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  1. I hope it's Master Mummy. If it's Ninjara, I'll burn my (digital) copy of Smash Bros.
  2. I'd also like a drum kit if possible!
  3. How do you choose separate front and back art?
  4. Had one chase me last night! Luckily the AI messed up and it got stuck behind a tree stump so I managed to catch it easily.
  5. I’ll reimburse you. Let me know how many b it came to.
  6. I’ll see you in Helle @moosegrinder!
  7. Oh cool. Was just at the desk about to fly over. Let me know when it’s open again @moosegrinder
  8. @Mr Do 71 Just popping out quickly. Can you do ~4pm?
  9. Just set up camp. "I need you to pick up 10 sticks" Proceeds to clear up over 100 weeds.
  10. Doesn't that mean your fruit will be more sought after?
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