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  1. Pre-ordered because I went Xbox last gen, so the immediate lull in games can be made up of an entire generation of PS4 games I missed out on, plus it’s given me the push to finally get a 4K telly and see what all the fuss is about
  2. I’ve changed my mind, I’ve gone from neither to Pre-ordering the PS5, I had an XBO from launch and never owned a PS4 so my thinking is whilst I wait for new games to come out I’ve got a whole generation of PS4 games I’ve missed out on to play through, also because my PC isn’t too shabby so most of what comes out on the Xbox I’ll be able to play anyway.... Roll on November
  3. Pre-ordered with Amazon 30 seconds ago so maybe they’re in and out of stock
  4. I hate being this person, but I can’t justify spending out on either console regardless of them actually being fairly priced if there’s not a single launch title on either that really grabs me, I can remember back the last few gens having to leave launch games out because I could only afford to pick a couple, with the PS5 I have no interest in Spider-Man so that pretty much leaves me empty handed, First time in my life I’ve actually been to afford the consoles at launch without bankrupting myself and the first time ever I don’t think I’ll end up getting either
  5. I would E-Mail them for sure buddy, I got mine in less than a week
  6. It was, pleasantly surprised to receive after being told they were out of stock until the end of the month, When did you order?
  7. Peggle!! I loved Peggle, is there a Switch port? That’s the sort of thing I think my 10 year old would adore
  8. I’ll get an Xbox S as well but I can’t play that whilst having retro fun on the shitter can I?
  9. Totally agree the price point is bang on with the carts, I’ve bought carts where I’ve never actually heard of any of the games, happy to take the risk though because a) they are beautifully presented, b) there’s a good chance I’ll get enjoyment out of a couple of 13 games and c) it’s £15, same price as a round in the pub, I’m happy with that.
  10. I E-Mailed and asked when to expect delivery as I’m impatient and had ordered 5 days ago to be told “our next delivery of stock is the end of September”, the order was then shipped an hour later so that pleased me, really looking forward to it turning up!
  11. Two new Evercade carts announced this morning for early 2021 - Jaleco Collection 1: Astyanax Bases Loaded Brawl Brothers City Connection Earth Defence Force Ignition Factor Operation Logic Bomb Rival Turf Super Goal! 2 Totally Rad 2 Piko Interactive Collection 2: Brutal Sports Football Eliminator Boat Duel Football Madness Full Throttle All American Racing Hoops Shut Up and Jam Hoops Shut Up and Jam 2 Power Football Racing Fever Soccer Kid
  12. I’ve caved, Evercade and the first 14 carts on its way
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