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  1. But it's not like the players, manager and fans also deemed it not a worthy competetion and didn't want to be in. Fuck what the owners want, because everyone else certainly doesn't see the CL as a competition not worthy of being in. I'd like Lecieseter to get in the top 4, but at Chelseas expense (for obvious reasons). Chelsea can get in by beating Man City please.
  2. I'm so glad the result wasn't hinged on that overturned peantly. I'm not sure if it was or wasn't one tbh, he does clear the ball but goes through Phillips, but at the same time, where is he meant to go? I was also sure it'd happened elsewhere in the league this year and this morning I've just remembered that Shef U got a penalty against us for the exact same challenge and VAR gave it. Fab cleared the ball and took out the man on the edge and VAR gave the penatly. All VAR is doing now is showing how shit and inconsistanct refs are. Its so shit.
  3. He's been great tbf, the scoreline really doesn't reflect how good he's been.
  4. Finished that half very strong. We picked it up massively after the OG.
  5. I've seen some bad takes on this forum in 13 years and this is up there.
  6. Yeah, baring a KO, wouldn't surprise me if this somehow ends a draw
  7. Oh look, one of the biggest events in UK boxing history is taking place in.....Saudi Arabia
  8. I found the perfect actor for the lead role
  9. We really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure my wife would be into it as much as me because I'm well into my fantasy stuff way more than she is but I could tell she was really invested in it come the midway point. 8 episodes was the perfect length too.
  10. That's not how spending time with your children works.
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