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  1. Well, maybe they've since been surpassed, but at the time they were the first 3D thing that resembled how a traditional Mario 2D level would play, i.e. as a linear assault course with lots of tricky platforming. At the time I really appreciated that purity a lot.
  2. Hey, we've all done it I'm sure. Somersaulting to our death right past the star / shine is the 3D Mario equivalent of jumping into the side of the very first Goomba in SMB 1-1
  3. Yeah, the Sunshine void levels are S-tier god level 3D Mario, no doubt about it. I feel like they were almost the proof of concept for the more assault-course like Galaxies, 3D Land & World. It's just a pity you need to trawl through a pile of jank to get to them Sunshine is simultaneously some of the best 3D Mario going and also the worst. Odd game and a missed opportunity.
  4. No, I actually think that looks legit. I was going for a “You’re in” / ‘urine’ pun that totally didn’t work via the medium of hastily typed forum post I gather Curry’s have been all over the place with people’s orders though, there’s been confusion and controversy and uncertainty over who’s preorders have been confirmed or not.
  5. You need to dive forwards to generate speed, and then pull back on the stick to gain altitude. It's then a case of continuing this "wave" like motion and rhythm throughout flight. Feels good man.
  6. Would I realistically get back what they're asking for there, though? Like fucking £65? I also don't really fancy funding their Reagan sim.
  7. Their buyer knows fuck-all about good games, judging by the selection they have available for pre-order. I did snoop about to see if there would be a Demon's Souls bundle, but fat-rolling-fucking chance.
  8. BLOPs bundle here too atm: https://www.jdwilliams.co.uk/shop/playstation-5-call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war/ac845/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=4072&promo=4219&utm_source=Affiliate Window&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_term=38503&utm_content=Other&utm_campaign=Always On&awc=3032_1600872272_1ed0da2226f4550b5bfc6da073c352bd&dclid=CJ6hvfnB_-sCFaYIBgAdAnMJFQ
  9. Bundled with COD: BLOPS here RIGHT NOW: https://www.fashionworld.co.uk/shop/playstation-5-call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war/ac845/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=4072&promo=4219&utm_source=Affiliate Window&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_term=38503&utm_content=Other&utm_campaign=Always On&awc=3032_1600871561_0db9fcd3704f1b187cd640079c9c2a3e&dclid=CKKAhqa__-sCFdHHUQodv-cMiQ I'm not in. Won't be forced into buying that game
  10. Oh, are you maybe talking about the star where you need to wall jump? Mario 64 wall jumping is a different beast altogether, that’s never not a wee bit tricky, especially compared to the later games.
  11. Man, imagine not being able to nail Mario’s triple jump at will. I mean, it would have been all of us once, but now it comes as naturally as breathing. Indeed, it was the very first thing I did when I first fired up the Switch version the other day. What I’m saying is you’ll be able to do it in your sleep and without even thinking one day, BELIEVE.
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