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  1. 5800x, so absolute maximum 142w, but less than that in most scenarios. I lazily did an sfc /scannow which found a few corrupt files and repaired them (woah). I probably needed to do a clean install of the Nvidia drivers and software to be honest, which I didn't.
  2. This thing is mental. Finished Metro Exodus last night. Everything on extreme, didn't see a dip below 140fps at 4K using DLSS quality mode. Worryingly I am seeing a few games erroneously exit though, with no real warning. Not bluescreening or anything, just dumping me back to the desktop. Very generic application error in the event log. It's just as likely to be an old Windows 10 install upgraded to Win 11, with multiple drivers hanging around etc. Might be time for a clean install. But I'll see how it goes. Hoping it's not a power issue, I haven't seen it draw more than 300w when I've been watching the performance counter though it's not very scientific.
  3. With my new GPU I thought I'd get back to this - I gave up on a bit where I was trudging through the dark fighting spider things, but the broken raised gamma made it impossible to progress as the whole scene looked so grey. Adding in the radiation sparkles made it even worse. I seem to have finally fixed that with a combo of: adding -deependark to the command line setting gamma in game to middle/medium using Nvidia freestyle to set contrast to 15%. Just hopped the train after crossing the zipline at the dam. Update - well, it turns out I was right near the end. The last 90 minutes or so are really surreal and not good at all. Slowly walking forwards waiting for a geriatric NPC to catch up, collecting stacks of loot to fight nothing, some worms appear out of nowhere and do precisely nothing, then out of nowhere Weird, weird, weird. I don't think much of this game works at all, the first open section is pretty good but it's all downhill from there. I remember the first two being these tight shooters fighting lots of tunnel-nazis and the odd giant rat. This one seems pretty obsessed with creatures, there's very little gunplay. As they leaned towards a mainstream experience they took all the wrong lessons from Call Of Duty and adopted long tedious scripted narrative sequences without the gameplay to back it up. All the systems are there, crafting, weapons, upgrades, stealth, shooting etc. But there's barely anything to do with any of those systems. I'd love to go back to the stronger flavour of the first two.
  4. RT is still so new. It's a strange one - sometimes it looks worse, and it certainly runs a lot worse, but then a scene will be framed just right and catch the light in such a way that it takes your breath away. It's almost never worth the hit to performance at the moment, but it's definitely here to stay I think. Partially it's an issue with being bolted onto games with baked lighting. At some point, we'll see games which are built from the ground up with global RT. Once it starts to feed back into the level design, aesthetic and even mechanics more prominently it will seem less like a PhysX style gimmick. The thing I'm most excited about is watching it bring new life to old games.
  5. I had to turn DLSS off in Plague Tale 2 because it was running above 160fps and tearing in 4k Ultra Halo Infinite still runs/looks like garbage and crashes after a few minutes.
  6. Moz


    That’s what I thought, but I also read he was really into it and wanted to make multiple seasons etc.
  7. @choddo I’ll be selling a well-kept Zotac 3080, honestly don’t know the going rate though.
  8. Moz


    Telluhtubbehs. Stoppppp itttttttt. Anyway. I’m a huge Mike Flanagan fan, but I’m finding Midnight Club incredibly hard going. The performers are all just the worst, it’s laboriously lumpy, it’s not scary or thought provoking or interesting. The endless, laughable piano plonking and teeny moping and grizzling is really grating. It’s a shame because it’s a good concept, short stories couched in a mystery box with a Flanaganesque setup. Such a step down from Midnight Mass in every conceivable way.
  9. Thanks, that's really useful. I wasn't intending to buy one but I got the mail from Scan about buying one for RRP after recently seeing them going for silly money on Ebay. I had a bit of cash come my way so I thought why not. Treat yo'self. It's absurdly faster than my 3080, which is still completely fine and a great card. Think I'll pause Cyberpunk until the DLSS3 update which is apparently coming soon, then get the ultimate experience of that 6/10 mess of a game. My PC monitor is ultrawide nearly-4k 160hz, so this seems like a great pairing.
  10. 4090 installed. Wtf? Did I skip a few generations? OK, this thing was stupidly expensive and I could only afford it thanks to a recent dead-relative related windfall. It's completely out of the realms of normality for most people or me at any other time of my life. But holy fuck. Cyberpunk is on max settings, 4k, with Psycho RT and Screen space reflections, and it's running like a ten year old game. And DLSS3 isn't even out yet! One thing - I'm using the power adapter, I connected 3 PCIE 8 pins to it as the manual says "at least 3" and I'm a bit concerned about it overclocking on my 850w PSU if I connect 4. Is that the right thing to do? Should I connect 4 and just hope for the best? Unglamourous glamour shot. Case is a Corsair 5000D. It fits pretty nicely.
  11. Too late. Just in time for rolling blackouts. At least it'll keep my house warm.
  12. I just got an email to say I can purchase a 4090FE from Scan as a priority customer. Is this a rare thing or is everyone getting them cos they can't shift the bloody things? Shall I buy it and sell my 3080 then?
  13. Season 2: scouring CEX for a Dreamcast fishing rod
  14. Just yesterday I was saying how bored I am of everyone in the MCU sounding like a Buffy character and how it’s a shame Daredevil has come across to the MCU and had a personality transplant in the process. Was hoping for something a bit different from this but other than some half hearted genre visuals it’s virtually just a forgettable episode of Buffy again.
  15. I think the problem is that because it has photorealistic textures and it's shot from the chest up, your brain naturally fills out the rest in photorealistic proportions. Once you see it in context with his traditionally curvy bod it'll be fine.
  16. Moz


    Your thoughts echo mine from a year ago. Judging by how quickly this disappeared from radar despite all the breathless perfect scores I can't see it troubling many GOTY lists. I really want to hear someone who genuinely thinks this is a ten explain why under pressure. Especially if they think this is a better game that any previous Arkane game from either studio. The only agreeable review I could find of it was Skillups review which is well worth a watch.
  17. This was… OK. There’s not really any gameplay bar fetch quests and running past stealth sections, and it’s quite boring at times. But it looks and sounds great. An otherwise 5/10 game elevated a bit by great presentation. Definitely being oversold because there’s a cat in it.
  18. I think that’s what it is.
  19. In my first week of secondary school my twin sister told everyone I was the boy who went on Stars in their eyes as Jimmy Osmond, and I still have to correct people about it 27 years later.
  20. All consoles have early access except Switch I think. Edit - nope switch has it too
  21. That's what they said about the 3080. It's less the drop in framerate and more the variance that it adds. Most games seem to feel sluggish and have a less consistent framerate with RTX. Plus I've generally been underwhelmed by the implementation and end result.
  22. Moz


    The menus broke when I tried to change resolution. Now I've got a weird box taking up the top left eighth of the screen, kind of like a console. If anyone knows how to scroll down the visuals menu let me know. It's not down, or mwheel down, or S, or pagedown. Nevermind, restarted and it was OK. Still runs like crap even with DLSS. That's enough of that
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