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  1. I played again for a bit this morning, just in case I was having a particularly bad day during the beta. Obviously I played the beta for a lot longer, but as soon as I got into it today all of the same shit came flooding back. The unskippable phone calls on the map screen are so frustrating. Nobody wants to hear what that guy has to say. Nobody. You get a constant stream of new and better bikes, meaning you never even remotely get used to any of them or form any kind of attachment to them, making them all completely worthless. It's just "here, have this new bike that's 50 points better than the one we gave you a minute ago". Why? But the main issue is that there’s just no sense of tension or excitement of any kind. In all of the events I played, but particularly the flying ones, you're just moving around a bit to get through some checkpoints. It's mind-numbing, and the exact opposite of the adrenaline rush you would hope for. Uninstalled with less than 30 minutes on the clock. Thank heavens for free trials.
  2. Are we out of the NDA for the beta now? I fucking hated it. There was this one bit in one of the early trailers for the game, that got me so excited for it. Like, proper anticipation that it could finally be the game I wanted. And it was like a 1 second clip in the trailer. I'll try and dig it out. Hang on. Ok, here... From 3:29. Those couple of seconds of first person riding on that ridge. HYPE. But 3:36 it had already ruined it again, but I still had hope. Then it turned out to be your average dudebro extreme sports game with terrible handling and terrible everything else. Plus all the usual Ubisoft shit piled on top. Hated it.
  3. Loving this at the moment. Could be cross-posted in the Awesome Australian Music thread, I guess.
  4. catinthehat

    It Takes Two

    I played through this with my son (12) over the past few weeks. We absolutely loved it. So inventive all the way through, and a real breath of fresh air when compared to the other co-op games we've played. Sooo many little things to find and do everywhere as well, it's pretty much impossible to get bored. Lovely game.
  5. Bit of a trek to get there, of course...
  6. I made it to the snow. I fucking LOVE the snow in this. Spoiled in case anybody isn't there yet. God, this is so good. I'd forgotten quite how much I enjoyed it.
  7. This time around I'm finding myself visiting lots of places I'd skipped in my original play through. This is an explorer's paradise once you get the map opened up. I do love the water effects, too.
  8. Nobody’s watching this for the football scenes anyway.
  9. I transferred over my PS4 save, just in case I wanted it after I'd deleted the PS4 version. Loaded it up and popped 46 trophies instantly.
  10. This is awesome, and really reminded me of the amazing Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack in places.
  11. Damn that's good. I love the way he seems as shocked as the rest of us at some of the stuff he's making.
  12. Not for me. Showing as in stock in loads of places, but won't actually let you check out.
  13. It's far too early to get excited. But by christ I hope they don't fuck it up. I was tempted to make a list of all the things they could put in the game to ruin it for me, but somebody from EA might see it and mistake it for a wish list. Please don't feature Jason Lee. Please don't feature Jason Lee. Please don't feature Jason Lee...
  14. That's cool. One thing you may want to consider if you're going for realism, is to try and start the rotation just before you leave the ground/feature. I always found that starting a spin once you're in the air just made it look a little more unreal. Damnit, now I want to get back into it. I wish it was on Playstation, as my Xbox is in the wrong room and I'm ridiculously lazy.
  15. Got lucky at the end there. Would have been gutting to have done that whole race and only managed second. I've just started playing this myself. It's absolutely lovely, apart from the really sluggish menus in-game (PS5). When I want to restart a race I don't want to have to wait for the menu to finish loading before I press down and X (and then up and X again to confirm). I usually end up resuming the game by mistake, which annoys the shit out of me for some reason. Edit: Didn't Autolog used to have a companion website as well, when this originally came out? I'm sure I remember uploading a custom avatar and stuff, which would appear in the game in multiplayer mode. That was ace. I was Burt Reynolds, of course.
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