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  1. watched this last night and wanted to see if anyone else on Rllmuk had seen it. It’s a shame it didn’t click with you because it absolutely blew me away. I was a bit of a wreck by the end and I can’t stop thinking about it. For those put off by the idea of watching a 90 minute magic show, don’t be. It’s not about the magic at all. The trick he does to finish the show is incredible really because you start with the usual “how does he do that?” Then move on to theories about how he does it, then for me it hit me that it really doesn’t matter. It’s not about the tricks, it’s about how the audience is reacting and what that means. It’s slow, plodding and I have a feeling a lot of people will lose interest quickly. But if it does manage to click with you then it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. Definitely give it a go.
  2. Nope that’s the most spot on first impression I think I’ve ever read tbf
  3. Enjoy man! I’m happy to wait tbh. Hopefully stock will improve next month.
  4. I was at the pay screen before my stock informer notification came out. Just got lucky and refreshed at the right time. hit ‘pay’ and got an error. Then they were sold out.
  5. The digital foundation segment in the next gen special is too good.
  6. he’s aware that many teams QPR included have decided not to do it before tonight right? not sure about ‘the racists won’ stuff. The players linked arms in front of an equality banner. Were applauded. Romeo raised the black power fist, and was applauded. I think that’s about as good as an outcome as I could have hoped for tonight.
  7. I wanted to put my thoughts down somewhere. This seems like a good place to start. The MSC are a joke. They don't represent the fans. I mean who can? Seeing that statement wound me right up. Don't speak for me, you don't know me. They represent fuck all. To say that the past few days have hurt is an understatement. Growing up as a Millwall fan I always worried about revealing who I supported. Because I'd usually get called a racist. It killed me because I'm not. I went to games week in week out, home and away and I very rarely heard any racism. If I did it was usually called out and the 'fan' was removed or confronted by others. So I was always gutted to get the usual label of being a racist the moment I mentioned Millwall. I'm proud of the club. All they stand for as a club itself (not the fans that attend). As mentioned in many of these articles, they do more than most to fight this sort of bullshit. They're incredible in the local community. I feel for the staff because all of their hard work is being destroyed. What hurts the most is that my 6yo son who has been going to games since he was 3 had to hear a news report on the radio about all of this and I had to explain it to him. I can't take him if this is still going on after the ground properly opens up. And why? Not because of the club, not because of the players but because of the fans. It also killed me to read Mahlon Romeo's comments. He's been at the club since 2015. My son sings his name all the time. Idolises him. Yet he's been let down in the worst of ways. The worst thing about all this? I could see it coming. For a while now the social media bubble of Millwall fans have been getting progressively loud about right wing politics. Millwall fans have always felt like outsiders and some fans have been leaning hard into that. This sort of thing was coming. I'm worried about tonight's game with QPR. I really am. But I'm also optimistic. The club plan to do a huge presentation for Kick it Out before the game starts. Let's see if all these claims of protesting a 'political movement' ring true. Because if you're booing kick it out then you can't hide behind that excuse anymore.
  8. Although I agree, what happened today has brought all that impact back.
  9. Yep. It's fucking embarrassing. Worst of all this means that we'll just attract more dickheads. I hope the players continue to do It until the booing stops.
  10. no sir. you can get official Series X Play and Charge Kits. Argos
  11. Give rocket league a go for sure. Really good fun.
  12. I’m not going to assist you with international fraud.
  13. Sorry the link for the browser is here: https://redeem.microsoft.com/enter?ref=xboxcom
  14. they removed it in the update (I hear it’s being added back in) you can enter it in the store section on the console or via your browser
  15. this is why I was asking yesterday. I read this on the Activision Q&A
  16. Am i right in thinking that the version out tomorrow hasn’t got all the next gen stuff in it and that shit is coming later this year?
  17. My amazon order has been at the final delivery station since 5:30am starting to
  18. Yeah read a few things, looks like that's the case
  19. The official Xbox One play and charge kit batteries work with the new pads though right? Just need to use a USB C cable instead of the old one?
  20. This has to be my favourite show of the year. Was worried after the first episode but from episode 3 I was fully in love with everything about it. The characters are just so damn good and the 'feel good' nature of everything is a complete break away from the norms of comedy. By the end I was insanely invested. I really hope they can keep this going for the next couple of series.
  21. It's funny, and I said this at the time which was later confirmed on Quest. If you watch Bart as the ball is coming in, their striker has got hold of his arm. As he starts to head to the far post you can see his arm being tugged meaning that he couldn't get back in time. How the hell the ref/lino caught that though is beyond me. Did you watch last night? Might be one of the best performances I've seen from a Millwall side since we had Cahill (first time obviously!). Mahoney has come out of nowhere and looks to be unstoppable at the moment but we were excellent all over the pitch. Hope we can find some consistency.
  22. Thanks! We’ll be streaming it again on Friday 30th. if you enjoyed the video feel free to pass it around! We want to try and spread the word about these streams!
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