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  1. has anyone got the new ori willow the wisp game to work it keeps crashing my new xbox one x at loading screen ? seen reports elsewhere of it crashing consoles
  2. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    if you have nintendo online they're stored in cloud
  3. All MotoGP content is now free https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2020/03/31/enjoy-all-the-motogp-content-for-free/328457
  4. Heads up if you don’t use trading folder much Some good deals on Xbox one x bundles at curry’s and argos at moment I’ve posted a thread in bargains
  5. Had a sicario 1+ 2 binge this afternoon never watched these when they came out but currently enjoying narco on Netflix so thought these would be good 4/5
  6. Both free tomb raider games on stadia and sniper v2 on GeForce now 198x and Luigi s mansion on switch Next up moss on oculus quest, hopefully have a bit of a push on that as it’s gorgeous
  7. Is shadow the amazing giant mouse game or the one where you kill lovely monsters ? if it’s the latter it makes too sad killing em so I’ll suffer sonic
  8. denisb

    Google Stadia

    Can I use google play credit to pay for sub I can’t see any way to do it ? i was going to cancel but I’ve got a few quid in credit which will cover the sub for a couple of months see if things improve
  9. I stumbled across Pisces by jinjer playing down the rabbit hole on YouTube I watched reaction videos over and over last night
  10. don’t you still get a point for fastest lap ? still not enough though
  11. denisb

    Google Stadia

    Has anyone cancelled after the 3 months ?
  12. The last boss frustrated me I stopped playing maybe I’ll have another go at it ‘’the one in the rubber ring was a pain also but the other bosses have been great
  13. Google stadia is looking like it’s my next cd32 onlive virtual boy Aquarius disaster purchase
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