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  1. You aren't gaining any advantage that far out though are you really. Not with your shoulder only being 5 inch ahead of a defenders boot.
  2. A part of his body that be scpred with is ahead of the Arsenal player. I find it pretty stupid though, it should be based in where your feet are as that's where any advantage comes from.
  3. I'll be back here back end if Dec after I've seen a few more 2021 releases and my last 2 cinema trips of the Matrix and Spider-man.
  4. And it came back to bite them on the arse. Love it.
  5. Absolute dogshit game. Sloppy passes, dogshit finishing, sitters missed....BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES ORIGIIIIIIIII
  6. WTF Jota. How the fuck do you miss there? They were literally both stood in the middle oof the goal, just shoot left or right. Awful miss.
  7. I like you lot much more today than a few weeks ago. Great result
  8. Can't quite decide on this. A lot of style over substance but with a fantastic lead performance, really great visuals, lighting, & camera trickery and an amazing soundtrack. However nearly all the others characters felt paper thin, with little substance and parts of it really felt like they were straight out of Dr.Who. It's also a bit too long and the twist was pretty easy to work out. Maybe on a repeat viewing it would be better but on first viewing, it was good but has it's issues. 3/5 for now.
  9. King Richard (2021) When this was announced I really disliked the idea that 2 of the greatest sportstars of all time were having a film made about their Dad rather than them. However after watching the film today, I totally get it and why it works so well. I must stress there's plenty of Venus and Serena in the film too, especially Venus Will Smith puts in a fantastic performance as the titular character and I can see where the Oscar buzz is coming from. I think films like this is where he really shines. He needs to put the shite action films to bed and show off his acting talents in more films like this. It would be quite easy to look at this film and see it as one of an overbearing, pushy and maybe abusing parent but that's not how I came away from it. Obviously in real life it may have been different and I understand films can sugar coat things but he never came off as abusive or horrible for me. Yes he pushed them hard but he also made sure they were well educated and got to enjoy their childhoods too. It's the story of a man who wanted better for his children, who truley believed they would be the best whilst also keeping them humble. It doesn't shy away from his shitty past with his ex wife though which I think was important to show. The family dynamic was really well portrayed and I enjoyed watching the story of two of the greatest woman in the history of the sport and where they came from, even if it was told from the perspective of their father. However I think it's probably important to see that story though because behind the scenes he made some important decisions that shaped their career. Outside of the main story though, the tennis matches are really well done and some even got me really invested in the outcome. I have to say it also got me a little mistyeyed at the end too. 4/5
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