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  1. Great finish from Robert Lewangoalski, do you get it? Robert LewanGoalski Hahaha
  2. Its not 1994, Google who they play for
  3. When you say 'waiting for it to arrive' you werent just standing there in the open were you?
  4. Della Savia & Brian Plank would smash them in against Qatar
  5. Catarrh keeper is competition winner
  6. I got it wrong anyway, their new stadium is for 24/25 apparently, their last ever game at Goodison being Rotherham on a Tuesday will do instead
  7. Thats fine but if Everton went down they would come back, its not like the Merseyside Derby would be gone forever, I just like the thought of their first game in a new stadium being against Barnsley or Millwall
  8. Yeah! wanting a rival club relegated, unique to Liverpool fans that one, really strange.
  9. Suprising, quickly replace a European Cup & Multiple trophy winning manager with Frank bloody Lampard
  10. Soft as Shite, I finished Spyro the Dragon quite recently and the boss literally just ran away! Halo Infinite, the teleporting boss itself was a bit annoying but not so bad, it was all the goons running after you in between that made it hard, it was grapple hook away, turn around and quickly shoot what you can, grapple hook away, shoot for 10 minutes
  11. Why, What have Manchester United been doing?
  12. To be honest Im not convinced at all, it was desperate hope that recently we beat City, Ajax, score 7 at Ibrox but lose to Nottingham Forest & Leeds so that means we'll beat Tottenham but nah we'll be 1-0 down (of course) after 5 minutes abd end up losing 4-0
  13. This is missing a Shipment, Das Haus or Nuketown type map for getting stuff unlocked a bit quicker if you want to, I think Ive played every map now After playing Vanguard thank god theyve got rid of that MVP voting thing with all the pistol whip and headbutting that you couldnt skip
  14. I really like the Sicario/Narcos border map with the abandoned cars and the F1 map, Ive not played any single player so no idea why they are locations but good stuff
  15. Rubbish but I bet we'll beat Tottenham next week
  16. What I'm not happy about is no Patrol from Vanguard (or cant find it) I really liked Patrol.
  17. 'Top Half Minimum' the problem is theyre probably 'Top Half Maximum' at the same time
  18. It’s going to be tough for Aston Villa getting Europe, even Conference league you need to finish 7th right? so above one of City/United/Lpool/Arse/Chelsea/Spurs and Newcastle, there’s also clubs like West Ham, Everton, Leeds, Leicester who will have the same ambitions as Villa
  19. Even if Trent retired tommorow he’s got shitloads of medals, Dele Alli….?
  20. Penalty to Manchester United
  21. Remember the stadio della alpi? Juventus were the best team in the world in the mid 90s but it always looked like about 10 people watched them play
  22. Battlefield 1 was the 'Best One' for Battlefield games, dont really like any of the others like Battlefield 3, 4, Bad Company the 'Better Ones' everyone else likes, Battlefield 1 was fun, felt more casual and like I actually contributed, not just running around for 30 seconds and getting shot dead I like CoD Cold War way more than Modern Warfare 2019 aswell!
  23. Without Liverpool the Premier League would of been like the Bundesliga and probably now will be until Newcastle get going
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