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  1. There are stables dotted about the map in every region of the game. You must have seen some on your travels? They’ve got a big wooden horse head statue on their roof. As for hearts, you can increase those (and your stamina gauge) by exchanging shrine orbs at any goddess statue you come across. Again, they’re dotted about the place and I believe every village has one.
  2. Did you register him at a stable before parting with him? @sharak
  3. He’s the best you’ve hoid cause he’s so supoib with the voibs and woids
  4. Check this weird old dude flowing the absolute fuck out of it
  5. Totally bombed not getting Celeste at 50% off in the previous sale
  6. Fuck knows eh, but here’s a soundtrack for you to try and figure it out:
  7. FFS we’ve already got BotW Link, Young Link and Toon Link
  8. Sakurai should unveil himself as a character for Fighters Pass 2. His final smash could be him unveiling another sword cunt as an upcoming fighter causing everyone to die from boredom instantly.
  9. Sadly almost all of the characters are boring shite from games I don’t give a fuck about, Banjo aside. EDIT: and even he’s pretty shite.
  10. Why are they even putting new fangled game characters in Smash? It’s supposed to be all Mr Game & Watch and retro wanking.
  11. Am I fucking glad I never bought that Fighters Pass
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