  23. The problem is, game development takes a long time. By the time you've built your own trendy thing, everyone's playing something else. Studios/execs either learn this the hard way or they don't.
  24. Great stuff, I'm glad it sounds like they haven't fucked it up.
  25. I doubt Travolta sucked up much of the budget.
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