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  1. I’ll pay £50 or so for a Nintendo mario or Zelda not so much ps5 or Xbox series I’ll happily wait for a second hand copy on here for most PS5 games and most y use game pass on the series X
  2. Thanks ive never played a switch handheld nor do I wish to I have a 128gb card so no reason I’ll wait for switch pro hopefully with a no screen option
  3. Looks lovely I’m a sucker for a new toy but I don’t play un docked nor do I use the controllers please don’t tell me there is a .5mhz speed improvement that renders my mario red switch old tech
  4. I’m going to see this tomorrow will it matter ive not seen spectre or the one before it?
  5. So got a HotStock notification Microsoft had series x in stock yesterday clicked the link added to basket and it said sorry out of stock tried for ages kept getting the same no stock message despite repeated stock alterts from the app . just got a text saying my Microsoft order will be delivered Tomorrow ? check my account it says series x shipped and PayPal has been charged how have they managed that I never got to checkout ?? anyway looks like I’ll be selling my series S lol
  6. I did it on my pixel phone but I doubt that helped and I was having the same issues on iPad Safari and chrome . I just thought I'd use my phone on chat so they couldn't blame it on Apple :)
  7. @bradigor@Hamus I’ve just spent an hour on chat jumping through their hoops to no avail even charged my card and had to cancel the solution appears to be 1.follow the link then delete the stadia premier . 2.manually search for premier and add to basket 3.it then should show discount £-69.99 and zero postage 4. If I does confirm and get your free stadia 5. She had me clearing cache history etc and it did nothing until I did the manual delete and add so maybe you will need to do that . hope it helps
  8. I got an Email this afternoon yeah that’s why I’ve got it for cheap chromecast
  9. Not sure if it’s account specific Google currently offering a free premiere edition to lapsed subscribers well you have to pay £8.99 for one month to get the offer
  10. No worries I did it via browser rather than console not sure if that makes any difference ?
  11. No I did it with a Brazilian code maxed my gold using VPN then switched back and added the £1 gamepass deal no issues
  12. Just wondered how it ran I even only played oldish games on my series S
  13. I never played the first one I’m guessing it doesn’t really matter ? anyone playing on series S?
  14. Loved jackass can’t wait for this you definitely need the fall guy in these shows pancho in dirty sanchez is perfect get him pissed
  15. Has anyone returned a console to Microsoft for warranty ? How long does it take and do they swap the unit out ?
  16. I obsessively played the one level lost planet online demo on X360 the game itself was ok
  17. Didn’t know any that thanks I’ll retract
  18. Doesn’t it seem like red bull is a toxic place to work ? Vettel is genuinely a nice guy but I always remember him being a dick the nice guys always get screwed there webber,Ricardo etc max was great early on in his career but know he’s just a spoilt brat his dad should show him how to act I always remember him being a nice guy
  19. Won’t be Hamilton have massive lead ?
  20. Bottas might just keep his job lol
  21. Probably a dumb question but if I download the ascent or any game on pc and Xbox series S will I be able to play on either using the same save?
  22. Anybody else seen this ? spotted an 8 bit style google logo today I clicked on it and it starts a retro RPG ??
  23. For some reason I've never played a fallout game which is best to try out ?
  24. Just played through planet alpha some lovely visuals and audio and interesting puzzle platformer marred by some absolutely dogshit stupid bits Still enjoyed and ok for free 6.5/10
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