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  1. Ah nice. I'll add it to my ever expanding reading list.
  2. I've not seen this weeks episode but so far I've felt Captain Carter was the weakest. Just felt its was switching two characters around whereas the others were completely new things.
  3. Has anyone read No Country for Old Men? How does the film compare to that because I think the film is outstanding.
  4. Supernova (2021) Colin Firth (Sam) and Stanley Tuchi (Tusker) play a gay couple of 20 years who have to deal with the effects of dementia as it slowly starts to take over Tuskers mind. From the trailer I expected this to leave me in pieces but I came away from it feeling quite ambivalent. Firth and Tuchi are both really great and whilst the film is gentle, tender and intimate, I felt it was also a little lacking and lukewarm. I think if you've ever had a loved one suffer from dementia it would probably hit you harder than it did myself, but its quite hard not to compare this to something like The Father which I think did a much better job in telling a story about dementia. The Father left me in tears, this didn't. It's not bad, it's just a bit beige and completely held together by Firth and Tuchi in the central performances. 3/5
  5. Lizard Man of Arms? What? *edit* Oh you mean the latest one, not Revelations.
  6. Just catching up now and I think it was important that they addressed police injustice. After last year, even though it's a comedy show I think them addressing things was the right thing to do. Genuinely teared up a little when Holt was talking to Amy.
  7. Absolute bs. A World Cup every 2 years is such a shit idea.
  8. What a really enjoyable match this has been. A proper European Cup game.
  9. Tracey Morgan who is 20 years younger than Arnie & DeVito....riiiiiiight.
  10. This was daft as shit but still quite enjoyable. But why the fuck was
  11. It looks almost Shane Black-esq. Love the idea of a MCU Christmas set comedy/action show. I really like how all these MCU shows have felt very different from each other.
  12. Ah, OK. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they say after the operation then.
  13. I'd rather not haha. I tried to end it but he followed me in here. I'm done talking about it now.
  14. Are you being stupid or being a wind up merchant? I've said multiple times now "in the moment" the referee gave a red card because of the leg break. I haven't disputed once that it was a red card offense or not. Yes, after review it was rescinded because it was deemed not to be foul play, but because Son was involved in breaking a player's leg the referee felt he had no option but to send the player off, the exact same thing yesterday. You're banging on about Son challenge not actually being a red card offense but the facts are he was shown a red because he broke a player's leg and most referees will send a player off for doing this regardless of intent or not. Better they send a player off and the review rescinds it rater than not sending then off and finding out later it was a malicious challenge. Your arguing a completely different thing here. I couldn't care less if it was a red card offense or not, the point is at that moment in time a player broke another player's leg which is why a red card was shown. Thats what I meant about it being an automatic red. It was the wrong choice of words by myself but the point being simply, I can see why a player is sent off for being involved in a leg break. Also, why is anyone acting like it would have made a difference anyway? Leeds were shit.
  15. Except you didn't, other people did and pointed out examples, but you didn't. We've already established Son was actually red carded because he broke a players leg, even if it was recinded. This is boring and tedious now.
  16. Is that worse than a break though? I've dislocated stuff before and it seemed to heal quicker than my breaks. Unless there's ligament damage too.
  17. Oh do fuck off. Fucking hell. It wasn't the right choice of words by me but you're argument was a load of bollocks. I honestly don't give a shit now, go away. Another one added to the ignore list.
  18. Literally wasn't your argument but whatever and I can't be arsed because you're literally moving the goalposts. But what do I know, I'm just "flauncing off to my safe space".
  19. What are you talking about? Son was given a red You presented me with a situation where a player was given a red card and I'm bizarre? Yes it was rescinded but a few days later, but what the fuck does that have to do with the ref on the pitch after the leg break? Was he or was he not given a red by the referee? Fucking hell
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