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  1. They pushed an update the other night which was intended to fix some of the day one network issues, so it's very likely this was the first time you could connect for any duration of time.
  2. I am with you here. After all the delays I gave up on any hope the campaign would be any good, but fuck me is the mp spot on. It's rekindled some hope that 343 aren't absolute trash merchants.
  3. I thought the premium upgrade seemed reasonable. Two dlc packs, a load of cars, extra wheelspins and I got to play it early. I got my game pass through the Xbox live months conversion thing, so I might have felt differently if I was paying monthly.
  4. These are all network related. I assume they're working through the bugs. It's been way worse today that yesterday. I've clocked 16 hours on this so far and am itching to go play more.
  5. Oh shit, you've settled a long standing argument between me and a friend. I have always argued that, given the Wachowski's transitioning, there was no way there aren't heavy gender identity themes within the Matrix. Even if they weren't deliberate or apparent to the writers at the time. The world is a manifestation of their thought, so of course those themes will form part of that construct. My friend has always argue this isn't the case.
  6. Yes it did. And there is always a Neo. I always got the vibe that Neo and Trin's love was the anomaly in the iteration we watched, rather than it specifically being Neo alone. And the trailer seems to suggest that's the carry forward. The trailer has a very Sense8 feeling to it, which is no bad thing.
  7. It did! I've spent most of today going around Donnington in various cars. (excuse the mess)
  8. Lad. Thanks!
  9. Nice, yeah I appreciate that. Have you got a racing disc?
  10. Nice, I'm down for this.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I'm quite used to that kind of vr jank. I'm excited for Tuesday and delivery
  12. Awesome. I'm gonna get that downloaded and installed when I get home.
  13. Fantastic, this is actually what I needed to hear. I do want to race, but the sandbox appeals loads. Yeah PC my dude. Does AC have VR support?
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