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  1. I'm hype for the quest 3. I've got a Q2 and a rift s. Meta just replaced the rift cable for me even though it's 4 years old, which has impressed me no end.
  2. It's a collosal embarrassment. Hopefully all the apple VR hype fanboys will fuck off from VR subs on reddit now. The last 6 months have been awful.
  3. Thanks for the invite, but i've a child now, so I'm struggling to do a monthly endurance race with my other race gang as it is. Just to chime in on the VR headsets, the OQ2 can be had for pretty cheap second hand and is a decent way to test if vr works for you imo. A friend of mine has the pico, but I think the reccomendation to hold fire on headsets is correct. The OQ2 only makes sense second hand, if you need to test out vr and if you'd be happy spending more money 6 months down the line for a better headset.
  4. Finally. The socialisation of cocaine can only lead to it's legalisation. Lines for everyone!
  5. @AlexM that sucks. I've always felt life just wouldn't be worth living without my own dedicated space.
  6. Sorry mate. I saw the OP, responded and then realised it fell literally after you posted you bought a deck. I own both a deck and vr and I am sure you'll enjoy them both. In fact the deck is an amazing bit of kit. It really is a marvel that managed to cram a PC into something that, in my mind at least, is the same size of a gamegear. But for arguments sake here is my reasoning. The issue with the deck, is that when all is said and done, once the newness and the marvel has worn off, it's just a way to experience the same games is the same way. The experiential modifier is that you can play them wherever you like. For me, this has been amazing. My daughter was born 4 months ago and I've played more single player games in the last 4 months than I have done in a decade. I can play, pause it, put it down and all whilst being in the same room or vicinity. But it's a bit like when you build a new pc. You spend ages specing it, getting it built, you run some benchmarks and then it's just there running windows and you're browsing reddit again. VR is the complete opposite to that. It's a whole new way to engage with games in a completely different experiential way. It's a colossal shift in immersion and gaming. I've had a vr headset in some form for the last 7 years and in that time my top gaming moments are all VR related. From the first time I sat in an X-wing and looked over and out the cockpit, braining a zombie in the walking dead, floating around the ISS, playing mini golf. All of those experiences are immersive and engaging and a colossal leap forwards in what gaming can offer. Even with my daughter being born and even with me playing loads of sp games on the deck, I've still played more VR and actively sought out to play vr with mates, way more than the deck.
  7. I upgraded from the shitty thrustmasters to the v3's and found about 5 seconds.
  8. That's one of those things that seems like an issue, until you start playing on it, then you literally normalise it within 20 minutes and then it's not even a thing afterwards.
  9. The steam deck is an obscenely wonderful bit of kit. It's single handedly reignited my desire to want to play single player games. I've had mine for 3 months or so and I've played more single player games than I have in the preceding decade.
  10. They pushed an update the other night which was intended to fix some of the day one network issues, so it's very likely this was the first time you could connect for any duration of time.
  11. I am with you here. After all the delays I gave up on any hope the campaign would be any good, but fuck me is the mp spot on. It's rekindled some hope that 343 aren't absolute trash merchants.
  12. I thought the premium upgrade seemed reasonable. Two dlc packs, a load of cars, extra wheelspins and I got to play it early. I got my game pass through the Xbox live months conversion thing, so I might have felt differently if I was paying monthly.
  13. These are all network related. I assume they're working through the bugs. It's been way worse today that yesterday. I've clocked 16 hours on this so far and am itching to go play more.
  14. Oh shit, you've settled a long standing argument between me and a friend. I have always argued that, given the Wachowski's transitioning, there was no way there aren't heavy gender identity themes within the Matrix. Even if they weren't deliberate or apparent to the writers at the time. The world is a manifestation of their thought, so of course those themes will form part of that construct. My friend has always argue this isn't the case.
  15. Yes it did. And there is always a Neo. I always got the vibe that Neo and Trin's love was the anomaly in the iteration we watched, rather than it specifically being Neo alone. And the trailer seems to suggest that's the carry forward. The trailer has a very Sense8 feeling to it, which is no bad thing.
  16. It did! I've spent most of today going around Donnington in various cars. (excuse the mess)
  17. Lad. Thanks!
  18. Nice, yeah I appreciate that. Have you got a racing disc?
  19. Nice, I'm down for this.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. I'm quite used to that kind of vr jank. I'm excited for Tuesday and delivery
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