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  1. Don't think I've even heard of this remake before, it looks great! The scriptwriter has a hell of a CV Happy to hear them say they're going to release another commentary track soon, they're all hilarious and there are some genuinely interesting production tidbits from Jay in the horror movie ones.
  2. The first episode of season 1 is markedly worse than the rest of it, it immediately gets better from episode 2 onwards. I like it, it's the perfect length for a nice cup of tea and some enjoyable fluff. Like a bitesized, twee version of The Trip. Michael Sheen's brilliant in it.
  3. Papa John's do a great range of vegan toppings and sides, if you're in the market for some greasy pizza mouthfeel. The vegan sausage and jackfruit pepperoni are both really tasty and their cauliflower wings are like crispy delicious crack.
  4. PK

    Babylon 5

    @Benny there's a reasonably good torrent called "Babylon 5 Remaster Reencoded", which I switched to for my rewatch when I realised my Ultimate Collection DVD set looked shite. It's still 16:9 but it looks and sounds great - although the colour grading is veering a tiny bit towards soap opera. It's a re-encode of a fan's "Babylon 5 Remaster Project" done in 2014.
  5. I realise it's quite a clichéd thing to say about telly, but I don't think it's true of any series as much as it is for The Shield - stick with it, it gets amazing!
  6. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Series 3 starts 22nd January!
  7. PK

    I love the KLF

    That's amazing I listened to Chill Out again the other day, it really is a masterpiece. Apparently it was all recorded live in a continuous take, they had to restart multiple times because they mis-cued stuff or delays didn't work out the way they wanted!
  8. One thing I really loved from this season was Baltimore being essentially 21st Century buildings with bits of future tech bolted onto them. It makes perfect sense that the future would leave impoverished areas behind like that, it's not going to be all massive white Megablocks. I'm sure the series' budget came into consideration when deciding on that approach, but it still works really well as a world-building piece.
  9. The guy playing Marco is fucking fantastic. I constantly want to reach into the TV and give him a slap. Episode 6:
  10. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Important questions answered in the pre-game press conference
  11. PK

    CD only greats

    Moving Shadow 99.2 [ASHADOW992CD] Moving Shadow did a series of really cheap (£4 I think?) mix CDs in the late 90s/early 2000s. They're all pretty brilliant, this is the best IMO CD1 is actually looped - if you set it on repeat then Deep Porn at the end mixes back into Terrorist at the start. That absolutely blew my mind at the time!
  12. PK

    I love the KLF

    The video for Last Train To Trancentral looks fucking mint in HD on a TV
  13. I loved it! I'd quite happily have watched a full series with them.
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