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    Your Name behind Weather With You? 😲 I absolutely adore Your Name.
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    Did you manage to watch WWY in the end? I was so disappointed with it. It looked amazing but I didn't like the story or characters at all. I'm gutted I missed Suzume on the big screen, my local Vue were showing it one day, at one time and nothing else. Just sat here twidling my thumbs waiting for the home release.
  3. I'm finally getting to see it live in August. Be weird hearing other singers but I'm looking forward to it so much. Anyway, best not derail the thread too much.
  4. Yeah Encanto sorry, I knew Enchanted didn't look right when I typed it. Anyway, when you have kids who have blasted the soundtrack loads, you appreciate how banging it is. I think he's great 🤷‍♂️
  5. The music in Enchanted is great too. So is Hamilton and In the Heights for that matter because LMM is fantastic.
  6. Yeah I think A and on the flip side, I think she's usually the best thing in the stuff she's in.
  7. I have longer thoughts on this that maybe I'll get around to typing up tomorrow but for now, all I will say is it's absolutely incredible. The best new film of 2023 I've seen so far and quite possibly the best Spider-man film ever. 5/5 You know how Kevin Fiege was handed the keys to the MCU and James Gunn the DCEU, well Lorde and Miller need handing the keys to the whole Sony Spiderverse.
  8. Someone who just looks for the doom and gloom of it all and can't wrap their head around positivity. It's actually quite sad, in both sense of the word. She also slanders The Good Place at the end of the article too, so yeah, fuck her 😆.
  9. Tonight we watched The Sixth Sense and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed the twist 😆 Slowly we're going through things and she's enjoying all types of films wether they be all out scary, or like The Sixth Sense just a ghost story with only a few jump scares.
  10. Yeah what's the "Fuck men" one all about 😆. Its the same story at the 1989 cartoon. Why hasnt he been raging over that?...ah yeah I forgot, it's the black girl.
  11. The football matches in this are so dumb and make zero sense 😂. Not that they matter that much as they're not really the point of the show because everything else around them is so fantastic.
  12. I can get one for £590 through work discount....so tempted.
  13. If he writes and directs it I'd be on board. I'd also like him to take on the Alita sequel. Unfortunately, he's too busy with space smurfs for the next several years.
  14. I agree it's definitely more "fun" that Boardwalk Empire but I don’t think the quality in writing or acting is as good. I still need to watch the last season of PB actually. I'm so far behind on loads of stuff right now and starting Succession and The Orville hasn't helped me get through them 😄
  15. It's entertaining schlock. It's not up there with Boardwalk Empire in terms of post war gangster shows but it has its moments and pretty fun. The mid seasons are probably the best ones, plus it's a pretty easy watch too.
  16. John Wick: Chapter 4 The action is brilliant, the cinematography gorgeous and Donnie Yen stole the show, however it's WAY too long. I'm not someone that's bothered too much by the length of movies if they warrant it, but I found myself willing for this film to end. It honestly could have shaved 30-40 minutes off and been an amazing 2 hour film. I also hate to say this but as good as the action is, it all got a little samey in this and it didnt feel as inventive as the other films. The first Wick film for me to get lower than 4/5. 3/5
  17. The Little Mermaid (2023) Who would have guest The Little Mermaid would be good, better than the cartoon (yes I said it) and the best modern live action remake (behind 101 Dalmatians, but that was mid 90s, so feels like it's not part of the recent slew). Hailey Bailey was really fantastic as Ariel, with a wonderful singing voice and great facial expressions for the parts she's mute. Melissa Macarthy was fabulous as Ursula and chewed up the scenery whenever she was on and has a set of pipes on her I didnt know she had. Javier Bardem rocks the King Triton look extremely well and Daveed Diggs' Sebastian is very funny. The score is stunning in parts and whilst the visual FX don't always hit, for the most part they look really great and vibrant. They do a pretty great job of the underwater movement. The film's padded out and longer than the original but I think the additional songs, the extra importance & meaning placed on her voice and the extra storybeats involving Eric actually helps their relationship feel more real and the overall story more complete than the original cartoon. Although at the end of the day it's not really doing that much different as it's essentially the same story. If there was one dissapointing thing, it would be the lack of Flounder. It's like they struggled to figure out how to get a fish into the places they needed so Sebastian did all the heavy lifting from that side. 3/5
  18. I'm super excited about all these. Spider-man 2 MGS3 FFXVI Alan Wake 2 Dragon's Dogma 2 Marathon The Plucky Squire Phantom Blade Zero Ultros Neva
  19. Penalty is too much but the ref should start carding fools instantly, and if you carry on you risk a yellow and red in quick succession. Or maybe an orange card with a 5 minute sin bin for verbal abuse is an option too. If you get a 3rd orange in one match, it's followed up by an instant red. So 3 oranges = sending off. Or they could introduce free kicks for verbal abuse and it gets moved forward up 10 yards like in Rugby if you protest.
  20. My daughter's been watching that and enjoying it. She was also really liking Lockwood Academy which Netflix cancelled. She's not having much luck with these mystery kids shows
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