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  1. Add me to the “binged it, loved it” camp. Watched the whole lot in under a week thanks to this thread. Now dutifully spreading the word to everybody I know.
  2. It's just a joy to play. I'm almost done with my PS5 playthrough now, and mentally preparing myself for the ending. I ticked off all the Iki Island trophies as well, and just about 100% on the rest of it, too. The only thing I've not tried yet is Legends Mode. Maybe next week. Just need to go and explore a bit over there...
  3. I sold this just after completing it (proper ending, obv), but I've been thinking about it more and more as we get towards the end of the year. I've spent the past few months replaying Death Stranding and Tsushima, thanks to the Director's Cut versions, and I think I'm going to dive back in to Returnal next. Has anything really changed since launch? There's a save game option now, I believe. That's probably enough for me!
  4. Totally this. I put way more hours in to that demo that I have to any of the recent skating games (XL, etc.). It was just so perfect.
  5. I think the end fight, and everything around it, it one of the best endings to any game ever. Properly emotional and so magnificently presented. After finishing it I went back and watched it on YouTube several times. The score is incredible. Looking forward to getting there on PS5 one day. I stopped after Act 1 to do Iki Island, but back on the main story now.
  6. If you scroll down to the Versions you can see the gimped Challenger Edition, which has an Add to Library button for us to scoff at and ignore.
  7. I finally picked this up on PS5 last week, after stalling for ages. I've just got to the new content, and am absolutely loving it. Even revisiting the original story is proving to be great fun. Not sure I'll platinum it again, as there are a LOT of side quests, but it's really engaging so far. I should have done this much sooner.
  8. I bought it, even after saying I would never buy it, and I hate myself a little bit more each time I turn it on. One of my friends said it was good after the first few hours of bullshit, but I just can't bring myself to wade through that. I'm trying to get my son to play it for me, but even he can't be bothered.
  9. The game itself is in the sale, anyway. Yes, £53 is the sale price.
  10. Is the upgrade in the sale? It's showing as full price on my phone, but I hate the app and don't trust it at all. I'm also tempted to drive back in. I adored it and platinumed it on release on PS4, but I've been itching to get back in for a while. A price drop would do it for me, I think.
  11. Miami Vice is fucking amazing still. Especially the first season. It's just epic.
  12. Gutted. One of my all time favourite people.
  13. Yep, traded already. Shame, because it does look nice, it's just not for me.
  14. That's a shame, but I fear you might be right. Disk version, luckily. I was hoping it'd be something closer to Jedi: Fallen Order.
  15. This hasn’t really clicked with me yet. Just finished chapter 4, and it’s so incredibly linear, and the combat is dull. It’s buggy, too. Needs a decent patch asap. Too many cut scenes as well. Definitely giving me interactive movie feels, which isn’t really what I’d hoped for. Edit: and I hate the time limit on giving responses. I'm normally looking at my phone during the talky bits, so miss actually answering when they ask me stuff.
  16. Oh god yeah, completely agree. See... Everything else in that trailer was everything I hate about the game.
  17. The first screenshot from that Polygon article made me shudder: I'm sure there are loads of people who want that from a game. I'm just not one of them.
  18. Still kinda gutted about how bad this turned out. If only they could have given it to a team who had a real passion for the subject matter, or perhaps weren't forced to Ubify it in every possible way, this could have been really special. I agree with @amc that there is a core of something good in there. Is the Zen mode open from the start in the retail version? It was still locked in the trial last week.
  19. I finished the story last night. Sure, the ending takes it sweet, sweet time to get there, but I still found it really moving (again). Spoilered screenshot, because y'know, it's a massive spoiler for the ending. Don't click if you haven't finished it. Death Stranding has secured its spot as one of my favourite games of all time. Which is quite the achievement considering I've never had much time for anything else Kojima has done. I went back in this morning, and immediately discovered a chunk of mission stuff that I guess is new in the Director's Cut. Plus I still have a bunch of locations to get on the network. And there are parcels to deliver. No plans to stop playing any time soon.
  20. Batman's really good, too. I also loved Audica, but it's expensive for what it is.
  21. These are exactly the moments I play it for. As for how to play it, I really don't think it matters. I walk almost everywhere (with the occasional use of some of the later tech, if I know it's going to be a route I travel regularly), I've barely spent any time on the roads, I don't build my own vehicles, and I rarely bother to fight any Mules. I just do the things I enjoy. I only pick up secondary quests if I happen to be heading in that direction, or if I'm trying to add a specific location to the network. I think there's probably a super efficient way to map all of this out and play it perfectly, but I really just don't care. I'm not chasing trophies, and because it's a solo experience I don't need to impress anybody with my epic (lack of) skills. I'm also playing on Easy mode, because I don't need the stress of the boss fights or anything. It's lovely.
  22. This is just so good. I'm about 40 hours in to my PS5 playthrough, having not played it since completing it on release on PS4. It's been amazing getting back into it, and it's become one of my favourite games of all time. I'm nearing the end of the story now, so planning to just spend some time getting everybody on to the Chiral network before I finish. I got the First Prepper connected over the weekend. Somehow I'd missed him completely during my first playthrough, so never did that epic climb up to his base. So good.
  23. I played again for a bit this morning, just in case I was having a particularly bad day during the beta. Obviously I played the beta for a lot longer, but as soon as I got into it today all of the same shit came flooding back. The unskippable phone calls on the map screen are so frustrating. Nobody wants to hear what that guy has to say. Nobody. You get a constant stream of new and better bikes, meaning you never even remotely get used to any of them or form any kind of attachment to them, making them all completely worthless. It's just "here, have this new bike that's 50 points better than the one we gave you a minute ago". Why? But the main issue is that there’s just no sense of tension or excitement of any kind. In all of the events I played, but particularly the flying ones, you're just moving around a bit to get through some checkpoints. It's mind-numbing, and the exact opposite of the adrenaline rush you would hope for. Uninstalled with less than 30 minutes on the clock. Thank heavens for free trials.
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