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  1. Weathering With You (2019) So I'm absolutely gutted I found this film to be a disappointment. Makoto Shinkai's follow up to Your Name really fails to hit the heights of its predecessor. Maybe it's unfair to compare what I consider to be a masterpiece of the genre to this but it's hard not to look for and want more after he created such a great piece of cinema with Your Name. It's safe to say the animation and music for this is stunning, if there's one area of his films that Shinkai has nailed, it's these. There were parts which I thought were excellent in this film and really hit me hard, but they were few and far between. My main disappointment with this lies from a character and storytelling aspect. This movie presents Shinkai with a fantastic opportunity to say something important about runaway children, child poverty, climate change, underage sex workers and yet it all gets lost in the shuffle for favour of a basic teenage romance. The romance feels very formulaic and in keeping with other Shinkai films where a teenage boy meets & saves a cute/quirky girl and an unlikely romance is formed. A romance which by the way starts where the female lead literally needs saving by the white knight male (this also leads to bit of a rape joke later in the film too). There’s 3 other side characters and none of their side stories gripped me all that much either. Everything they do bares no real impact on the main story whatsoever. Outside of the storytelling I also didn’t particularly like the ending that much (again another formula that Shinkai has used in other films before) and the lead male just wasn’t that likeable either (he’s always shouting and I didn’t think the acting was all that great either). I liked the female lead and wanted her story to end well, but as far as he went, I didn’t really care. I thought I like this film more after I’d watched it, but as I write my thoughts out, I’ve realised that overall, I didn’t really like it all that much. A huge disappointed. 2/5
  2. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) Genocide x Sleeping Beauty Shite 1/5
  3. They're never number one in most lists anyway, which is why they never get award regonised. This forum has a very wide range of movie lovers with different tastes. Just look at the different type of entries that were submitted. There must have been plenty in the superhero films of 2018 and 2019 for them to vote them high up in their list and thats perfectly fine. Celebrating a fantastic film beating out a superhero movie just cause youd don't like them is just odd.
  4. People enjoyed superhero films, give it a rest. Anyway, Parasite is a superb film, so can't fault it being top.
  5. Snyder wasn't dumped, he stepped down after his daughter died. I still don't think theres a salvageable film there at all though. Can't wait for the rabid fanboys to either blindly refuse to accept it'll be shit or say that it isn't the 'true' Snyder cut.
  6. It's easy to generalise but I think we all know she'll have got hate for being gay and also the character being gay, because, you know "the gay agenda" but dickheads will say it's about her acting. I hope it's not about this but I fear it probably is. Why put yourself through all that hard work fornthe role when "fans" can't look past something as simple as sexuality. Stephanie Beatriz seems to have thrown her hat into the ring.
  7. You're first time watching @Indy @ S.E.?
  8. Did Pedro Pascal read for Chevy Chase then?
  9. Finally finished. Tbh, I'm not sure I enjoyed the last episode all that much, certainly not as much as the rest of the season anyway. Was really happy with some of the peoples endings though and was extremely happy Didn't really like
  10. Been working my way through this pretty slowly and the ICE stuff is really rough. The fact this shit is actually going on right now in real life is disgusting.
  11. I know its not a "sport" but Pro Wrestling does not work without a crowd at all and the ratings in the US is clearly showing this.
  12. Scoob! (2020) I liked how this was a mash up of Scooby Doo with other Hanna-Barbera characters (although I hated this version of Captain Caveman, who sounded like he was from the inner city) but overall it wasnt great and felt very by written by committee. Some of the jokes just didnt land, felt too try hard ("hey guys, let's make a Tinder joke, how hilarious") and the charm they were going for just didnt land with me at all, other than one moment right near the end. However having said that, I'm all in for more Dick Dastardly and Muttley. Give me a Wakey Races film now Warner Brothers. Why is Simon Cowell still a thing in kids movies in 2020? 2/5
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