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  1. Anyone else feel that McTominay and Matic looked like a decent pairing? I think I've made the point before that McTominay is probably the best placed man in our squad to fill Herrera's boots - he's not the guy you want sitting in front of the defence, but more of a high energy role. So he's a bit wasted sitting in a two with Pogba. Also that really forces Pogba to do too much defending. I felt this game was very emblematic of United under Solskjaer - lots of high energy pressing and very direct, pacey attacking. Plus a bit of luck to seal the win. It's not a complicated approach, but obviously it is also not simple for opposition teams to deal with either. I just wish we offered a bit more variety. Given we scored so early it would've been useful to be able to keep possession and let the ball do more of the work, but instead our players were chasing it all over the pitch for most of the game.
  2. Trying to remember the last time Tuanzebe started for us, and whether it was in midfield or defence, and came across this: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/431869-fastest-time-to-clear-a-game-of-hungry-hungry-hippos-individual/
  3. Current status: not stomped I guess Leicester actually aren't that good
  4. lol, the guy who gave the penalty away is now rolling around trying to win one himself.
  5. We're going to get fucking stomped on - Leciester look great this season and that's a very weak XI. I wonder why Fred is even still at the club if he's not going to play.
  6. Disney have paid large sums to cancel deals early in the US with Netflix, so I doubt that would've been a decisive factor for them.
  7. It's now gone live in the Netherlands, for a surprise free 2 month trial. Who else reckons we would've got this first instead, were it not for Brexit? It's probably the next best place for US companies to initially roll out services in the EU - high disposable income, lots of early adopters, practically everyone is fluent in English so no localisation concerns, etc.
  8. Got to say I'm loving all this free shit. Think it pretty much outweighs me being forced to install the thing to play Shenmue 3. Came across some slight annoyances today using it for the first time (was previously just using the website to claim the freebies), to play Overcooked. I have three controllers which work with my PC - an Xbone, a Steam Controller and a PS4 controller. The latter is a bit of a pain to pair so I went with the first two. Steam Controller was recognised as a keyboard. TBF that's Valve's issue as that's just how the controller represents itself unless in an appliction where the Steam Overlay is running. Ultimately Valve's brilliant controller support is something Epic should aspire to at least match, if not surpass, though. Another thing they could take inspiration from is the download management. Currently there is no way to throttle bandwidth when installing games. So on a shitty ADSL connection, it's pretty much impossible to do anything else with the internet when downloading something. Seems like a fairly basic requirement?
  9. Bit surprised we're loaning Smalling - he was decent last season, probably the most reliable partner than Lindelof had. Yet Jones and Rojo, whose fitness and form is much more questionable, remain. Seems like we're expecting Lindelof and Maguire to play a lot of minutes and for Tuanzebe to step up and fill in as required - seems a bit risky. Yeah. His game was never about pace, and after coming back from injury for us, it was obvious his powers had faded somewhat anyway. He could probably still do a job in a deeper role, but I don't see how that would fit in with the style Ole is trying to implement.
  10. Yeah if this was £10 or less it would be solid curiosity purchase / joke gift territory. Dunkey played it:
  11. I'm discounting skits and obvious interludes / intros / outros etc. @Stopharage Valentine is lovely but definitely cheating Spoilered because I went on a bit
  12. I think every goal in that game came either directly or indirectly from a break. I guess I'd want to see a bit more of a balance - there was a good spell in the second half where we had Chelsea penned in and there was a lot of delicate play. I would've liked to see more of that - crisp, positive passing, not giving the ball away so much. I guess it's a wierd criticism to say that we didn't really cause Chelsea enough problems when we've scored four times, but it's true. The approach and the attitude was right though. The players wanting to stay in the huddle, to enjoy that moment together, was great to see.
  13. Chelsea have had a lot of shots but we've made more clear cut chances, helped by them leaving huge, huge gaps on the break - every single team is going to set up to counter them on this evidence. They definitely started the game better, and they have certainly had some very cute approach play, maybe if we hadn't scored that opening goal things would be different. I guess you can't read into the prospects of either team too much - Chelsea will sort their shape in transitions out you assume, and United will need to figure out a way to break down teams who don't give them the answer. But I don't think you can say it's some freak result - Chelsea were slightly better in the first half, United were much better in the second.
  14. Wan-Bisakka wants his debut goal too.
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