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  1. So wierd that the game seemed to have calmed down, but the second half ended up being just as high scoring as the first. There were two 20-odd minute spells with no goals - which I suppose wouldn't be worth remarking on in most games. Then Coutinho comes on and they ship three more. It's was as if Bayern had somehow managed to sub on a 12th man. Also, dear lord did Bayern's Canadian left back look good or what? He's going to have Sane playing in front of his next season, that ought to be some combination.
  2. Their own player, one that rarely even starts for the club he's loaned to, gets an assist and a goal! The embarassment is complete.
  3. Bayern are taking some risks, leaving a lot of space at the back. But in effect this seems less like nativety, and more like them giving Barca just enough rope to hang themselves. They have little pace in behind, so why not play a high line. Hope Lewandowski can get a goal or two, he's been brilliant.
  4. They're getting absolutely overpowered. I reckon they could get through the whole of Seven Nation Army this game, if they weren't just playing the same clip over and over.
  5. This is excellent entertainment so far.
  6. PSG were total shite before Mbappe came on, and even then didn't look like getting back into the game until the last few minutes really. Scoreline would be really deceptive if you hadn't watched the game, Atalanta have been really unlucky I feel.
  7. Last time we played them was absolutely dreadful. Can't imagine a repeat of that though - we're not managed by Mourinho anymore, and it's got to be decided in a single game. So a repeat of the "let's not bother attacking for the first 165 minutes" approach is probably not on the cards
  8. I wonder what decision making went into deciding Seven Nation Army should play when a goal is scored, given they're playing in a neutral venue? Wolves have been second best most of the game - after the penalty miss they played as if already convinced it wasn't going to go their way. Meanwhile, having got away with one, it seemed to give Sevilla more confidence - as if they needed any.
  9. Oh mate. That's the most tentative penalty I've seen in a long while. Traore's brilliant run deserved better, probably would've scored himself had he not been fouled.
  10. Bring Rashford off, he's out on his feet. Worked so hard on the left, not surprised.
  11. Copenhagen's defending been insane, particularly in the box. There's a reason why there's been so many blocks, so many shots of the bar. They're restricting us to half chances basically.
  12. Don't envy these players having to be out on that pitch for two hours, in this heat.
  13. Jesus fuck, what's it going to take?
  14. Hargreaves has the bubons.
  15. I was screaming for him to square that. Yeah it'll be ruled out but good signs as this half ends, we're really knocking on the door. Took a while for us to realise we were in a game.
  16. It does look like he's staying, unless we do the deal exactly on Dortmund's terms. I think Woodward is in a bit of a tough spot - if he gives in and pays the price they're asking, then there will be the perception that he's a bad negotiator and that United are desperate. If he holds out for a lower price and Dortmund don't budge, then that's egg on his face too obviously. I guess in that case, we'll be in for him again in January / next summer but he could've signed a new contract by then, or other clubs could be in for him of course. Plus we would probably need to sign another forward anyway. He's one of the best young players in the world, and he's English. So probably Dortmund are right to hold out for a massive fee tbh, plus they are not in any desperate need to sell. He will likely be worth as much, if not more a year or two from now.
  17. VAR room checking for 2 minutes to see if the ball grazed a hair on Messi's arm there. Apparently it did.
  18. Just seen Ronaldo's goal. Probably the hardest I've ever seen a player strike a ball with their "weak" foot.
  19. I don't think the lawyers themselves accept snacks in payment, though.
  20. Lyon have scored too. Shaping up to be a great night for the neutrals...
  21. Just kept passing it between themselves at the back, while city gradually moved up and up, closing the passing angles. Pretty suicidal.
  22. Don't drive a bus through your wage structure for one player, don't offer them a long contract if they're 28 and there are any questions around their form and fitness, and therefore a potential lack of resale value. Those seem like good lessons. Oh, and don't get so excited about gazumping your rivals that you prioritise this over making sensible improvements to your squad. We desperately needed an option on the right, and had depth on the left, so Mahrez (who we didn't even seem to make enquiries about) would've been a much more sensible signing. But that wouldn't have been a "statement".
  23. Seems unclear whether we paid off the rest of his contract? Does seem like Sanchez is interested in continuing to play football to a high level (judging by the pay cut), and not just rot on our bench earning a fat wage, so I would guess we met him somewhere in the middle.
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