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  1. This really is staggeringly beautiful at times. The art team are incredibly talented. I really hope they make a Bill & Ted Trilogy next.
  2. SkateBird is a huge disappointment
  3. I’m still really excited about this crazy 1-bit, crank-handled motherfucker. More so than the Steam Deck TBH.
  4. Hurry up OLED! Compared Spelunky Switch with the Vita OLED version and my goodness, the Vita’s colours are phenomenal. Also I am gutted my launch day Switch got banned. I miss big TV Switch gaming! Transferring a few hundred shiny Pokémon by local transfer is not going to be fun.
  5. Is PUBG still a janky mess? I’d be up for playing this if it’s sorted.
  6. I won again! Absolutely bloody hooked on this after a good 18-24 month break. I’ve been playing Duos with a workmate which makes the game so much more fun.
  7. TV advert… Looks so good. Can’t wait for my OLED, might actually keep both my pre-orders
  8. Odd. There's no perceptible lag with my Lite and Jabra Moves. EDIT: None with my AirPods either.
  9. Yes, I got it a lot on Psychonauts 2, but very rarely in other games. I was going to contact support about it as I’m sat within 3-4ft of the console. Other than that, they’re bloody great.
  10. Is it installed on an external drive or the internal SSD?
  11. I read that as Master Chef. If there was a John Torode skin, I would definitely gift it to you
  12. Haven’t played this in ages and booted it up today seeing as it’s Day 1 of a new Season. Saw I had 7,000 V-Bucks, bought the pass and played a few Solo games. Placed 35th, 24th, 76th… then Victory Royale! First ever one
  13. List: 35. Psychonauts 2 (XSX Game Pass) I absolutely loved this. Endlessly inventive, incredible art direction, great voice acting, excellent graphics, brilliant soundtrack, some really great bosses and an engaging, funny and sometimes touching script. The variation in locations in tone, palette and surrealism is to be commended. They used every colour under the sun to great effect here, something a lot of high-profile modern games fail to do. The platforming isn't doing anything new, but it's a sequel to a game from 2005 so they couldn't really stray too far from that and I actually enjoyed all of it. The combat was the weakest of all parts with a couple of frustrating battles where I ended up toggling on extra damage. I fully intend on collecting everything, though I'm unsure if I can get all the Achievements as some failed to trigger first time around and I don't think I'd start a new game just to get them. Would highly recommend.
  14. “Welcome…. Welcome…. WEEEELLLLCCCCOOOOMMMEEE TO MY MIND!!” Such a tune. Credits are rolling now, what an absolutely wonderful game. I hope DF do Brütal Legend 2 next
  15. I’ve gone back in to Compton’s mind to collect the last few things, but the final prize box is there, but it’s locked so now I can’t collect the I am 100% positive I collected it at the end of the stage. Any ideas?
  16. I've not reached it myself, but in the rank rewards it shows you unlock an Arcade Machine at Zoo rank 5. I think that may unlock a regular err... arcade mode?
  17. ... and it's great! THUMPER is in the Coming Soon section, too. I wonder if it'll be payable on my Apple TV. Taiko No Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat was unplayable and I couldn't calibrate it for the life of me.
  18. Updated the OP with the gameplay reveal from last night. 10/10 for using Babymetal for the soundtrack
  19. Have we predicted Ape Escape Soulsbourne yet?
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