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  1. Don't think I've ever pictured them wearing denim dungarees. I always thought they had these things on
  2. PK

    Dredd 3D

    God he looks like such a dweeb there doesn't he? Fresh out of the academy with his idealistic Defence of the Law bullshit. Just one month later, after being out on the streets wading through the thick of Mega City One's chaotic human gumbo, he considered himself the law and his chin was four and a half foot long
  3. Yeah I thought it was good fun. It was mainly fan service but this multiverse stuff was always going to be like that wasn't it? It was worth watching just for Andrew Garfield, he was great. "Spiderman 3 "
  4. And from that set: Ridiculous
  5. Luke Vibert at the Boiler Room festival in Amsterdam last night. I'm only 20 minutes in but so far it's
  6. PK

    Boomer Shooters

    I like the look of that! Seems pretty hectic and I really like the Deep Rock Galactic art style
  7. Yeah this is a fantastic film. Cage and Pascal are a great double-act, I'd love a sequel or something else with them in the leads
  8. It's honestly nothing like any other Marvel or Star Wars show, it's more like a Cold War thriller set in space. It's superb. 5/5
  9. It's exceptionally good. It's the first time any of this stuff has actually explored what living under the space fash would be like. Although (last episode)
  10. https://coldcutshotwax.uk/collections/new-vinyl/products/sky-joose-jungle-mayhem My word
  11. Until this series I'd always assumed the first bit of 'Mon Mothma' was a prefix to her family name, like 'Von Trappe' or 'Van Damme' etc. It's really weird hearing people call her Mon
  12. Amelia Dimoldenberg is very funny, although the format of her show means it's really dependent on her guest. This one's great
  13. Completely agree. It's got loads of elements that I feel should make me love it but it's just not holding my attention.
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