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  1. The wee arcade games look so fucking good It’ll be nice to go play some games while I play some games again, now that Shenmue 3 is finished.
  2. There’s obviously been talk in the eShop megathread because where else ever why?... but thought I’d start a thread in order to post big DF John ‘The Legend’ Linneman’s video here: I’m not pure dying to play it or anything, but I can definitely see me getting round to it soon. Love me a puzzle platformer explore em up. Anyone tried it?
  3. Oh, and what are the other multiplayer mini-games like? Our other sister is coming down for a few days with her husband between Christmas and New Year. Will those wee games provide decent short bouts of bants with booze?
  4. Can the whole game be co-oped? My understanding is you need to “unlock“ Gooigi first, is that right? I’m getting this for my sister’s Christmas and wondered if I could play co-op with her over a few days of the holiday, thus saving me having to buy it for myself. What a thoughtful gift.
  5. Here comes the Hot Taker (murderer!) He’s the hyperbolic poster (murderer!) Stink up threads on-a de forum (murderer!) Still love him like thaaaaat!
  6. What did @grindmouse end up making of this after he shat the absolute bed a couple of hours before the game received favourable reviews? That was fucking hilarious. Like when Nintendo unveiled the Switch and he hated it and said it would tank, and then the Switch went on to absolutely smash it and be amazing.
  7. To be fair to the amorphous glob of game reviewers, a good portion of them really do get it. The Eurogamer, Kotaku and (two!) Guardian reviews know what’s up.
  8. I’ve had an iPhone notes draft drafted for a month+ like. Will post before the deadline, ideally after I play some more game of the year contenders and, in fact, games of the decade for that matter. I probably won’t manage either.
  9. Ninji speedrun? Merry Christmas @David Heath Rllmuk expects, lad. Do us proud. I’m currently 60,464th fastest at that snowball level. Fucking yesssss.
  10. Seriously guys, this is amongst the saddest I’ve been in my existence.
  11. Ah fuck, that’s me completed it
  12. Get the fuck out of page 92 of the Rllmuk Shenmue 3 thread then, Mr Avoid As Much As Possible
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