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  1. Paging @Popoto the thread. Pretty sure he’s a rabid raging loonball mess of a cunt over missing these repeatedly 🫡 EDIT: As above ☝️
  2. How are the Wii U shoppers dealing with the excruciatingly slow and flakey download “speed” that intermittently pauses every few seconds?
  3. Woah, download speed on the Wii U is HORRIFIC 😱 It keeps pausing itself intermittently too. Just as well they’re making it possible to download beyond eShop purchases d-day, otherwise I would genuinely run out of time 😬 Really shocking stuff. Anyone else experiencing similar?
  4. OK, the specific use of the actual gyro in this is inspired. You use it to lean with the device as you take corners, and the arcade screen within the physical 3DS screen aligns itself in accordance with how you tilt. It’s a fun little IRL kinetic arcade ‘cabinet’ experience shrunk down into a handheld device. Really cool, plus it comes with the usual M2 options and settings out the wazoo. Best in the biz 💫 🫡
  5. This non-fire sale was supposed to be a great use of my giro
  6. Why did nobody have a word with their uncle who works for Nintendo about having a sale ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. It’s the final Thursday before d-day. Where the sale at?
  8. So what’s the melancholic little jingle that plays when you wake a Megadrive-themed 3DS from sleep mode? 🤔 I got goosebumps when I first heard the main background theme play:
  9. I managed to convert a 64gb micro SD card to FAT32, I transferred all my back-up 3DS files onto it, but my 3DS still won't read it 😢
  10. Wii for me, although if your issue is that chainsaw guy looks lost, I suppose that’s probably emphasised further here:
  11. What size of SD card are y’all rocking in yer 3DS’s? I mind reading that Nintendo advise not going over 32gb, but that’s an absolute tadger size and mine is full up even though there’s a tonne of shite still left to buy on My List 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. The Hi Tech Sega Theme is pretty cool. The upper screen shows the monitor of a Sega Aero City cab and the lower screen scrolls along as though you were looking down on the cab’s stick and buttons. The background ‘music’ is ambient 80s Japanese arcade background noise 👌🏻
  13. Along with mimicking the VMU’s low battery warning beep 👌🏻
  14. I bought the Switch version of OutRun way after the 3DS fact, just to send the message that people will buy OutRun. The version that I prefer to play to this day is the 3DS one, even though they are both made by M2 with many of the same features, settings and QoL options. Dat 3D effect though Especially on the really zoom-out, arcade cab-revealing camera angle 😮 😘 👌🏻
  15. PSA to download the Sega Saturn dashboard theme btw because it plays an instrumental version of Super Sonic Racing that loops in the background, which I sometimes try and make awesome blends with, using the SoR2 musical sting 🤘🏻
  16. Oh, and the ‘splash screen’ when you highlight the Streets of Rage 2 icon on your dashboard has theeee most hype gangsta musical sting I have ever heard, and is reason enough alone to have it on your 3DS, even if you never play it 🤘🏻
  17. I posted earlier in the thread, but the 3DS version of OutRun is the best one that I own. I haven’t played Fallblox yet, but I can recommend Pullblox for sure. It’s the third one on 3DS but it’s the first one I played. It’s effectively the cheapest base game and then you just buy packs of levels, buying all of which roughly adds up to the same price as the other full games. I bought all the levels and all the other games in the series, including the Wii U one. Loving the shit out of these games, cannot believe I slept on them for so long. Also curious to hear what people make of Starship Damery, although my understanding is that the obtuseness, and attempting to make sense out of what needs done, is a large part of the appeal. I plan on buying it and playing it around Halloween some time for seasonal spookiness vibes.
  18. I had some wine with dinner that ended up with me finally buying Wiimote-compatible Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman from the Wii U eShop for maximum lols. Sitting here playing the fuck out of them while PSVR1 and PSVR2 headsets are sat next to the telly, staring in my direction, wondering what the fuck I’m all about.
  19. I don’t think they’ve called The Completionist a “Random YouTuber”, rather they categorised the story as being a “Random” bit of news.
  20. Is Stella Glow worth getting? 90% off for an Atlus published SRPG seems a decent punt. I liked the demo, but I dunno, should I just play the still-shrink-wrapped Traingle Strategy for Switch that I’ve had on my shelf for a year now instead? Or should I get Stella Glow AND Devil Survivor 2 from the sale and just burn myself out on all this shit, as is my wont? 🤔
  21. You’re now playing it in tru 60hz the way it was meant to be, as opposed to the howling PAL 50hz that we were subjected to for our sins.
  22. That bit would have had something in the environment as a visual clue to stand in a specific spot before teleporting. Like a gap between some bushes or something. Kinda like how your gamers’ sense just fucking knows there’s a secret question mark block just fucking there in a Super Mario Bros game, ya know?
  23. Easy Allies’ Don Casanova extolling the life changing virtues of encountering the Sengoku 1 arcade machine at an impressionable young age really summed up for me the same sense of wonder that I would have when discovering schlocky rad new beat em ups back in the day. This video here should resonate with everyone in this thread, get it watched:
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