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  1. Chelsea are playing Liverpool at the same time, so if anything it's an advantage.
  2. Bump, apropos of nothing. Been rewatching the original series a bit and yeah, quite concerned about whether a live action adaptation is possible at all. The idea of bending is uniquely suited to the context of a cartoon primarily aimed at children really - you get to have brilliant fight scenes with high stakes and intense emotions, without it ever coming across as too violent or making the more whimsical elements feel out of place. I don't know why you'd just throw that advantage away. I have a feeling a "remaster" would be more appropriate, basically. This would still add value because I imagine a lot of people (children particularly) wouldn't be prepared to watch it as it is currently on Netflix, with the 4:3 aspect ratio etc. I see Into the Spider-Verse as being a target they could aim for in terms of quality - it very much has its own look and identity, and has the kind of playful visuals that any Avatar adaptation would need to make its gags work. Live action probably means an astronomical budget would be required to do it justice, and the casting would be incredibly difficult. Trying to cast Aang and Toph means finding two 12 year olds (or at least children who can pass for that age) who have brilliant dramatic and comedic chops, as has been said. But, and I think this is the part that makes it extra difficult, they would also need to be able to pull off the physical aspects of the role believeably. With a cartoon you can just have actual martial artists doing motion capture / reference for rotoscoping (as I suspect they did for the original series). There's also the need to avoid whitewashing of course, which probably applies regardless of how they choose to produce the show, but it's another criteria that makes finding the right child actors seem extra difficult, and I would say bordering on impossible.
  3. Alright, maybe instead of "better" I should've said "less bad". Probably the right decision from the Norwich player's POV - if Ighalo gets on the end of that ball he probably wins the game for us.
  4. lol, the fake boos and whistles
  5. Yeah, better than potentially another 90 though right?
  6. Can't say that isn't deserved. *edit* okay apparently you can, but I disagree, Norwich have been the better side so far imo
  7. Fantastic last-gasp clearance, that.
  8. Bailly has looked pretty rusty and Dalot hasn't given him much protection - I guess that's the logic behind bringing Williams on. Should shore up that side.
  9. Lingard one of the few premier league footballers who doesn't live with a professional hair stylist, I see.
  10. We've got to mix it up, the fixture list is (by neccessity) absurd. We've got players who've played twice in the last week already. Should they have been rested during one of those games, against rivals for the european places, instead? That midfield is great anyway. McTominay and Fred have been two of our best players this season, and obviously Fernandes is not a second-string player! It's really funny how we've gone so quickly from having next to no options there to being stacked. Also tbh bringing in Mata and Dalot, you could definitely see those as tactical changes. Bench is hilariously strong too.
  11. Robben has come out of retirement, signed for FC Gronigen, who were his first professional club. Sounds like he is basically doing it out of a wish to help the club financially, given the Eredivisie season was cancelled completely.
  12. re: master race stuff, IIRC it started out as a mocking term for elitist PC fanboys, who then reappropriated it and now wear it as a badge of honour. I'll admit I'm a bit uncomfortable with that, even if it is intended to be tongue in cheek. As with a lot of internet subcultures, you can never really be sure who is being ironic and who isn't. I'd be happier if the /r/pcmasterrace subreddit was renamed to /r/pcgamingcirclejerk or something like that, because that's basically what it is (and it's not as if anyone is trying to pretend otherwise).
  13. @skittles looks like your monitor most likely supports Freesync - which Nvidia also support with 10 / 16 / 20 series cards, they just call it G-Sync. Anyhoo, make sure you have it turned on to enjoy peak smoothness. Good time to dip in, what with the Steam sale having just started!
  14. Ighalo Scoop still works I see.
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