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  1. What’s Pockets problem with Danny? I’ve been liking Danny on the Bombcast.
  2. I’m not sure that scene is a facepalm actually. I thought it was brilliant. Tense and uncomfortable as fuck. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing, certainly, but it wasn’t like the usual wacky Yakuza sexist stuff. It was something else. Was it problematic, what are we thinking? It certainly wasn’t played for laughs or titillation.
  3. I’ve intentionally been keeping out of this thread because I don’t want Rllmuk negativity tainting just how much I’m fucking loving the shit out of this game. I want you to know this. I fucking love it. Bye.
  4. Tower of Latria in general will be my enduring sweetest memory of Demon’s Souls when I’m old and hollow and undead.
  5. Ehh... I found it to be a top 3 level of all time in any game ever
  6. Good news, folks. Once I got Saejima to the mountain village I totally fell in love with his character, the nice change of pace and played through the entire hunting story in one massive and memorable Friday evening into early Saturday morning session I intend to mop up the associated mountain side missions and slap about the weird flying, fireball throwing, mountain god channeling somehow old tramp master guy who lives in the shrine what on earth I don’t even
  7. Took me many long sessions to beat them. Hardest boss in the game by miles for me. Still had fun though
  8. I fell asleep during a ‘Saejima in prison’ cutscene yesterday late afternoon Can’t be fucked playing as him again really. Don’t like his fighting style and didn’t enjoy his stuff in Yak4. Been dreading his segment in 5 and now that it’s here I’m falling asleep. Just need to power through it. I think my last save was at the prison yard pay phone. Back through the cutscenes I go. I’m actually most excited at the prospect of Haruka’s chapter. Badly needing something new and different for me to do. I think that’s largely why I enjoyed Mundane Taxi with Kiryu. Maybe I’ll similarly like
  9. Dunno man, the whole series is known to be quite lamentably un-PC.
  10. The creativity-boosting power of whisky and fashion consumption.
  11. I like how they created the parry / counter Snake fighting style cause they recognised it would be terrible form to Heat action school kids’ faces into walls, car doors and kerbsides.
  12. Prediction: one of the Sega Land arcade machines will be motherfucking Super Monkey Ball.
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