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  1. On a serious note, when they started doing it based on real time weekly events it got even better but I've always liked it regardless.
  2. I only watched the GR trilogy for the first time last year and thought they were all great. All 4/5 films for me. Each film is more a theme on society and it's issues, the zombies are there more to push the plot along. I thought it was very clever and will have been rather revolutionary when released.
  3. Not for me, Ghostbusters 2 is miles better than 2016.
  4. Jungle Cruise (2021) As a family we all enjoyed this but it pretty much apes and copies a load of other films but never reaches their quality. There's so much of The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones in this, but no one will be talking about this film or the characters decades down the line like they do with them. It's a little too long and it could really have done with another pass over with the editing and some of the CGI is really ropey for a Disney Summer Blockbuster. Emily Blunt and The Rock are really good together though, they have very good chemistry and Jessie Plemons perfectly hams it up as the bad guy. But he wasn't as interesting as the Conquistadors, who felt really underused, but not as underused as Paul Giamatti. If you have Paul Giamatti in your film, use him. They could have almost just had him replace Plemons character because to be honest, nothing Plemons does really drives the plot forward, he's just there to be a nuisance to the heroes of the film. Using an instrumental version of Nothing Else Matters for a random flashback moment was a really weird choice too. I love the song, but it felt well out of place in this film. Overall it's a lot of fun, if not superfluous but a really good romp with a fairly easy plot to follow and some good action set pieces. It helped pass a couple hours. 3/5
  5. Pig (2021) This was really great. A "revenge" thriller that subverts all your expectations that it almost becomes anti-revenge. It's decontructs everything about the likes of John Wick/Nobody by constantly setting up familiar situations only to subvert you even more. Cage is so great in this, its his best performance for a very long time. The direction is great, the music is wonderful and for a movie called Pig, based around the kidnapping of a Pig, its about as human as it gets. The last 30mins are emotionally overwhelming and the final moments hauntingly beautiful. 4/5
  6. Someone better get onto all the other diseases that wreck and kill the body that we use drugs to combat. Fucking tit.
  7. Played it with 3 other mates tonight and had a lot of fun with it. We're looking forward to jumping back on for more. I love the look of the City, all the neons, the flying vehicles and weird creatures. The music is incredible. I've also been using the elite controller for extra button mapping which has worked well, especially with the grenade. Anyone else find the most important part of the City too?
  8. Not unless they close it all by the end of it. I'd love them to have a little backbone and seal that path off.
  9. The problem is, she has the star power and money to bounce back from it if she loses. A lot of other people who may have "theatrical" earning % won't. Although I'm not sure how many get paid based on the box office takings, do it run throughout a project?
  10. The Forever Purge (2021) It couldnt get be less nuanced if it tired. It may as well come and slap you right in the face and say "THIS IS TRUMPS AMERICA" It started fine, but after a while it was just loads of people running after each other with guns and knives and got really boring. Nothing new or creative, just dull 2/5
  11. Taking away annoying voices does help on that front. Its weird with them sounding different but worked.
  12. Was about to say that, Randor threatened her father with death too.
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