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  1. The next-gen console versions still don't actually exist let's not forget, and the PC version still seems to need a lot of work. Plus you assume they will want to add further content to the game in the near future. So it's hard to see where CDPR will find the resources to also bring the PS4 / Xbone versions up to scratch. Particularly seeing as they don't seem very good at managing the resources they have, and a lot of their staff absolutely deserve a break. Given this is now bonafide product recall, makes me wonder if they are going to effectively write off those versions as surely most of the damage is done? At least if that does happen, this won't become the modern equivalent of the mass ET catridge burial, given that most games are bought digitally these days (a trend accelerated by the pandemic).
  2. I just tried this out for myself. I always thought my GPU was noisy - turns out it is basically whisper quiet (well, besides the coil whine) when it's not right up against the side panel. A bit wierd because obviously case fans go right next to the case (duh) and don't seem to have the same issue usually. If you go on the Dan Cases website the FAQ suggests you use a dust filter or "the tights of your girlfriend" to see if this reduces the noise. Would reduce airflow too but I expect higher RPMs without the buffeting would be perceptually quieter. Something to look into, might just leave the side panel off until I get a new GPU and see if it has the same issue.
  3. Thanks @bignige, interesting. So the spacers presumably just shift the card closer to the side panel and further from the PSU and motherboard mounting plate, then? I'm not sure mine came with any hardware to do that. Bought it about a year and a half ago, maybe they changed what they include in the box. Or maybe I have the bits sitting in a drawer somewhere. My understanding is that some fans can actually produce audible turbulence if they are brought too close to the side panel though, so I suppose that is something to watch out for.
  4. Agreed. The numbers will also tilt more and more in favour of downloads over time too, as the electricity suppliers change their energy mix, and as internet speeds get faster. When I download something big like a game, I use my phone as a hotspot because the 5G is ten times faster than the ADSL. So, worst case, I'm keeping my PC and my phone powered on for 4-5 hours or so, with the PC presumably sipping power as it isn't doing much else. It's not something to worry about I don't think, particularly as all the electricity I pay for supposedly comes from renewable sources. Either way it's surely drop in the ocean compared to the impact of my dietary choices, keeping my flat heated, and any travel needs that can't be met through the use of my legs.
  5. Judging by this (Digital Foundry) video, it's unplayable on PS4. 720p and with framerate hanging around in low 20s, with an anti-aliasing solution that doesn't work very well under such constraints. PS4 Pro looks like it may be bearable. Will probably be worse on Xbox One.
  6. Good to see a game that actually justifies the purchase of the new consoles... once they actually put out a proper patch for them, anyway. If it runs okay on what you already have (and that does seem to be true of most cross-platform launch titles), why upgrade?
  7. This is so much better than the first series, isn't it? Been ages since I read the books, and I remember the second being my favourite, but all the same I'm still surprised. Watching the first series, I was mostly just happy to have a decent adaptation made finally, but it's possibly shaping up to be a lot more than that. The lad who plays Will is basically perfectly cast, and this version of Lyra makes more sense alongside him. She's a little annoying on her own, but that feels faithful to the character in retrospect. Also Tom Hooper's lack of involvement doesn't seem to be hurting things at all, if anything the direction has become more confident. Some really gripping scenes in the most recent episodes. The Alethiometer looks more and more like a GBA SP every time I see it. Spoilers for, like, the whole thing:
  8. Strange comments to make, surely everyone knew that Pogba would be available should the right sort of offers come in, given that we signed Van De Beek, and that Pogba has played half the minutes Bruno has so far this season. We're obviously planning for a future without him. I don't understand what he thinks that achieves, making comments like that in the middle of the season, ahead of a big game.
  9. Will be in the north east corner, very similar to the setup at Celtic Park. Long way to go until the benefits of rail seating are at all relevant of course, with probably only limited numbers being allowed into stadiums until at least the end of the current season.
  10. Have same case, would be very interested to know how well it works once you get it. I have a vague feeling that a cooler with vertical fins might be slightly better, and flow-through designs may be counterproductive, as the card just directly backs onto the PSU of course. Any AIB card is likely going to be better than the FE though, because of the way the sides of that card are blocked off by the (admittedly very nice looking) metal trim. Looked to me like the PNY models could've worked well, never saw a buy button for them though. I think I'm going to remove the plastic divider, see if that helps. Not needed for GPUs with a backplate anyway AFAIK. Yeah the A4 has prety good GPU compatibility, just as long as you stick to 2 slot cards.
  11. Uhh, you and me remember the ending to the first one differently... Surely they're more limited by man-hours than anything else already? It's not technical constraints that are stopping other developers from creating games on a similar level, in terms of the graphical flourish and attention to detail. Maybe it will be easier for them to execute their vision, because of less need to spend time on smoke and mirrors (managing asset loading, baking lighting, etc) but tbh if that is the case, I hope they use the extra time to give their employees better work-life balance, instead of trying to create a 40 hour epic with even more detailed crafting animations.
  12. If your GPU has an open design, the heat will be pushed into the case either way, and some of it into the CPU cooler. There's a big difference between hot to touch vs actually dangerous for components, too. 50 degrees is not "cooking", at least when it comes to most solid-state electrical components.
  13. Why is this stupid? I think it makes sense, makes sure the fans don't turn on unless you're actually using it. e.g. I use my PC as a work machine too sometimes, I don't want the fans to be spinning when I've just got Teams and Chrome open. I think my current GPU doesn't turn on until 60 degrees. Wouldn't make any difference to performance if they turned on before that, as that's well below the temperatures that could affect boost clocks.
  14. If you fancy donating to a good cause this Christmas and want to make your money go a little further, could do a lot worse: Fergie is a man who's done brilliantly in life, but never forgot where he came from, or how differently things could've turned out. I'm sure he sees a lot of himself in Marcus in that regard.
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