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  1. The demo is up and is really fun with a Tutorial, 10 practice stages and online MP (which I’m yet to try). Music is great too.
  2. I think I might get this to play on Steam Deck. I think I broke my game trying to access the Forbidden City. It has just remained on a loading screen for ages now.
  3. Waited it out while doing other stuff and I’m really quite enjoying it. Had to ramp the brightness up a fair bit as it’s very dark. Far too many long (but beautiful) cutscenes at the start for my liking.
  4. My queue time started at 32 mins then went up to 74, now sitting at 60. glad I downloaded all 76gb of the demo to watch a PNG and a text string.
  5. Managed the demo area (just) on Standard and the next three areas cleared but can’t find a typewriter so just ran all the way back to the second area to save. I’m such a wuss
  6. So far: 16. Jedi Fallen Order (EA Play, XSX) I started this a couple of years ago and got about half way through before bouncing off it. The backtracking isn't fun, the combat difficulty is all over the place and I just lost interest. I re-installed it for two reasons - a friend of mine telling me how much he enjoyed it and to grab a few achievements for the EA Play Microsoft Rewards points. I ended up finishing it as it turned out I was a lot further through than I thought, so I persevered until the end... and I just don't get it. It's OK, not a bad game by any means, but it just feels drawn out and safe. The platforming also varies greatly in quality and the level design is all a bit of a mis-step compared to the pure brilliance of Titanfall 2. Land ship, find way to furthest point of map for objective, get back to ship repeat on every planet just got old. I hated that I wasn't allowed to skip the cutscenes – devs who implement this can fuck right off, this is my time not yours and If I'm finding the 7th minute of a cutscene too much and I want to get back waving around a fluorescent tube, that's my decision. The fact that textures and materials were vibrating constantly also made them quite horrible to watch I'm sure this is a lot more engaging if you're into Star Wars, but I'm just not invested in it at all. I enjoy the universe, characters and the designs, but the films have done nothing for me for almost 30 years now. Hopefully the sequel will take some risks and fix the issues with the combat and backtracking. Unfortunately, Cal's incredibly weird walk and run animations still seem to be in it. How they were signed off I'll never know. TL;DR: If you like Star Wars, play it. If not, play Titanfall 2 instead
  7. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is also great for a daily achievement.
  8. Ahhh yes. I’ve only encountered Joe the Hat so far. The other guy looks like a barrel of laughs.
  9. Apropos of reviews, friend recommendations and the EA task, I’ve completed Jedi Fallen Order. I’ve not unlocked my 9p and the game is overrated as fuck.
  10. I’m enjoying the shit out of it. That Nemesis dickhead though.
  11. After an incredibly long hiatus, I’m back into this after getting quite into Wo Long. Just lost about a million runes on the cliff ruins, but smashed up Magma Wyrm Makar after just five or six attempts. When things are going well in this game, it feels great
  12. AMEM has been removed while “the team work on a technical issue”. In its place is a panel which awards 5 points. Clowns.
  13. I’m up to £350 odd reward points and that’s without the Rewards section appearing in my app, so out a few hundred a day. Also, no option for Amazon vouchers anywhere — how many points per £5 are they?
  14. I’m still trying to work my way through the Humble Resident Evil bundle, but I keep browsing games to add to the million hours of gaming I have backlogged. Steam Deck, I love you.
  15. It’s just broken as usual. I’ve almost completed Jedi FO and it still hasn’t registered.
  16. This is really, really odd isn’t it? It feels a bit mindless, but there’s definitely something about it, especially when your team is well-balanced. I hope it does well, but I’m not really sure about this mode’s longevity. The other modes need to be a lot more inventive than this one if it’s going to hold people’s attention.
  17. Around 6 hours for the campaign, but 30+ hours to clear everything according to HLTB. https://howlongtobeat.com/game/100017
  18. Posted in the Free Games thread, but should be a good one for Deck. Assault on Dragon Keep for nowt. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1712840/Tiny_Tinas_Assault_on_Dragon_Keep_A_Wonderlands_Oneshot_Adventure/
  19. Assault on Dragon Keep is currently free on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1712840/Tiny_Tinas_Assault_on_Dragon_Keep_A_Wonderlands_Oneshot_Adventure/
  20. 388.8K here and I’d be near double that if it would give me the daily Fortnite and daily PC MP quest via the app. Piece of shit system.
  21. It changed this morning while I was playing Jedi FO. Managed the three achievements, went back to claim, saw it had changed and it has not registered for me either. Clown shoes.
  22. That’s a different punch card. The EA one link takes you to the entire catalogue but there are only specific traitors for the challenge. It’s a bit misleading if you don’t pay attention (as I failed to).
  23. I got three achievements in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for the EA Play task and — despite the link showing it as eligible — didn’t get the points. The text in the tile actually lists a few specific games, which is a pain.
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