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  1. Twice I’ve contacted Netflix to cancel in the last couple of years and they won’t offer any discount like now or sky etc but they actively tell me to share my account and share the cost lol I let my sister share along with now and Disney and prime but I mainly keep it to help her if they start blocking I’ll cancel and go to the high seas and set her up
  2. Enjoyed the first one hoping this is decent . Just about to watch on big screen (living room wall)
  3. Right got my 256ssd can someone confirm I can re flash with my micro sd or have I got to faff around with adapters and thumb drive
  4. I was talking with a colleague today and got to games I’d never played what’s your list of shame ? 1 half-life 2 any fallout game GTA could probably be in there as although I have played them it’s only ever been for a short time usually the first time I drive across town to be told come back tomorrow or somesuch . don’t really play any open world sandbox gta type stuff . I admit I had a great time on red dead 1 basically stalking a couple of mates and sniping them endlessly but didn’t play the game proper at all
  5. Last of us part 1 PS5 and perhaps part 2 I think there's an upgrade ? The new plagues take game on game pass Play through walking dead on my steam deck
  6. I’ve had some play store credit and a refund on cyberpunk no console yet ? both console and cyberpunk are being refunded to a card I no longer have what happens ? Do they refund to an alternative?
  7. Anyone got the walking dead definitive series ? seen it’s cheap on steam and for some reason Id never played it I’ve been playing on game pass and love it apparently the definitive series has had a graphical makeover on all seasons ?
  8. Ok despite the advice that it’s probably not for me the fomo has got the better of me and I’ve bought one . Not really a pc gamer so no steam library or anything what should I not miss ideally cheap and consoley platform shoot em ups etc
  9. As someone who has never once played their switch handheld is it worth me getting one of these? I keep coming into the thread and the pull of something shiny is getting hard to resist . id likely just dock it to tv im sure I’d be better getting yet another gaming laptop but being sensible isn’t an attribute I posses
  10. I'm on my 5th xbox series and 3rd PS5 I can't remember how many Switch PS4 and XBONE I've had im forever selling them because I decide I don't need or play all 3 then rush out and buy another my newest PS5 hasn't been touched since I bought it months ago
  11. So we are being refunded for buying a console at launch and any games and subs purchased since then ? Or have I misread the email?
  12. For the fans of the amazing letterkenny a spin of series staring the delightful shoresy a crap ice hockey team If you like letterkenny it’s basically more of the same I enjoyed it
  13. I’m quite enjoying this even with the awful fight mechanic is there a technical reason for the B&W visuals or just the style they decided on ? would love to have seen colours of some of the scenes
  14. Is this another of those multiplayer only games no single player campaign?
  15. I followed this https://donotpay.com/learn/xbox-refund/ Basically log in to your account and it will show eligible. I said frame rate made me feel sick
  16. I crumbled on elden ring . I knew it wasn't for me but it looked so lush . Played for about an hour and got Microsoft to refund thankfully I can accept the difficulty aspect but choppy frame rates and the pop up on series X was off-putting
  17. Is it super hard ? I can’t be bothered with perseverance any more I just like play on easy and see all the game
  18. Just watched the trailer but it doesn’t really show how it plays I like Zelda style rpg final fantasy style not at all what’s this like ?
  19. I played this over the weekend and absolutely loved it . I’ve just finished fire watch which was equally awesome . any more similar games for me to try on game pass preferably but switch or PS5 also
  20. But surely as the FiA have broken there own rules they could argue a case ? And wouldn't half the grid not being able to compete give them leverage ? They were all going to quit and start there own series not so long back weren't they ?
  21. Couldn't Mercedes just say sort it out or well withdraw from 2022 or at least remove all customer engines ?
  22. I played through on when I got my PS5 and it was great and lovely to look at is it worth getting the directors cut upgrade
  23. I’m going to watch WWE in future I want to watch sport that’s honest and true
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