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  1. 2 of my mates are Arsenal fans and are absolutely disgusted by it.
  2. Arsenal are making 55 people redundant. Fucking digusting. They are owned by someone worth £8.5bn and still expected to go and spend millions in the transfer market but they can't pay furlough wages for these people? People need helping right now, not binning off so you can save a small fraction of money. I know £2.5m is a lot of money technically but not for someone like Arsenal who will be spending more than that on their star strikers wages. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53668802
  3. I think they mean scousers and the city in general, not the club. Even the staunchest LFC fan could never call the club the underdogs.
  4. It's just Disney testing to water isn't it. They're looking to see how well it does to see if it's a viable option in the future. They're potentially risking losing money on this just to see.
  5. Yeah, it's not anus like enough.
  6. I don't think it'll change a thing. They'll want to get as many people back in cinemas as quick as they can and they won't do that without big blockbusters and big name actors/directors. They might spend less but I don't see them spending £150m on 5x £30m films instead of 1 big movie. New IPs and creative risks might bring in cinema lovers but not the general public. If they couldn't get them to go to the cinema to see them when things were normal they don't stand a chance getting people in now. Also why are you all acting like there's been nothing but superheroes films released in the last decade? For sure they have saturated the market but there's been plenty of amazing lower budget films released in and around them.
  7. Just finished that and really enjoyed it. Was not the ending I was expecting either
  8. I mean, this is a football thread, Newcastle only has one football team in it, are we really going to be that pedantic?
  9. Not sure what this implies? Geordies, as in Newcastle fans
  10. So the Geordies have launched a petition for the Premier League to be looked into for corruption so they can be taken over by the Saudis. Fucking hell
  11. Looks like they just handed them out without thinking about who should actually have them.
  12. That trophy lift whooops My mate who's an Arsenal fan just said Arsenal dropping the trophy is the epitome of their season hahaha.
  13. Nice to see the least fancied team of the semi finalists win. Congrats Arsenal, see you Community Shield.
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