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  1. why would anyone want to stop Alonso? surely you brits have a natural hatred for the smooth and efficent german
  2. heres a question. can you be in different teams in the co-op championship? ie counter-ops
  3. cool, hopefully we get some nice pc download deals
  4. Grrrr I bought it at G2play and the darn thing wont activate now
  5. well as Skynets plan of having 30-40 something terminators did not work. learning computer comes up with a new strat of 60+ terminator, same bulk as the younger skinned models. but looks older, more deceptive. pretty easy to sell i would say.
  6. its so obvious isnt it? everyone gets an good part in the mix, varied bass which isnt hidden in the mix, powercord to solo guitar, keyboard solo's with some heavy synth and some keyboard centric songs. easy vocals and some parts which match well with drunken screaming if not all of angel dust, Everythings Ruined would be enough
  7. I think for total instrument usage, RB needs Angel Dust.
  8. how does it run and look on dolphin? its so hard to go back to the actual wii when you see how they can look on your tv in hd
  9. this is quite interesting "The original Sam was heavily inspired by George Clooney, but even George Clooney wasn't accepted by a lot of people at Ubisoft. So we did some concepts, and we iterated over and over on the head and got his face right. It's a really big Photoshop job. Trust me, it's hell building a guy. We used the hair and beard of one of our programmers for reference. Then, there was his body. Oh my god. How fit is Sam? Is he cut? Is he built? Is he not? He can't have the wetsuit, he can't have the goggles." yet you just decided to go with a scanned image of Eric Cantona!!!
  10. I dont understand the criticism SCC is getting. Yes, its possible to blast through a level, using cover mechanisms and grenades, but you DONT HAVE TO. they have just opened up the rules of the game, if you want to fight you can fight. Just like in hitman, you can play to get the highest assasin rating, or you can choose a loadout of shotguns and assualt rifles and shoot up the level. The executions are also a choice. if you dont do any CQC take downs, then you dont get the execution. but still, you dont have to use it, the game does not require you. you can easily sneak past the guards if you take your time and plan your routes, just like in the older SC games. all of the leagacy equipment is there, so you can utilize all of your old tactics. Op-ed: what burns me is that the game has the typcial ubisoft miltech story design, its like Tom Clancy write a few notes on a cigarette packet on his deathbed...'if you dont use this formula, you cant use my name' set up doomsday tech device, if said device explodes etc china/israel/india/russia will launch nukes and end world, enter sequence/kill-snipe-impale boss the. fucking. end. it would be much more interesting if the conflict was a character at war with himself, the personal conflicts are much more interesting and important than head-poping PMC's. I know that the high level on the DA design doc was hoping to reach this, players moral compass would define the player experience and have a binary choice at the story choke points, but it was so transparent and childishly done. SC is a great franchise and fisher can be an interesting character, but i dont think SCC is the zenith of the franchise. for me, the best SC game would be set in GTA4's new york, with mission variety ranging from the slums of harlem to mid town skyscraper infil. daytime kit for site recce and black kit for nighttime infil.
  11. where are the flight of the conchords songs??? they are taking...like...forever!
  12. I would like to read the one his lawyer sent to Harlon Ellison...
  13. are you 8??? it wasnt a standup fight, it was just another bughunt. OR SO THEY THOUGHT. they put their mags back in when those things came out of the g**damn walls didnt they???
  14. my favourite is the iron bar that gets thrown onto the live set timing the to impact of the rear-proj dropship crash a wonderful clang!
  15. templar wizard


    why wait? you can buy 3d vision for nvidia GFX cards and experience 90% of pc games in 3d right now. and its fantastic. for the best result use with the acer 5360 projector for lifesize 3d.
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