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  1. Hahaha says one of the worst trolls on here. You're in this thread straight away after Liverpool have a bad game (even before the recent form). You're so boring. But for what it's worth, United doing better really doesn't rile me up one bit (whats the point right now, it's all Liverpools doing, not Uniteds, and besides no one is catching City anyway). I was initially talking about how shit VAR was and that was a perfect example that happened at the time. But you got precious and as per you still can't admit any United players ever doing any wrong, despite that foul and the dive. Just carry on
  2. I have have no idea who LFC Tonks is was the first video I found on twitter from that angle. Why did I say elbow, because it looks like an elbow. Even in the close up he's still blocking him off with his elbow. But with the benefit of the close up its not a full on elbow as I thought it was. But it's still an intentional foul. That's still more of a foul than Rashfords dive but of course we won't see you admitting that will we But as ever, you'll pretend a Utd player did no wrong and throw out your little troll sherlock icon *yawn*
  3. Now let's do the full clip at the full speed where he clearly looks at him coming round the back and moves in to body check Lacselles with no intention to play the ball. Hes not even looking st the ball ffs. There's more contact there than Rashfords penalty. Its a blatant foul on Lacselles. As spork would say
  4. I'm not getting sucked into this petty argument but this is absolutely true. Yesterday, Maguire looked at Lacselles and elbowed him to stop him coming through on a cross and it was just waved away. It's as blatant as a foul and penalty as you'll see. Theres so many other examples this season too where VAR particularly has just not even bothered with. The whole "foul on the keeper" thing needs addressing too. Keepers running out and clattering into players, but because they dropped the ball its deemed a foul on them when quite clearly it's the other way around.
  5. Aye, annoyingly probably the best I've seen him play in a long time. Especially in a Derby.
  6. How can it be a foul if the shot was already taken? DCL is getting a 2nd advantage there as he gets his shot away, Alisson saves and collects the ball. The only reason DCL goes down is cause he knees Trent in the back of the head. Where is Trent meant to go?
  7. Let's also not forget Leicester, Chelsea and United defences the last decade. But I can admit at least one of them was under a huge change in circumstances. Funny how that can affect things.
  8. The ref was so bad, he gave them a freekick in our half for offside
  9. Yeah that's what the record books say. You put your silly little asterix there all you want but we'd lost one game before the break so don't try and kid yourself that we weren't winning it anyway. At least you now know what it's like not to celebrate your biggest sporting achievement without fans.
  10. Because its not even a penalty. He's trying to stop the shot, slides past DCL who then runs into his head. Where is he meant to go?
  11. That is an absolute disgrace. He didn't even care to look at VAR then.
  12. Fucking done with the officiating this season. That is not a penalty. Fuck off. He barely even looked at it. A joke that.
  13. Lol no it couldn't at all , it's Mortal Kombat ffs. It's ridiculous, it always has been. The last 3 games especially lean so far into the ridiculousness of it all, it goes to some crazy places.
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