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  1. Anyone know what time the UK reservations for this start please?
  2. White one has seemingly gone, I’ve gone for the Neon just so I’ve got one ordered, I’m assuming you can use the old Joycons anyway?
  3. Ah must be that I don’t have the items yet and they’ll add to the combine menu when I do, cheers folks
  4. Quick question, I’ve just bought the stable upgrade so I can store more Monsties, it’s sat in my inventory but how do I actually use it, I can’t seem to find a way to, same goes for combo recipes, I have loads in my inventory but they aren’t in my combo list
  5. Edge 6 is a joke, what’s not to like? Pokémon crossed with Monster Hunter with a JRPG turn based battle system, It’s Excellent, CovisGod - 9/10
  6. Woohoo! Buzzing to give this a go, anyone else playing?
  7. Im about 3 hours into this and failing to see how it can possibly descend into something that warrants the warnings at the start! A cute, fluffy visual novel, can’t see what could possibly occur here!
  8. Anybody got any idea why this is a 9th release date but my Amazon pre-order has it delivering on the 14th?
  9. Does anyone know if your progress carries over to the full game after the Monster Hunter Stories Demo? Just done the first two hours and it’s absolutely excellent
  10. A guy on Facebook, he delivers them nationwide, would you like me to PM his details?
  11. As this was bundled with the Master System it is an entire generation, me included, first ever experience of gaming. Sure I went on swiftly to Sonic etc. But Alex Kidd will forever be fondly remembered by me as the game that got me into gaming. My whole family used to sit round taking it in turns every time someone lost a life and quickly scribbling down the order of every rock, paper, scissors. Sure to some this was just another game, maybe not even a great game, but for me and a lot of people born a similar time to me this is where it all began.
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