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  1. Cover photos!  Amazing.  I'll never need to go to Facebook again.


  2. I have not yet begun to defile myself.

  3. Good idea. OMW.

  4. My friends list is now full. If anybody else would like to apply, please let me know who you think you should replace, and state a reasonable case for their dismissal. Thanks.

  5. Hi Timmo. Thanks for your question. Whenever I interact with anybody on the forum, if I think they're cool, I add them as a friend. It saves me having to remember who I like, which takes effort.

  6. "is he"? Charming. But yes, bob, my friend, this is the ultra clique.

  7. Hi to all my new friends. :) I love you all.

  8. Thanks for the friend add, Zoddy. :)

  9. This is not facebook.

    1. dan_tm


      Looks like you've changed your stance now...

    2. catinthehat


      This is now BETTER than facebook. I have more friends on here.

  10. Leave some fucking comments, you fucks.

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