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  1. The audio from the was incredible. "Is this mocking me?"
  2. I genuinely got momentarily worried for his wellbeing during the 'unsayable' routine
  3. Didn't really enjoy this, and Ragnarok is my favourite of the Marvel films. It's not nearly as funny as the first one, and it all felt pretty stilted and disjointed. I think it was missing a gloriously camp antagonist like Cate Blanchett - Bale sort of bizarrely hopped from sombre evil to Ron Moody's Fagin and back again, and he completely jarred with the tone of the rest of the film. 50% of his performance would have been perfect for a straight villain role in one of their more traditional Avengers films, seems a shame to have wasted him in this. Russell Crowe was great but it felt like he was only in the film for five minutes. I'm also not sure if I missed a line but I'm a bit confused as to why the gang were so desperate to
  4. Horus Rising is absolutely superb.
  5. PK

    Audio Club

    A bit of garage ft. Chris Eubank on the m.i.c.
  6. Yeah I think it's just that I remembered it as a tense, violent psychological thriller about a man losing his own sanity in a city gone mad but it's actually just a B-movie with a decent concept and a couple of good scenes
  7. I don't know how controversial this is, but I watched Falling Down last night for the first time in years (possibly decades) and it's actually not that good? It's got some memorable lines but everybody seems to have been told to ham it up as much as possible and the script is generally a bit rubbish.
  8. Yeah agreed, Under the Banner of Heaven is absolutely superb. Everybody's performances are brilliant but Andrew Garfield's is outstanding, the gradual erosion of his character's naivety and faith is palpable every second that he's on screen. 5/5
  9. Hello Destiny fans, I just had an email saying that all the expansions are free on Epic. I bought D2 on Steam, do you know if there's any way to link my account between the two so I can play the Witch Queen campaign with my Warlock?
  10. It's a clip from The Rock when he did a video segment selling energy drinks or something on the last Game Awards
  11. Watching The Leftovers has cast Lost in a completely new light for me, and I suspect it's the type of programme that Lindelof intended its predecessor to be, before its viewers and our obsessive forums wouldn't let the mysteries be. For me it's completely vindicated all the mis-steps in Lost and is genuinely one of if not the best US TV series ever made. It's Lost's missed potential actually realised. @Alan Stock I'm not sure I'd necessarily recommend it as something similar to Severance. But it's life-affirming and tragic and hilarious and amazing, and everybody should watch it.
  12. Oh, that's a shame. Well at least based on the series so far, I'm pretty confident it'll be a 'good' reveal. Basically after watching the absolutely incredible The Leftovers recently I don't give a shit about explanations of stuff like that any more! "I have no idea what's going on.." "Me neither. Fuck it."
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I've wanted to read this multiverse stuff for ages but had absolutely no idea where to start.
  14. It's all very cheesy but it's quite watchable isn't it? Although there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of actual investigation going on which is a shame. Also every time they say T-FAD I momentarily think they're talking about Boys From Other Towns
  15. Yeah I'm watching episode 1 of S2 at the moment and am highly annoyed they felt they had the right to recreate the amazing SUV convoy ambush. If anyone says "The machine is still on, Moira!" I'll be writing a letter of complaint
  16. If I wanted to read the full storyline you've just described there @Sexton Hardcastle, are there a few collections that contain it all? Or is it spread across multiple issues of loads of different comics?
  17. Fucking yes! Threewave is amazing!
  18. Jerry Sadowitz followed by Josie Long is some incredible booking
  19. This is a great film, thanks very much for this thread @revlob, would've missed it otherwise. Reminded me of Coherence crossed with One Cut of the Dead (two superb films as well if you haven't seen them) Looks like it was quite the project to plan and film! Would love to see a behind the scenes documentary, the stuff in the credits looked fascinating and quite fun.
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