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  1. I can't believe I never got round to watching this when it originally came out, even though I saw the film. I'm three episodes into S1, and completely hooked. It's so good! Thanks for the endorsement in the ZeroZeroZero thread @Bazjam!
  2. Oh that sounds really interesting, I didn't know it was a thing! Are you doing it for professional reasons or for fun?
  3. Wow, this is astonishingly good. Just finished it, the whole thing was utterly gripping and gorgeously shot. I didn't mind how much they relied on that one particular gimmick, because it always meant you knew some sort of twist or turn could happen at any moment. I saw Gomorra but never got round to watching the series, so will have to correct that. If it's anywhere near as good as this I can't wait.
  4. That sounds great @Mike S! I'll definitely have a listen
  5. I think I'm definitely leaving it until a lot more of the population is fully, double-dose vaccinated. Doesn't really seem worth the risk of another spike in deaths. I don't imagine me not going out for dinner will make that much difference, mind you, so it probably won't be all that long before they're all closed again
  6. Some great stuff to check out here, thanks! I was trying find one particular Radio 4 play from the 90s called Underground, which was about people working on the Jubilee Line extension discovering a colony of descendants of bubonic plague sufferers living subterraneously. Scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Unfortunately it's not on BBC Sounds but I did find this fascinating/chilling article about how underground railways in London have had to deal with plague pits over the years : http://www.bbc.com/autos/story/20160906-plague-pits-the-london-underground-and-cro
  7. I've just discovered Remarkable Places to Eat on BBC 2 and it's got me so excited about going to restaurants again. They're like the adult version of themeparks for me. I love the theatre of it all. Today's episode was all in & around the New Forest. The Pig looks absolutely incredible.
  8. I've been thoroughly enjoying Mike Wozniak's charming and hilarious St Elwick's Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast and it's reminded me how much I loved listening to radio plays on Radio 4 and dramatisations of books on cassette when I was a kid. Does anyone have any recommendations of good audio drama to check out? Old, new, drama, comedy, horror, anything really!
  9. PK

    The Father

    It's very good, but absolutely heartbreaking. To be honest watching it sent me into a bit of a depressive hole this week, having lost my elderly parents not that long ago. Tread carefully if you've first-hand experience of a family member with Alzheimer's, or even just caring for an elderly relative. Hopkins and Coleman are superb.
  10. Timecrimes is a great film, if you've not watched it you should pop it on!
  11. I'm getting the sense from the trailers that this is going to be close in tone to the Venture Bros. which is tremendously exciting. Something R-rated that leans heavily into enjoying how ridiculous the superhero/supervillain concept is would be amazing.
  12. It seems like a really odd decision to have made this game a loot grinder. I'd have thought that a linear, Uncharted-style campaign with a PvP multiplayer mode would have been a guaranteed winner, riding off the back of MCU hype. Does the grind feel like something that was tacked on, rather than what the game's been designed around?
  13. The Father (2020) - 5/5 Absolutely heart wrenching film about an Alzheimer's sufferer. Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman are superb.
  14. I get the character Jamali's going for, but I don't really find anything he says particularly witty so for me he's starting to grate a tiny bit. But yeah it's clear he's playing up the antagonist role, every series of TM needs one.
  15. Justified is brilliant. The first series is baddie-of-the-week for the first 2/3s but then they abandon that for the rest of the programme's run. The end of The Shield's got to be the best ending in TV, hasn't it?
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