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  1. All of the main Elden Ring areas that you go to are that, but the bits in between, the supposed open world, are on some Breath of the Twilight Skyward Souls of Colossus type tip. Light smatterings of the mechanics that we know and love, but placed seemingly organically within a desolate and atmospheric open expanse, as opposed to a Nexus or whatever, and we encounter and engage with them (or not) as we travel from area to area. Boom.
  2. I don’t supposed the dragon engine games (Kiwami 2, 6 and Judgment) run any better in a 60fps-stylee on PS5, does anyone know?
  3. It took me weeks of pure raging sweary bliss. I’ve said it before, but Champion’s Road is my peak Mario experience. The prospect of playing it again is a large part of why I’ve bought the Switch version, although it’ll likely be a few months until I’m back there since I’m only chipping away at a few levels very occasionally. And when I get there, I certainly will not be using any Tanooki suit
  4. I was often pished in the wee hours when I was playing Yakuza 0 and, yeah, I’d be doing some heavy Cabaret Club Czar bizness. Dancing in my seat steaming whenever I activated Fever Time.
  5. What generic soulless shite would you rather play?
  6. Yak 3 is probably the weakest in the series available for PS4/5 Bone/Series since it’s now the oldest. It especially begins at a very slow pace, but I happened to quite dig that in a Shenmue 1/3 kinda way. It starts out very small town vibes.
  7. That’s not what gooner was claiming. He said they’d never made a good game ever. Why hit him across the chops with, like, an Everybody’s Golf when there was the opportunity to fully scant him and pelt his cheeks with some of the honest to god legit all time greats?
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