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  1. With consoles and gadgets in general I tend to buy the latest shiny thing my fickleness has increased massively around the time my other half died . now I simply don’t think things through I decide I want something I buy it you wouldn’t believe how many new cars I’ve had since she died and I’m currently in my 4th house move too. I guess i should stop but I’m not hurting anyone and quite enjoy being a magpie
  2. other than a few weeks of furlough at the start ive worked throughout delivering building materials playing Russian roulette having to deal with idiots who ignore all the rules . we got a few hundred quid today as an appreciation bonus so I decided to treat myself I can't go hiking over the moors at the moment which my other main hobby so ill sit at home avoiding contact playing games when I'm not forced to work I'm sure if you know me you know it will be in trading next week
  3. 2 reasons really mainlyI sold the series x with the intention of just sticking with PS5 and Switch secondly to add value as I sold for a bit over RRP and didn't want to feel like a scalper . I just can't help myself I like shiny things I'm just as bad with cars if you look in the car thread
  4. same here I sold my launch series X on here before Christmas as I preferred the PS5. I sold the series X with xbox account with maxed out gamepass and everything . Over the weekend I read the news of gold price increase and immediately bought 3 years of gold via Brazil and converted it to gamepass ultimate . I thought id just get a cheap xbox one or a series S just for gamepass and stick with the PS5 for everything else . cue me buying a series X off eBay yesterday lol at least ive got a covid bonus from work today so that will pay for it
  5. Series S in stock at Microsoft store https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/configure/942j774tp9jn?ranMID=46128&ranEAID=hL3Qp0zRBOc&ranSiteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-PMvjEyvnZ3s2qDf_h_kzyQ&epi=hL3Qp0zRBOc-PMvjEyvnZ3s2qDf_h_kzyQ&irgwc=1&OCID=AID2000142_aff_7794_1243925&tduid=(ir__lxzd9okw6wkfq2yc0ctiwv3kfm2xp1nm90u6pvd300)(7794)(1243925)(hL3Qp0zRBOc-PMvjEyvnZ3s2qDf_h_kzyQ)()&irclickid=_lxzd9okw6wkfq2yc0ctiwv3kfm2xp1nm90u6pvd300
  6. having sold my launch series x on here I've decided to get another as I'm getting a small bonus this week and I'm a sad case ive just maxed gamepass and will use it mainly for that is it worth getting series x over s if its for gamepass is there any news on them coming back into stock ?
  7. spider-man miles Morales ps5 ratchet and clank astro bot ps5 all 10/10
  8. I’ve just finished miles morales and think I might like to play the original Spider-Man remastered as I never had it on PS4 . if I buy the upgrade via miles morales do I need to keep the miles morales disc to play or can I sell it on now I’ve completed ?
  9. How do I put my count on to a mates ps4 so he can get my call of duty black ops cross gen in simple instructions so I can give him my details ?
  10. I’m halfway through truth seekers pegg and frost do xfiles/Scooby doo
  11. Just to add I went through the entire process on Amazon France it was going to cost @£270 shipped I just can’t decide if I want an S right now or to just wait and get another X when they come back into stock . I should just wait seeing as I sold my launch series X as I am about to move and was packing it away ready anyway
  12. i used to buy import stuff loads when it’s shipped it’s classed as vat exempt as your expected to pay your regions version same as shipping things inter state in the us as they all have their own SST the only thing you will get hit with is the currency conversion from euro to gbp but that happened before brexit and you’ll also get hit for a currency exchange charge unless you use a fee free card you generally have to pay a nominal shipping charge also even if your prime
  13. You won’t pay Germany vat it will be classed as export you will be charged at the country of delivery’s vat rate
  14. I sold my series X due to having a PS5 If you were going to get another just for game pass would you go series X or S ?
  15. yes order as normal you may have to get a £1 figure 8 cable in the past despite ordering from France Germany etc stuff has still been shipped from the uk anyway Also try and use a fee free debit or credit card
  16. amazon France Italy and Spain have all had stock today
  17. I played through Detroit Become Human on PS5 I thought it was great
  18. I’m quite enjoying running around but the campers and jumpers are back in force compared to last years game im also having issues with massive jerky frame rates on PS5 ??
  19. Series s in stock at simply https://www.simplygames.com/p/xbox-series-s-console-xbox-series-x
  20. Just bought the cross gen bundle on the store using £50 wallet top up for £44.85 from shop to I’m guessing it knows I’m PS5 and downloads the right version ? Also with the game sharing if I log into a ps4 console of a friend can they get the PS4 version for free ?
  21. I don't really play this type of game I got it on stadia for the free controller deal but its rock hard I don't have a clue what to do is there a setting to make it super easy ?
  22. I’d personally like one that’s more powerful and only plugs in the telly I’ve zero interest in playing handheld I can’t be the only one
  23. im the same starting to worry @zok @klargon how long did it take to get the email ?
  24. no way this blows the light bars turns it into a full 3 sided ambielight like a Philips tv due to Philips and ups behaving like a bunch of cu**s I’ve got a spare
  25. I’ve got a brand new sealed 65” gradient light strip I’ll be listing if anyone’s interested before I send it back trades considered
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