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  1. That's the dream though, isn't it? You say it like it's a bad thing.
  2. Not currently. They had a sale both before and just after Christmas, but it's all full price at the moment. Your best option is to buy some wallet credit from Shopto or somewhere similar, but it's not much of a saving.
  3. I'm loving this so much. I've just finished replaying Part 1 for the umpteenth time, and loved that as well. The show is just nailing everything for me, and my wife and I are both enjoying it massively. It's weird how it's hitting so differently for many of us. I'm finding the show to be just as impactful as the game. Particularly the scene at the end of episode 2...
  4. Oh god, season 2. That deserves a whole other thread, to avoid spoilers.
  5. I thought episode 1 was lovely. I was weirdly nervous going in, as I hold the game in such high regard, but it exceeded all of my expectations. My wife enjoyed it a lot as well, and she's only seen snippets of the game over the years, so really wasn't familiar with the material. Going a bit "full immersion" at the moment, playing through Part 1 (again) on the PS5, watching episode analysis videos on youtube, and listening to both official and unofficial podcasts today. Not sure I will keep that up for the whole season, but it's taken such a long time for this to happen I just want to absorb it all right now. What a great start.
  6. Gary Glitter - Leader of the Pack. What do I win?
  7. What the hell are his legs made of? My knees would just explode doing any of this stuff. Insane.
  8. This is back on channel 4 for another month, if anybody missed it last time around. It's stupid and funny and ridiculous and I grinned all the way through.
  9. Nice timing. Is there any way to cancel an existing sub? I have about 2 weeks left and I’m sure this deal will be gone by then.
  10. Mine expires the end of the year, but there aren't any decent deals around at the moment. I'm in no rush to renew. Maybe they'll do one of those 12 days of Christmas things like they've done before. They'd better get cracking with that though, given the date.
  11. Death Stranding for me. I started my latest run a few weeks back, and I've just about got to the point where I need to head into the snowy mountains. And I've left it there until the Christmas holidays. I'm so looking forward to it.
  12. Game of the Year 1. Elden Ring 2. OlliOlli World 3. Neon White 4. Session: Skate Sim 5. Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Biggest disappointment 1. God of War Ragnarök 2. Horizon Forbidden West 3. Stray Best visuals 1.Gran Turismo 7 2. God of War Ragnarök 3. Elden Ring Best audio 1. God of War Ragnarök 2. The Last of Us Part I 3. Best writing 1. The Last of Us Part I 2. 3. Best not 2022 game: 1. Death Stranding Director's Cut 2. Red Dead Online 3. Best developer: From Software Best format/console/controller/brain interface: DualSense Wireless Controller
  13. 100% this. I've been feeling a little jaded by games lately, especially since trying to trudge through Ragnarok, but this news and trailer have me super hyped. It's going to be so wonderfully, insanely, epic. I just can't wait.
  14. Investigating a couple of tunes from the soundtrack led me to this amazing website, with soundtracks from so many racing games. Such an amazing resource. https://nfssoundtrack.com/
  15. Yeah, fuck those games from 2016. They were all naff.
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