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  1. I do think the critical thing is you could play it all the way up to Nightmare without engaging with those systems, if you really wanted to, but they've completely removed the option to do that in this one. So if you like their gameplay systems you're going to have a blast, but if not then it's not going to grab you like the previous one.
  2. Aside from all that guff though there are some fucking baffling design decisions in this, like having a video pop up just before they introduce a new enemy or boss, showing you exactly how to kill them.
  3. Yeah it's an interesting gulf of opinion. The Metacritic user reviews (I know!) seem to generally all be centered around there being too many new systems, too many distractions from running and gunning, and too many breaks in the action. I think I'd probably agree with that sentiment, they've layered a lot of stuff on top of the previous game. The 2016 game straddled the old & new perfectly, but I think this one feels very much like a current, console-centric game - it's all about queuing and prioritising various mechanics to create a flow of movement in stages, rather than just running around the level at 100mph shooting stuff with your favourite guns like it's 1996. And that sort of thing is great for people who enjoy it, but you can't ignore those mechanics in the new game to the extent that you could in the 2016 one, so if that sort of event-queuing gameplay is not your bag, you're not really going to have that much fun because it's clearly how they want you to play it. I wonder if people in the games press are just more used to that type of gameplay, I can't imagine anyone enjoying being a games reviewer in 2020 if they weren't.
  4. All of these are amazing. Especially the tree one in the top ten
  5. Sell a load CS:GO skins and buy it for £8 was what to do. ~5 hours in and it's alright, but it's not as good as the 2016 game. It's still fun, and juggling everything on Ultra Violence is a nicely challenging pain in the arse so far, but I'm amazed that this is by the same team as the previous one. It reminds me of playing a Quake mod; it feels great because it's built on the same basic game, but the gameplay additions are gimmicky, it looks garish and the tone is all wrong. But it's alright!
  6. Oh god, I've been trying to resist buying this until it's dirt cheap because it sounds like they've fucked around with the formula too much, but Civvie is always spot on with his fps reviews. What to do!
  7. Thanks for the recommendation, that was great. I just found out there's an hour-long sequel to OCotD called "One Cut of the Dead Spin-Off: In Hollywood" made for TV with all of the original cast; it's apparently really good, but frustratingly I can't find it anywhere with English subs.
  8. The Way Back - 3/5 Given Affleck's struggle with addiction I was expecting a fairly raw depiction of alcoholism but it didn't really go that far and honestly felt more like a straight sports film. Everyone puts in a good performance and it's a nice enough story in its own right though.
  9. PK

    DJ EZ 24 hour stream

    Not sure if there are any garage fans on rllmuk, but EZ is streaming non-stop for the next 24 hours. Currently doing an old school block and says things are going to "get hype" at 10pm
  10. PK

    Red Dwarf

    7 didn't have a laughter track originally, have they added one and then....forgotten to add it to the extended scenes? A quick google tells me I cannot trust my memory at all
  11. It was directly lifted from which is infinitely worse! Not enjoying this season so far, having loved 1 & 2. Hopefully it picks up.
  12. Alex Horne is running "Hometasking" on Twitter
  13. The Favourite - 5/5 Tremendous film about scheming at Queen Anne's court. Not what I was expecting at all. Olivia Coleman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are incredible and it's wonderfully shot.
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