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  1. Does it not remember game saves from quest 1 to 2 ? I’ve just booted moss up and it’s started from the beginning ?
  2. id better be getting mine considering Argos have taken full payment the minute I pre-ordered . if not I’ll be kicking off
  3. AO.com £40 I couldn't be bothered with the brazil/russian VPN
  4. do you know if the 3 month game pass ultimate will work instead of the £10.99?
  5. My game pass ends mid November I’ve just bought 2x 12 month gold cards and I have a 3 month gold and a 3 month ultimate what’s the best way to apply these ? I believe if I let my sub expire it will allow me to convert the gold to ultimate again?
  6. @Tim if you like platform/puzzle games I’d get moss it’s gorgeous vader immortal if you like Star Wars superhot and beat saber are great
  7. My tellys got 120hz free sync is that the same variable refresh
  8. I’ve just checked my telly I bought last year is 120hz bonus hopefully Samsung will update to Dolby vision
  9. Anybody oredered from currys and got shipping notification ? Mines just showing order received still Edit Ignore I've just realised it's the 12th today
  10. I’m quite enjoying sunshine apart from the ones where he nicks my backpack I find those levels to be a bit of a grind so 2 per world I’d too much for me still a great game but it’s no mario 64 masterpiece
  11. Can you use a nas for connecting to Xbox ?
  12. Do I have to wait for my current ultimate to expire then load up my 3 years ?I’ve got a 3 month gold code but it says it’s going to convert it to less ultimate
  13. really I didn’t know that I have another account I can use . So I just put both on the console and they share?
  14. I must have got lucky I just checked Argos this morning not particularly looking for a PS5 and they were there ? So it seemed rude not to order one
  15. Ordered from Argos this morning they’ve taken the full amount already cheeky monkeys
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