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  1. Bob Paisleys own assistant Joe Fagan won the League Title, League cup & European cup in the same season aswell
  2. I’ve seen it in full on another site, looks dreadful, looks like Tommy vercetti in GTA
  3. As an LFC fan i didnt mind hearing they were putting green trim on the kit because it reminded me of first supporting the team mid 90s but that looks more sky blue
  4. Billy Hogan, the most American sounding person ever
  5. I play online shooters drinking/drunk and am not actually too bad but usually have to use a LMG with big magazines, semi auto/bolt action rifles not so good! I think it makes you 'braver' aswell and not as scared about getting killed, for me anyway
  6. The general football thread on here is pretty good right now aswell
  7. ^ Who would of thought that back in 2010-13 ? still hope for Joe Allen or Charlie Adam!
  8. It was a pretty important game for Chelsea to be fair
  9. Because that was against United you just know in the VAR room they were going "fuck fuck quick how do we.....fuccccck!"
  10. Oh look Man Utd play a good team and got thumped suprised! unfortunately for 'Bruno' he's not playing against Tyrone Mings every week
  11. Yeah get him back, creativity and some long range shooting which we don’t have, Fabinho is ok
  12. Good to see Leeds back up, hopefully Nottingham Forest, Coventry, Blackburn, Sheffield Wednesday come back soon aswell, whoever was in the top division when you were a kid with football stickers are the real top division clubs, early-mid 90s my era
  13. Shawshank Redemption spoiler The guy who really killed Andys wife, he was only in it for about 30 seconds but even in that time what a horrible evil psycho bastard he was, wish he had of been in it a lot more
  14. Used to hate him on ITV Champions league years ago, I think he thought it was MUTV
  15. He'll also beat one of his own men to death in his introduction
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