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  1. Games I’ve added to my Steam wish list in preparation for this coming out: Half Life 1 & 2 Portal 1 & 2 Jet Set Radio Crazy Taxi Chrono Trigger For me it’s going to be a retro and probable indie player, with the odd PC-ass PC game I might be curious to fuck around with like Valheim or something, and no doubt the odd Soulsborne game just because. I’ve got my PS5 for AAA next gen shiny stuff and my Switch for Nintendo stuff. Steam Deck is going to plug some gaps for me, no doubt. The fact it’s also essentially a PC means I can start dabbling with emulators and shit. Or even just download something/anything. Since my MacBook packed in a few years ago I’ve only had the work laptop on the go and no way I’m downloading Sodomania 7 onto that.
  2. Yeah. First thing I’m going to play on mine will be like Half Life 1. Never played it or any other PC game since it.
  3. YO! I just found a live recording of this gig! https://m.mixcloud.com/scratchsince96/biz-28406-glasgow-live-full-recording/ April 2006! EDIT: Unfortunately it’s all glitched out, fucked up, and impossible to hear. Maybe the mic broke on Biz’s head?
  4. @esar Many years ago now, but didn’t I meet up with you at a Biz Markie & Roxanne Shante gig up here in Glasgow? I remember he was bashing the mic off his head during one of his beatbox routines. Complete entertainer. Pretty sure he had a DJ set in amongst the MCing and beatboxing.
  5. Ah, right. I don’t know how to do any of that
  6. I couldn’t see Outrun 2 on the Steam store when I checked earlier. You talking about emulation?
  7. I’m gonna play Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi on it.
  8. Interesting information about some of the changes, modes and accessibility options for this. Looks like the balls reach max speed faster than before, and there are OPTIONAL motion controls, jump and time-slowing buttons that can be turned on or off in settings. There’s also a reverse stage mode, photo mode and a die-if-you-touch-a-banana mode, as well as a feature that allows you to see an optimal path / “racing line” to the goal. Oh, and a controllable R-stick camera. All old mini games confirmed
  9. Anycunt got to the rank toe boss yet?
  10. I’m hoping I won’t necessarily miss the SSD perks if I’m mostly going to use it for retro and indie, but we’ll see. Pretty happy with how my set-up is shaping up with this addition. I’ve got the PS5 for shiny next gen beasts, the Switch for Nintendo first party, and now hopefully this for retro, indie and PC-ass PC games like Valheim or whatever. Games I’ve never had the means to dabble with until now. The last PC game I played was Champ Man 97/98
  11. Naecunt else just go for the 64gig tadger?
  12. I carted at 6 on the dot, and only checked out when I made that post half an hour ago at 8. I’m now seeing information about my expected order availability being Q1 2022. That’s according to the info I get when I check the product page here (obvs checking it while still logged into my account): https://store.steampowered.com/steamdeck
  13. I’m guessing they won’t be allocated based on the time they were carted, but rather the time when the deposit was checked out. We’ll see.
  14. I was in the shit with all you, trying to pay for like an hour from 6pm. I stopped to have my dinner and a couple beers, then thought I’d try again. It seems to have gone through now, but no indication if I’m getting some of the first allocation or a later batch or whatever. Reckon I’ll be able to stump up the full amount for one at launch, or am I being punted to 2024 or something?
  15. I don’t think he’s made money from Ren & Stimpy since being fired by Nickelodeon, many years before these allegations even came out.
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