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  1. I genuinely bought that set from Poundland a couple of years ago, I posted here at the time. Wish I’d bought 30 of them so I could give them out to forum members on the 20th as AC Day presents.
  2. they should have done an AC Special Edition Lite and I’d be all over it. Can’t justify the normal Switch special ed.
  3. Honestly I’ve not been this excited about a game for years. I spent literally thousands of hours on New Leaf and this looks more of the same just bigger and better, I can already foresee setting early alarms to get up and do bits and pieces, late nights awake while I try and catch nighttime only rare fish, that amazing feeling when youve paid a mortgage and you can’t wait for the next day to see what your house looks like, My good lord I can’t wait for this!!!!!
  4. I hope the Museum will be unlocked fairly early on, looks amazing!
  5. Guys what’s the best overall retro handheld currently? Game Kiddy 350h? Anyone have one?
  6. I’ve just realised I subscribe to over 60 comics a month now Enjoying a load of them though, Batman issue 88 dropped through my door today, that was great, loving Ravencroft, all of the Hill House lot are brilliant especially Basketful of Heads, I also subscribed to Kindle Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited on my IPad, finding myself running through entire series from 2016 onwards each evening that I missed when I stopped collecting in 2015, Comic overloadtastic
  7. @stefcha & @spork codes sent for Graveyard Keeper and Two Point Hospital guys anybody want Dirt Rally 2 or Middle Earth - Shadow Of War? edit - Dirt Rally gone to @Treble Middle earth to @Dark Soldier
  8. Loved Harrow County, I’ll have a look at Sandman, is there some sort of hard copy omnibus I can have a look at?
  9. Never read Sandman, I have read Harrow County and now started Harrow County Deaths Choir
  10. I got myself an iPad Pro 12.9 with two things in mind, watching Sport when the Mrs wants the TV and comics, and oh my Christ is it wonderful for the latter while I’m here I’ve been reading loads recently, I loved 4 Kids Walk in to a bank which was recommended on here, I loved Ice Cream Man, just finished Book 1, I’m now looking at Redlands, Locke and Key and Oblivion Song as my next series (as well as the 40 I’m currently subscribing too)
  11. NXT Women's Championship Rhea Ripley (c) vs Toni Storm 200 points NXT Cruiserweight Championship Angel Garza (c) vs Isaiah Scott vs Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks 200 points Imperium vs The Undisputed Era 150 points Finn Balor vs Ilja Dragunov 150 points DIY vs Moustache Mountain 150 points Mia Yim vs Kay Lee Ray 150 points WWE ROYAL RUMBLE Men's Royal Rumble Winner: Drew McIntyre Women's Royal Rumble Winner: Nikki Cross WWE Universal Championship Strap Match The Fiend (c) vs Daniel Bryan WWE Raw Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Asuka WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans WWE United States Championship Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carillo Falls Count Anywhere Roman Reigns vs King Corbin 100 points Shorty G vs Sheamus 100 points
  12. I’ve held off pre-ordering just because Amazon has called it a “Standard edition” so I’m just waiting for an announcement of a Special Edition including as much tat as you can throw at me.....Exclusive AC Switch Lite? Go on then I’ll have one. AC Collectors Edition with Tom Nook toilet paper? Sure I’ll have one of them too please
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