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  1. They've 'restored' the footage, presumably by shouting "ENHANCE!" at the TV.
  2. Dragon Ball Fighters Z today. This also looks pretty fun.
  3. Just bought this for myself as a birthday treat and it's a lot of fun. Awful Top Gear lap time so far kerumba 32.441 (Xbox)
  4. Played through the first mission and really enjoying this now. NB: I was trying to unlock achievements to count towards this month’s Rewards points and nothing was unlocking. Once I’d finished the first story beat 1-4, I exited the match and went back to camp where eight achievements unlocked.
  5. This is a bit difficult. There are also far too many systems, but shooting zombies is fun, so I'll stick with it.
  6. I always play(ed) thumbs up motion controls. It’s way more fun and I always found it to be very accurate.
  7. Yeah, the AI is tough! Keep at it. Drift early into the corners and boost out. Once you unlock a car that suits your style, you’ll be loving the challenge. My advice? Play on Easy and unlock some of the cars in the story mode then switch it up to Medium/Normal
  8. Brütal Legend's LP-based UI. Absolutely perfect for the game theme and brilliantly executed.
  9. Its definitely challenging, but once you start learning the lines — and possibly after couple of unlocks — you’ll be winning races. Definitely get on the career mode as you’ll get cars and Blind Boxes which will help. Also keep your eyes out for short cuts!
  10. ARMS is incredible. Get it bought you lot.
  11. I’ve played this for around 20 hours and I still have no idea how to acquire a car
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