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  1. That’s a CPU-controlled invader. There are a tonne of them in DS2.
  2. But Sky’s money actually ruined football Maybe not as a “product“ as you say but, you know, *vom*
  3. What you’re talking about sounds more like how football is marketed as opposed to how it actually is. It’s only really during World Cups that I get a sense of that happy clappy togetherness fantasy, and it weirdly kinda galls me, I’ve got to be honest. Cunts packing out the pubs to watch Brazil because they’ve suddenly had football marketed at them, yet are nowhere to be seen when the domestic seasons are played. Weirdos man.
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS-13 I read an article about them in Vice magazine in 2009 most likely.
  5. Sounds shite. Without the “tribalism” we may as well be tourists at the game taking photos of the cunt who just scored against our team. I’ll leave fans like yourself to it, but it’s most definitely not for me.
  6. Mate you should all be spewing in buckets that it’s come to cunts posting whenever Manchester City score goals that delay a Liverpool championship win for all of five minutes. What the fuck happened to Man U?
  7. ^^The fucking nick of Man U fans in 2020
  8. Man U fans popping boners at Man City getting goals while Liverpool coast the league. What the fuck happened.
  9. ^^The fucking nick of Man U fans in 2020
  10. Acchhh... cool. Whatever, man. Give me a big floating alien to shoot in the eye over all that shite any day.
  11. I can strongly recommend Mr Muthafuckin eXquire’s new album: Really tight, focussed concept album about all things love, relationships, porn and parenthood. Superb vibey psychedelic beats throughout. It’s so fucking good.
  12. Yakuza: Fan, Love, Like a Dragon, Dislike
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