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  1. Took the demo out for a spin on my Series X. Hot damn. This game looks incredible.
  2. I installed this on my Mac and it runs like absolute shit, looks like it's running in GBA resolution at around 10 frames per second. I've got a beast of a MacBook, but it runs so much better on my iPad/iPhone it's genuinely embarrassing.
  3. So far: 13. Gears 5 (XSX, Game Pass) Let’s just start by saying this games looks incredible. Shame it’s a bit dull. Act I was really enjoyable with lots of shooting and action and then it turns into a weird open world with vast expanses of nothing and small pockets of action. Then there seemed to be loads of insta-fail death parts, which were irritating as balls. It was just really poorly judged and unnecessary (IMO). Will be uninstalling ASAP as it’s around 2 million petabytes in size. Maybe it’s better in co-op but I can’t be arsed to find out.
  4. You can't include R&C in a category with any of those those three films. That's weird.
  5. Mine was only dispatched this morning, even though I ordered it yesterday well before midday. I doubt RM will get it here tomorrow.
  6. I was initially wowed by the visuals and technical prowess of the game. It looks and plays spectacularly well on Series X. Like Kayin says above, the story is shit, but I can ignore that. The drawn out skiff section in Act II is really overstaying its welcome and fuck off now please. Going to see it through, but why can't people make a good 5 hour Campaign instead of a drawn-out, pompous 10+ hour one? Titanfall 2 managed it. Cut the shit please, devs.
  7. Went for a physical copy of this as I'll pass it to my nieces once I'm done with it. I really hope there's a VR mode compatible with the Labo headset.
  8. I have the same theme. It’s the best theme.
  9. Just got around to installing Gears 5. Looks bloody gorgeous on the X!
  10. Let me know if you need any exclusive Mons or to trade evolve to complete your Pokédex, happy to help.
  11. So far: 12. Monument Valley – Ida's Dream I'm bogged down in playing/re-playing some lengthy games and needed to feel a sense of completing something, so played through this 30-45 minute standalone adventure. really lovely, as you'd expect from MV and UsTwo. Now back to the big games.
  12. Yes, you need to wait for it to lapse. Mate of mine did it for his new Series S last Thursday/Friday, so it still works.
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