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  1. No worries I did it via browser rather than console not sure if that makes any difference ?
  2. No I did it with a Brazilian code maxed my gold using VPN then switched back and added the £1 gamepass deal no issues
  3. Just wondered how it ran I even only played oldish games on my series S
  4. I never played the first one I’m guessing it doesn’t really matter ? anyone playing on series S?
  5. Loved jackass can’t wait for this you definitely need the fall guy in these shows pancho in dirty sanchez is perfect get him pissed
  6. Has anyone returned a console to Microsoft for warranty ? How long does it take and do they swap the unit out ?
  7. I obsessively played the one level lost planet online demo on X360 the game itself was ok
  8. Didn’t know any that thanks I’ll retract
  9. Doesn’t it seem like red bull is a toxic place to work ? Vettel is genuinely a nice guy but I always remember him being a dick the nice guys always get screwed there webber,Ricardo etc max was great early on in his career but know he’s just a spoilt brat his dad should show him how to act I always remember him being a nice guy
  10. Won’t be Hamilton have massive lead ?
  11. Bottas might just keep his job lol
  12. Probably a dumb question but if I download the ascent or any game on pc and Xbox series S will I be able to play on either using the same save?
  13. Anybody else seen this ? spotted an 8 bit style google logo today I clicked on it and it starts a retro RPG ??
  14. For some reason I've never played a fallout game which is best to try out ?
  15. Just played through planet alpha some lovely visuals and audio and interesting puzzle platformer marred by some absolutely dogshit stupid bits Still enjoyed and ok for free 6.5/10
  16. Swedish disaster movie the unthinkable I thought was very good be warned it's a bit slow to start
  17. Army of the dead I thought was pretty fun no brainier zombie film 3/5 the unthinkable a low budget indie Swedish disaster film on prime I thought was excellent takes a bit to get going but stick with it 4/5
  18. I downloaded nier automata last night don’t really know what I’m doing I got killed by these 2 big spinning wheels twice and each time it restarted at the beginning? It won’t let me save at any point before am I doing something wrong ?
  19. eu works fine we are still in Europe just not part of the EU trade I bought Brazil gold with vpn as it was much cheaper then added the £1 offer once I returned to the uk
  20. I sold my first console on here shortly after release and gave my gamer tag with 3 years game pass with it . mainly because I found I preferred the PS5 and was moving so everything was being packed away for a while I then rushed out and bought 3 years game pass when the announcement came they were increasing the price of gold then reversed it I’d also sold the gaming laptop I had so despite buying it I couldn’t play game pass . I then got in the hunting frenzy for a series S but ended up buying a series X off eBay I hav3 a bit of a problem with impulse buying and selling stuff
  21. Quite honestly because I’m stupid and it’s pure fomo
  22. im the exact opposite i was lucky enough to get both on their release date without any effort . ive enjoyed my PS5 experience so far but I’m already on my second series X with 3 years game pass sold the first one within weeks and this new one I paid over rrp just sits there again
  23. How come background downloads are really slow I was playing rain on your parade waiting for a download it was 15-20 megs it said suspend game for faster download . When I suspended it instantly shot up to 150?
  24. What can it emulate? Are they hacked
  25. i loved corner gas Kim’s convenience is another lovely Canadian comedy if youve not seen it
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