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  1. I’m in the market for visiting a new Town, what was your in game name again Ryan? anything you need? I have a hefty stash of bells now
  2. Setting an alarm for 4:50am because the Day resets at 5am..... I have a problem
  3. I’ve been doing this since the GameCube days, I can’t look whilst catching fish, I get too trigger happy, I have to close my eyes and wait for the sploosh
  4. Do you think we should start a separate thread for Animal Crossing trading posts or are we good in here? There’s a list of stuff I’m after if they turn up In anyone’s Town!
  5. I did don’t want anything in return, I’ll be on it 5 folks
  6. It was! And I’ve got your Switch I’ll be online in about an hour if that’s ok?
  7. @Rob Rule have you got the Imperial Wallpaper buddy? Just obtained it if you want it?
  8. yowzers! Coming! which one are you again @spanx ?
  9. on my way for a visit anything you need? I’ll leave a tip
  10. Right let’s catch this bloody Stringfish, am I right in thinking it can be caught in a river on any level but not ground level? And has to be after 4pm?
  11. Yep you can move all the buildings after you upgrade Residential Services, costs a bomb though
  12. Mines shut today Can’t wait for tomorrow!!
  13. Right I’m bored, who’s going to let me visit their shop?
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