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  1. Yeah once you work out how to avoid the attacks (that’s what the various door bit before the main battle is for) you can finish it without being hit. that’s what happened to me anyway. I really struggle with the first bit but when I learned how to avoid things the next bit was nice and easy.
  2. Not long to wait! Recording at the end of the week and will be up the moments it’s edited.
  3. Wordle 197 3/6 yeah found this one straight forward
  4. Sorry all. One of those things where it was just unavoidable. We’ll do our best to make up for it when we get to recording the GOTY show though
  5. Watched this today and absolutely loved it. Some great jokes in there and the ending had us all blubbing. Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a Christmas film that much to be honest.
  6. Gitaroo Man wouldn’t have even glanced at this game if it wasn’t for the demo. It was of one of the best levels in the game and introduced the weird mechanics perfectly. I play it over and over and over again to the point where it would have been mad if I hadn’t bought the full thing. I did and wasn’t disappoint.
  7. Very surprised at the muted response to the campaign on this one. I mean, sure it’s CoD. But I’m really bloody enjoying it.
  8. Had one match of Titanfall at EGX and it blew my fucking mind. it somehow managed to exceed my expectations from that point.
  9. while we’re at it, how the fuck does the the toy from 1995 that’s based on a human from the future get up and walk about and all that shit? Says stuff and that. this whole thing is fucked actually.
  10. To offer an alternative point of view, I thought it was a wonderful story, brilliantly written with Very high level voice acting.
  11. I really am full laughs aren’t I. sorry, I hope it’s clear that I’m always mucking about with that stuff.
  12. cheers mate. Fierce Poodle is also a bellend. edit: of course if it wasn’t clear neither are bellends x
  13. I’m going to win. Welrain is a bellend.
  14. Yeah he tapped out. Shame. His stuff was fantastic.
  15. just playing Dead by Daylight I think.
  16. without wanting to sound like I take these sort of comments personally (I genuinely don’t) but aren’t you doing the EXACT same thing here? it’s the one comment I’ve never really understood. “They talk about non gaming stuff”. We do. Some people like that some people don’t. That’s the cool thing about podcasting, if you don’t there’s tons of alternatives out there.
  17. It looks like there’s a patch coming. Playing around with this last night and it’s really weird. I found the game drops on PS5 pretty awful until I turned Ray Tracing on (believe it or not). Then it seemed much better. However in terms of ray tracing itself turning it on didn’t make any difference to the lighting at all so there’s clearly something that needs patching there.
  18. Mate that’s some next level confidence right there. “I rarely play games but when I do I SMASH EVERYONE TO BITS” I’m the most generic white guy of all time so even if I just stick with the default I look like me.
  19. Yeah it really is brilliant. Back Page and Filthy Casuals are my go to gaming podcast every week now.
  20. We mentioned it yeah but it turns out that we just make a big joke of it on every show at this point.
  21. Yeah I’ve known Blake since I was 14. We met at the BRIT school and have been mates since. He’s a Millwall fan and lived close to the ground so I’d often go back to his on Friday after school and stay until Sunday going to the game on the Saturday. Jon Denton started a Podcast with Chet Roivas back when we were doing Joypod. He posted a link (I think in this very thread) around episode 5, I listened and loved it instantly. I then recommended it on Joypod a lot so we got chatting because of that. Met up a few times and become really good mates.
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