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  1. I don’t remember the 80s, 1988 are considered to be incredibly good but didn’t play in Europe and lost to fucking Wimbledon Salah maybe but even in Premier League era we are stacked for attacking players - Fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez…
  2. I remember really liking those levels and if you drowned it was fair…
  3. This is a current game I’m playing, Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer has this stupid MVP player animation with Headbutt/Pistol whip crap after every fucking match! It was enough the first time, needs disable option please!
  4. They’ve got 6 points so maybe another 30 to be safe, that’s a lot to get for such a rubbish team As for the transfer window, I doubt Mbappe & Haaland fancy signing up for a relegation struggle at Newcastle in the middle of winter
  5. Can’t believe Italy might not qualify again! They’ve been terrible in the World Cup since actually winning the thing
  6. I hope they hire Southgate, I personally think he’s terrible but I think they would give him loads of time to ‘build’ a team
  7. Gianluca Vialli at Chelsea, can’t remember if he was just a caretaker or what edit: think Gullit was aswell and maybe Hoddle before him
  8. I thought this would be a tough game for some reason, seems Arsenal might actually be a worse team than Manchester United!
  9. Probably people who didn’t have it preordered in the first place but don’t like the developer/series/platform
  10. The MG42 is great for 2-3 enemies in corridors where theres no escape, I struggle to keep it on target at long range in the open though its a bit wild, I need to get more attachments!
  11. It’s raining under the boardwalk mate plus they’ve spelt Enchilada wrong
  12. Coming from Cold War this feels a bit too fast and chaotic, maybe it was just the maps I played but they all felt a bit like playing 6v6 on ICBM Running alongside a friendly operator then exactly the same operator comes jumping around a corner and shoots you will take getting used to aswell
  13. Actually yeah I should of said Ranieri’s replacement will get sacked and Eddie Howe will be sacked aswell
  14. It’s a quarter - Bruce, NES, Farke, Smith and the guy at Watford I reckon Rafa Benitez, Solksjaer (Hopefully not!) & Ranieri will get sacked aswell
  15. United are quite stacked with attackers bringing on players I forgot existed but at the same time they have crap like Aaron Wan Bissaka & Harry McGuire, they should play 5 up front and get Keegan in as boss lol
  16. I bet without playing this theres a level in the French Bocage where armed with an M1 Garand you have to plant dynamite on and destroy the terrifying German vundervaffengegen
  17. I hope none of our players gets wound up by these cunts
  18. Calvert Lewins suit looks like my Dads at his wedding in 1979
  19. 5-0! A few of our players out or not selected and we didn’t play ‘great’ by our standards of the last few years, if it was at Anfield the crowd would of pushed us for more goals, all a bit tragic for them lot really
  20. Don’t Norwich always walk the Championship? Then in the Premier League they are hopeless, maybe get up through the play offs next time
  21. Surely not David Ngog? Didn’t he play for Bolton for a few years after Liverpool
  22. and Home supporters for last July right?
  23. Yeah, wasn’t there a game we played them at the Etihad when Kompany should of been sent off? Fuck off Pep
  24. I'm guessing Wolves didn't want him, Palace & Everton decided they didn't want him either....sorry for piling in on the guy! he seems a nice guy but why is he at Tottenham?
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