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  1. This is like that time grindmouse went apoplectic at the recent Pokemon before it got all 8’s and 9’s.
  2. Finally, some fucking purpose in my life. Now to kill a week until my time to shine.
  3. There’s a before mid-day on COVID-19 Sundays?
  4. Third Sunday I’ve played this game and still no turnip trader. Fucking bullshit man.
  5. Sorry, it’s just that something in Animal Crossing seemed to subliminally shout “EGGZ” at me while playing recently.
  6. I did a search to see if I could find that photo @Mrweh or @dizogg altered of that girl @grindmouse was trying to bang back in his DiscoStu days, where they stuck a massive speech bubble over her saying “EGGZ” but I couldn’t find it. But anyway, that.
  7. This also took me ages playing the remaster last year. Managed it eventually. I don’t remember the QTE’s being so unforgiving on the Dreamcast, but I wasn’t an auld basturt back then.
  8. I’ll miss having a regular Rllmuker edit our bible.
  9. Flav got “sacked” a good few weeks ago I’m sure, so dunno what Chuck’s on about with the April Fool’s chat.
  10. ^ That particular bit of soundtrack provides a nice accompaniment for some of this, speaking from last night’s experience:
  11. Really enjoyed Edge throughout your tenure @Nate Dogg III. One of my favourite eras of the mag for sure. Thanks and good luck!
  12. Came across this beautiful bit of Yakuza 4 soundtrack last night when resolving one of Tanimura’s major substories: *Chef’s kiss* Really ended up enjoying playing as Tanimura. As you open up his fighting style he becomes great fun to play as which is odd, since I really struggled with him before he started levelling up. One of my favourite fighting styles in the series.
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