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  1. Any GTA, I always find myself “sticking with it” for about 3 missions before getting bored, going on a car based rampage and never playing it again.
  2. Final Fantasy 7, the opening cut scene and music still gives me goosebumps to this day
  3. I’ve never played Dying Light, that video above makes it look very Dead Island / Dead Rising? Is there a decent amount to do or is it essentially a to b kicking zombies in the face?
  4. I’ve just seen the Newcastle starting budget £200m for transfers!? Wowzers
  5. Oh my good Lord YES! It looks like Stardew in all but name, really excited.
  6. I didn’t know where to put this so I started a thread. I’m a weird gamer, I know I’m weird and was just curious if anyone else has any gaming traits they dislike about themselves, For me I have a set of personal gaming “rules” in my head and I hate them, this isn’t a new thing, I’ve been like it since I was a kid, so basically I can only play one game at a time, I can’t flit between multiple games, one game has to be my absolute everything where by I eat sleep and dream it for the period of time I play it, if the game doesn’t grab me in that way immediately I never play it again. If I’m really into a game but suddenly then busy for a week and don’t play it I can’t then go back to that game because in my head I’ve forgot what point I was at, can’t remember the controls, I’d have to start the game all over again. There’s certain games like The Witcher that I’ve literally started and got to between 6 and 30 hours in about 10 times, however if I leave the game I can’t then go back to it weeks later, I’d have to start it again It’s taken me 24 years and still haven’t completed Final Fantasy 7, despite getting closer possibly 20 times or more. The other thing is online gaming, I can’t do it, the thought of me being shit at something whilst everyone else is miles better because they’ve learnt the game and played it longer fills me with dread and has meant me missing out on some of the best games of all time. It’s the thought of someone I’m playing with thinking “What’s this absolute Jeb end doing” Anyone else got any weird gaming habits they’d like to share?
  7. WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns (c) vs Brock Lesnar 150 points WWE Championship Big E (c) vs Drew McIntyre 150 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks 150 points WWE Raw Tag Team Championship RK-Bro (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos 100 points Hell in a Cell Match Edge vs Seth Rollins 100 points No Holds Barred Match Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley 100 points King of the Ring Final Finn Balor vs Xavier Woods 100 points Queen's Crown Final Doudrop vs Zelina Vega 100 points Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali 50 points
  8. I must admit I miss the gradual unlocks, these days the things are either in the game or not and you don’t have to work towards them, I remember in New Leaf even after a couple of years of playing I was in awe when I visited someone else’s town and they had the 3 tier shop upgrade, I remember everything in the strip of New Leaf had certain things you had to hit before they unlocked, the Comedy Club, The hairdressers etc. It’s one of the things that made me come back the next day, you genuinely didn’t know if that’s would be the day the fashion lady came and brought you one step closer to the 3 tier shop! Edit - When you visited someone’s town and saw this bad boy you knew you were visiting and AC OG!
  9. Pretty happy with the pricing to be honest, especially with the AC DLC that I’d have happily wrote a blank cheque for
  10. I’ve had to get my Mrs to open it every time, utterly impossible without long fingernails
  11. I went for this Grip guys and it’s perfect for my big hands - GTAplam Protective Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED Model, (Note: Not Fit in the OLED Dock)TPU Ergonomic Comfort Case Cover for Nintendo Switch Console and Joy-con, Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09FL8Q6VJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_36V4BM72HGSK2PZ17G3R
  12. If you haven’t already wiped the old console I THINK you should be OK, I’m not 100% how it all works but I’ve been hearing horror stories of people giving their old consoles to their kids before transferring and losing everything
  13. OLED is bloody here!!!!!! Now transferring, then need to figure out how to get my AC Town send across. can anyone recommend a grip case that fits the OLED, my old grip doesn’t even nearly fit
  14. OLED dispatched and coming tomorrow 2 days early Amazon reckon they’re going to send me a password I need to read out to the delivery driver tomorrow, has anyone had that before!?
  15. Hey guys, in anticipation of my OLED arrival on Thursday I have a couple of questions - Do people find that their grip cases from their current Switch fit the new Switch OK or shall I purchase a new one? is there a guide on how to move everything between switches? Cheers all
  16. Every single one of you are responsible for my divorce when the OLED turns up on Thursday and my Mrs asks what the bloody hell I’m playing at, You'll have to all take it in turns to have me kipping on your sofas when she kicks me out….. Worth it for that glorious screen
  17. I’ve had one in my Amazon basket all day promising tomorrow delivery but I forgot my bank card at work, 6pm still in stock in my basket, 6:20pm temporarily unavailable
  18. its £35 so not quite the £50 of the Xbox and PS5 versions, I’m not sure why I’m defending them if I’m honest I agree that it’s an absolute piss take and the game should be boycotted. That said for £35 if you don’t own a FIFA game on the Switch it’s actually a decent game, I understand the 2/10 reviews, I really do. But you get a decent amount of modes and options for £35, All I was trying to say is that it’s not that the game is bad, EA are just unscrupulous robbing piss taking bastards.
  19. I’ve actually bought FIFA having not played one for a few years and the games good. Scratches that football game itch and Ultimate Team is as addictive as collecting a card game, While I fully understand EA are crooks for releasing it as a stand alone game rather than a “22 Update” loads of other games are basically doing the same thing, Football Manager, people buy it every year and under “New features” is ridiculous things like extra lines of dialogue between you and your coach, it’s essentially been the same game for 5 years now, A £35 download isn’t bad for the amount of game you get if you don’t buy it every year. 2/10 is harsh, I understand why they’ve done it but it’s not a bad game, the game is solid enough.
  20. Coventry City are yet again making their way to the Premier League (for one season in 2076 and the rest of the time fighting relegation from league two)
  21. Just cancelled both my Pre-Orders, I don’t NEED the upgrade, I've bought new JoyCons recently and mine is absolutely fine, there’s also a Lite in the household so this really would be wasting money for the sake of it. Ill save the money for my Steam Deck.
  22. Bit of a niche one this but I’d love a Football Management game that’s more like Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 than today’s Football Manager series, it was so far ahead of its time allowing you to individually upgrade stands of your stadium, choose which food and drink vendors, club shops etc. You had and choose which sponsorships you wanted on the advertising hoardings around the pitch. this was 23 years ago and the match engine of today’s Management games aren’t that much better than this was back then, it seems that today’s games have decided to go more stat heavy than actually making a fun management sim, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Football Manager fan but nothing has bettered USM 98 for me.
  23. Just watched 30 mins of Gameplay and it looks right up my street
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