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  1. I *hated* this, it made me quite irrationally angry when I saw it at the cinema I just found it tedious in the extreme.
  2. Totally agree, it's tonally all over the place - having NAZI ZOMBIES as an option on the main menu is quite something. But yeah, in terms of dumb plot things, I enjoyed how in the first mission you have to drag your injured buddy to a medical tent that is slap bang in the centre of a live combat zone, and the entire German army just magically vanishes as soon as you do so (IIRC this is a COD trope, and happens on practically every mission - the entire Allied army rolls in and set up camp the second that the final enemy goes down, as if nothing at all had happened ). I'm not a COD fan at all (jumped off the series after MW3) but was surprised how much I enjoyed the single player. It moves along at a good pace and the plot, simple as it is, is well executed and acted. The French resistance spy mission was a particular highlight.
  3. Trying to play online with randoms at higher difficulties and *everyone* seems to be using the old SoR 1/2 characters - are they just massively overpowered due to the super fast jab speed or something? I long to stumble upon a decent SoR4 character player to go with my Floyd...
  4. Re. food - don't think so, it seems the same to me. I think the enemy count is the same too, but I may be wrong.
  5. Very much enjoying playing online with randoms - trying to work my way through Hard on Arcade mode just now and everyone seems super courteous, making sure to let you have food if you've got lower health etc. I think it helps a lot that you're very reliant on one another to get through. Also: Floyd on the Y Tower elevator stage is a *beast*. I love being all "I got this", and casually hurling everyone out the window while my partner chills. Has anyone got any experience playing the Switch version online? I've not signed up to Nintendo's online thing so I'm currently splitting my time between Switch for solo play and PC gamepass version for online multiplayer. The PC online stuff is fairly buggy (not the gameplay per-se, more that getting into a match can be a pain, and I've had a few issues with the game getting perma-paused) so I'm thinking I may just stump up the cash and play on Switch provided its not significantly worse.
  6. Yeah, he seems really tricky at first but is very do-able one you adjust your play style a little bit. I really struggled with him on my first Normal run but breezed past him just now on Hard. But yep, you're right - don't try anything fancy. No long combos, no stun locks, no throws. Get some solid hits in and then get out of range. His attacks are generally easy to dodge provided you just stay a decent distance away and on a different vertical plane. You can button mash out if his grab if you're quick too.
  7. My only (very minor) complaint so far is the new Barbon design - he's too small and slim! He should be a big hulking bloke. Aside from that, this is great - muddled my way to the end of stage 6 on normal (with +1 life) just to try the characters out. Wasn't really liking Floyd (I'm an old school Max diehard) until I discovered his air jump and now I'm leaping around like a loon. Cherry seems super fun too, looking forward to trying out more of her. It does seem pretty hard so far! Stage 2 boss wiped the floor with me for ages, I just couldn't work out how to counter his dashes. The taser policemen can do one as well.
  8. Just finished this - was short, but I had a good time! The ending section and final few encounters were great. I never played the original back in the day - don't suppose anyone has any recommendations for YouTube videos comparing the differences? (Not too interested in critiques as to which is better, more interested in story/gameplay stuff that got changed)
  9. Yep, totally agree and felt the same about the first episode. Thankfully the second is much better.
  10. Has anyone experimented with the crossplay voice chat - specifically Xbox to PS4? Just wondering if it's easy enough to get it working so it's just my team in the chat, and not other folk in the session.
  11. Agree with the comments so far - this is gonna be a divisive one for sure, it feels very different from 2016 in quite a few ways that are hard to put your finger on at first. It's definitely a lot stingier with ammo, even using glory kills, and as mentioned above you quite often end up just running away from stuff waiting for a timer to refill. The bigger enemies seem pretty bullet spongy too, and its not uncommon to burn all your ammo on one and then have to run around trying to hide while you refill it, before returning to to finish them off later. I'm only two levels in but there are already a lot of abilities/perks/alt-fire modes to keep in mind and you will get killed if you don't make use of them. I don't really find that the UI is very readable in terms of letting me know when stuff is ready (especially the chainsaw) as all the info is tucked in tiny icons in the corner of the screen. The story reads like Starcraft fanfic (lots of Xel-something and N'thingy), and seems to have lost all the humour that '16 had - I haven't seen any of those amazing first person animations of Doom Guy just demonstrably not giving a shit about things people were telling him. But yeah, early days still - the moment to moment combat/general game feel is as good as ever, so its not like I'm not having fun
  12. I mean, technically yes, but these days it's nothing more than a super vague premise that lasts all of 20 seconds or so at the start/end of each video. They dropped the ongoing story stuff long ago, it's now just an (intentionally) very tenuous link into talking about a movie. If you've not already, I'd recommend trying some of the more modern ones - if you like Mike/Jay in general and enjoy BOTW then you'd probably enjoy it.
  13. The trailer for New really piqued my interest, so I've working through Young over the past few weeks and finally finished last night - absolutely loved it (Gutierrez! ) Will be starting New shortly - as much as I loved Jude Law, I'm very excited to see Malkovich take the lead, I think it'll be a fascinating contrast. I've no idea how big of a role Law is actually going to have in this season, so I'm trying to remain unspoiled!
  14. Ah, I didn't know that - that was the one that spawned Enemy Territory, right? If so then yes, excellent flamethrowers! Like others, I wouldn't ever claim it was a particularly great game but have fond memories playing the multiplayer (on good old Wireplay!) back in the day. IIRC there was a fun capture the flag style mode where you had to grab cash from the other team's safe and deposit it back at your base. I also seem to remember a particularly brutal long range burst gun that fired very slowly but was basically an insta kill if you hit someone with a full round - kinda the Kingpin equivalent of the Q2 railgun I got quite nostalgic watching some of the footage posted earlier, although the character movement speed looks totally bizarre in hindsight (but was probably quite acceptable at the time!)
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