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  1. The daily 50 for an Achievement seems to be missing. Has it been axed?
  2. Is their mascot Lara Crufts ?
  3. Probably, but it worked after a few instant runners so I'll do it again next time
  4. I managed to catch Galarian Zapdos. Someone advised me the following: Don't try and catch it with your first ball. Instead drop around 10-15 balls before going for the catch. If it breaks free without running, do the same again before attempting another catch.
  5. The bosses are a bit tough in this. Might have to drop the difficulty.
  6. The Eevee Tera Raid event has started. Details here: https://serebii.net/scarletviolet/teraraidbattles/event-eeveespotlight.shtml
  7. Played a few matches and it looks and feels like a finished game now. Enjoyed the matches more once I stopped trying to spawn everywhere and instead just focused on one or two capture points. The menus and UI are still a clusterfuck. I can't tell what is going on.
  8. Taking my time with this as I'm really enjoying it. I've been hoovering up achievements, 100% the first two islands and just about to start the third. Pinballing around the map is excellent fun I have also found myself strangely hypnotised by the fishing stages.
  9. I just bought this in the sale, so enjoy it on PS+ in a few days. You’re welcome.
  10. I think I'm enjoying the jank. It could really use a run button.
  11. Yes, it’s a technical shitshow, but I’m loving it. Just finishing up the Titan quest line. I’ve honestly been wowed by some of the vistas in a minimalist, 12fps Animé kind of way. I would recommend this to anyone, with a heads up it’ll stutter every 20 seconds.
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