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  1. Honestly, I thought the game only looked OK until that bit then as you say Jaw dropping, especially during the combat.
  2. elmo

    Best New Music 2022

    Good to hear it! We saw them in Bournemouth. Great band but the sound in the venue was so bad. Hope to see them in a decent venue at some point next year
  3. elmo

    Best New Music 2022

    Have you seen them yet? Yeah the album is brilliant! loving Famous
  4. yeah it’s impossible to please everyone, so best not to even try to!
  5. elmo

    Best New Music 2022

    new Kid Kapichi album is https://open.spotify.com/album/7xq7v7rW8L7QAgvw5i6Ig8?si=qlMvhAIhQYitbkTwSNuR-Q
  6. Yeah Podbean. They’ve been fucking useless recently.
  7. elmo


    I think a spoiler thread is in order. oddly enough I saw credits in under 3 hours. I’m assuming I need to play a LOT more
  8. Myself, James and Sean use a Blue Yeti. Not sure what Mat uses.
  9. elmo

    Best New Music 2022

    Got high hopes for the debut Courting album. latest single:
  10. Can’t type. still laughing.
  11. elmo

    Best New Music 2022

    this is the song that finally clicked for me with Black Midi. Just couldn’t get in to them before then this came along and opened a door. what a track.
  12. Well we went to see this today and my 8 year old LOVED it. like Capone the only negative I found was that I wanted so much more. The time flew by and I was itching for more Brian and Charles. I hope this doesn’t end here.
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