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  1. Out of all the pieces of music composed in the history of earth ever, this is now probably the one that I have listened to the most. I revisit it in the game, outside the game, walking about, sitting at home, reading, working and everything and I don’t even know what or why that is: It fucks me up right in my soul, hard, every time, without fail. It haunts and hypes me in equal measure.
  2. What if you’re a gay guy who fucking loves Bayonetta games to the extent that you actually got a job making them? Asking for a friend. Genuinely.
  3. I’m gonna play the third and final DLC from Dark Souls 2 as a warmup for Elden Ring. Never played it before.
  4. Dem chunky L&R bumpers ‘n’ triggers for light attacks, strong attacks, blocking and parrying though
  5. Switch Dark Souls 1 was sex in your hands with dat Pro Controller mind you.
  6. If you ever get a chance, it’s worth rummaging through his DF Retro videos, see if he’s covered some of your faves from back in the day. These are up there with the best gaming content on the internet I reckon: The above is a playlist, worth opening the contents and seeing if anything leaps out
  7. That “American guy” is a fucking god and he lives in Germany
  8. It’s good. The main game is totally fine. I’ve played 15+ hours of it and I’m destined to rack up many more since it’s become my podcast listening game.
  9. It all makes me think Monster Hunter in general is just some hipster l337 shit that many folk simply pretend to like for kudos and credentials but ultimately they don’t give a fuck about it
  10. Just reading the Edge Awards and I’m reminded of a game that I thought might have had more support in this thread, but seemingly it hasn’t happened. Is everyone over Monster Hunter Rise? Can anyone even believe it came out in 2021?
  11. Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS is shit hot, and that’s coming from someone who played it after Mario Kart 8 (MK8 is a top ten all-timer for me).
  12. Not sure what everyone’s beef is with the factory area. Its so gnarly and industrial. The techno Viking baddies in there, no doubt off their tits on E, were rad.
  13. The story is fucking great. Whole thing is the best Saturday morning cartoon political epic of all time.
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