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  1. First thoughts That controller WOW astrobot is great that console urgh Sony had better hurry up with their super slim pro it’s horrific will putting it on top of a sub cause issues ? At least it would be out of sight it doesn’t appear to let me turn off via long press on ps logo ?
  2. No but I didn’t see the little power button so was frantically pressing the ps logo on the pad
  3. At 50 I'm too exited then I ought to be no porridge for me this morning I'll probably forget to eat today Roll on 8.18 So bacon mountain it is
  4. Whoo hoo Argos "your parcel will be delivered between 8.18 and 9.18" No waiting all day for me
  5. Just got email from Amazon saying more stock of PS5 in stock on 19th I guess other retailers will also
  6. You only need to buy it for headphones it’s free on av soundbar etc if you do want to buy it wait till black Friday it’s always half price
  7. My Game pass ran out yesterday so I’ve maxed it this morning 2x 12m 1x3m and 2x game pass ultimate I’d accumulated + free months . I’ve been playing unravel this afternoon what a gorgeous little gem
  8. So far on my series x I’ve been playing space giraffe , banjo tooie,Tetris, unravel and a bit of FH4 which looks lovely Anybody got any next gen recommendation
  9. haha too true you think I’m bad with tech you should see how I go through new cars
  10. At last only a day late Obligitary pup pic
  11. I’ve not seen gears tactics from a quick glimpse it looks similar type of game to Mario and rabbids is it? I never thought I’d like that but loved it on the switch
  12. Mines now arrived at Exeter so better than yesterday Shame I'm at work today . At least I got £30 compo Let's see if Argos can do better next week
  13. I did online chat . Prepare to given the runaround it’s took me all day on and off
  14. Mines definitely not coming but at least I’ve threw enough of a wobbler on chat that they’ve given me £30 credit never again will I preorder via Amazon thats two out of two preorders they’ve lost/messed up
  15. They’ve told me they will leave it in the garden if I’m not home . looks like a free Xbox for me as it was never left in my garden honest
  16. Definitely not getting mine unexpected delay . Offered me £10 they can stick it up there arse I won’t be using Amazon for any preorders again this is the second preorder I’ve made with them and the second time I’ve not received on time
  17. My Amazon order is still showing as in Milton Keynes . ive taken the day off to take delivery if it doesn’t arrive today I’ll be losing my shit with them exactly the same happened with my PS4 pro last year
  18. My game pass runs out in four days I’ve got gold ready to convert again (I believe I won’t get £1 but £10.99?) ive got 2x 12 month gold a 3 month gold and 2x 3 month ultimate does it still give an extra month if I add and cancel recurring billing? if so is this right Apply 12 month code add recurring = 13 Disable recurring then add 12 month =25 then add recurring =26 Disable recurring then add 3 month = 29 then add recurring =30 Disable recurring then add 3 month ultimate converting all to ultimate =33 then add the other 3 month ultimate to get 36 months ultimate ? or is there a better way sorry if it doesn’t make sense
  19. Assassins creed Valhalla £44.07 delivered using code POPUPNOV15 on eBay via bossdeals
  20. currys use DPD and it will be in a bag so don’t expect to get it with the box in decent shape
  21. Does it not remember game saves from quest 1 to 2 ? I’ve just booted moss up and it’s started from the beginning ?
  22. id better be getting mine considering Argos have taken full payment the minute I pre-ordered . if not I’ll be kicking off
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