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  1. Possessor (2020) - 5/5 Superb, bloody sci-fi/psychological horror.
  2. That was great, I love how it continues to feel like a 90s sci-fi show. Am I right in thinking that was meant to be
  3. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Possibly the most exciting ending we've seen so far.
  4. BOX! A BOX! BOX! BOX? Great episode. Daisy's film was quite something. Richard Herring and Ed Gamble did a stream on Wednesday, he talks about the filming of this series a bit with some incredibly mild spoilers ("there's something quite controversial in this week's episode" etc):
  5. PK


    IGN's Devs React to speedruns series has been consistently good but this is a really great one. Aside from their reactions there's loads of really interesting stuff about Halo development, including the fact that the devs had to manually pilot all the dropships and record the input for the game to play back in scripted events
  6. PK


    Michael Bay appears to have remade Contagion It looks it will be a thoughtful examination of the cultural paradigm shift in the midst of which we find ourselves
  7. Anyone know if I can sign up to UPlay+ for £12.99, play this for a month, and then cancel UPlay+ without having to pay any more for the game?
  8. Yeah, it's really ruined the general Twitch experience. fl0m, an old-school CS streamer, has been pretty candid about what Twitch staff have told him - supposedly not enough channel owners were choosing to run mid-roll ads, and Twitch isn't generally making enough money for Amazon, hence the automatic pre-roll and mid-roll push you're seeing now.
  9. Twitch's newfound ability to get around adblockers appears to have ruined GB's live streams. Watching Brad play Watch Dogs at the moment and people are getting 45-second ad breaks every 10 minutes
  10. PK


    'Nu Dark Swing' rings a bell. By the time I'd found it in 2004 Kode9 had been pushing the sound for years, this show b2b with Benny ill is <fire emoji> https://www.mixcloud.com/getdarker/kode9-b2b-benny-ill-groovetech-radio-13022002/
  11. PK


  12. PK


    It was this mix for me, blew my mind: It's barely recognisable as dubstep in today's context. I think The Knowledge is the only half-step beat in it!
  13. They're releasing 3 episodes on Prime on the 15th December, then one a week until 3rd February.
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