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  1. Slaxx a horror film about a pair of jeans that go on a killing rampage in a store. about as good as you’d expect 2.5/5 but I quite like rubbish horror movies similar to the old tat troma churned out in 80s
  2. you can get 6 months of starzplay for £12 at the moment some decent exclusives
  3. I lit I literally got as far as the first screen and saw family guy that’s as far as I need to go that’s going to keep me busy for a while I’ve only ever seen the odd episode
  4. It will only be for me (and the pup)99% of the time occasionally my sis will visit so 1 or 2 pizzas at a time
  5. I’m really wanting one of these I’m a complete novice would you recommend the gas or pellet version ? also tips on how to make pizza I generally buy kids frozen pizza lol
  6. Is Wayne the YouTube exclusive that’s a bit like the end of the f**cling world ? I watched the first couple on a dodgy stream ages ago and couldn’t find any more
  7. I don’t watch live telly at all but I do use iPlayer a bit so I guess I still have to pay for a licence ?
  8. denisb

    Apple TV +

    The beastie boys documentary and The Tom hanks world war 2 film are good Mythic quest was pretty good
  9. Just installed unruly heroes not sure If it’s new? but it’s quite a fun platform beat en up seems to based on the same legend as the monkey tv show from the 80s also my first downside of the series x ssd I want to play the monkey cymbals load screen more
  10. Currently binging the shield which is great I binged dead pixels on all4 yesterday great game nerd comedy
  11. Can you turn off game pass quest stuff ? I’m not interested in it at all
  12. So can We buy it on Xbox ?
  13. I've only regretted selling two consoles My PC Engine and Neo Geo AES
  14. With consoles and gadgets in general I tend to buy the latest shiny thing my fickleness has increased massively around the time my other half died . now I simply don’t think things through I decide I want something I buy it you wouldn’t believe how many new cars I’ve had since she died and I’m currently in my 4th house move too. I guess i should stop but I’m not hurting anyone and quite enjoy being a magpie
  15. other than a few weeks of furlough at the start ive worked throughout delivering building materials playing Russian roulette having to deal with idiots who ignore all the rules . we got a few hundred quid today as an appreciation bonus so I decided to treat myself I can't go hiking over the moors at the moment which my other main hobby so ill sit at home avoiding contact playing games when I'm not forced to work I'm sure if you know me you know it will be in trading next week
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