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  1. Re the quarry - It's not quite as bad/hard as it seems EDIT - just seen someone said this upthread, APOLOGIES
  2. Yes you can respec later Personally I've only had to switch weapons once, to a mace vs a crystal enemy as a boss in a dungeon thing (nothing else was doing any damage), normally main weapon should be fine (maybe check your weapon scales off your strength, if that's your main attribute though). I did a big explore after big early boss and ended up in areas where I could hardly damage stuff, so it might just be where you are in the map. When I came back to early areas they felt really easy by comparison
  3. I second all the praise for this - took a little while to get used the handling but then it's great, the back-end-out skidding works really well and I just unlocked the second bike and it feels radically different (and is a lot tighter to control, especially downhill). Art style of the sort of impressionistically shaded trails is growing on me as well, and the rider's animations changing speeds are expressive. Nice variety of raw speed/go carefully challenges as well. It's good!
  4. I'm playing Kaycee's Mod and had a very fun geck run just now:
  5. This is really good Okay, finished it now - Decent (spoiler including) podcast about it: https://eggplant.show/84-digging-the-rabbit-hole-with-daniel-mullins-inscryption
  6. I got a Series X today from Very and I'd tried using firefox following a stock alert multiple times and it wouldn't connect, but using chrome it did first time, so I've no idea why that'd be the case but just in case that's useful for anyone else, maybe try chrome
  7. I didn't expect a flappy bird bit in a Metroid game
  8. In case it's useful to anyone re EMMI fights - I didn't realise
  9. If you tap B twice for each new panel it speeds it up a bit. I think you can halve the delay on how long it holds before you go to the next panel as well (there's some ambiguously named setting to that effect, I think that's what it does) EDIT - actually, Story mode is good in this as well -> it basically plays itself, so on those rare-but-inevitable occasions where it's not clear what it wants you can stick that on, it auto-moves to the right bit of testimony or whatever and if that's enough of a hint you can then immediately turn it off
  10. I'm playing this, like it so far - really enjoyable, savvy use of Shelock Holmes as a character
  11. I've only just read all the posts on the previous page about being annoyed with hotdroppers (& especially Octanes), I agree so much. I think it's partly a mis-match between what the adrenaline-desperate children want and the form of a battle royale game - they'd basically be happy with the sort of COD map that went [spawn-get a kill-die to someone spawning behind you] on repeat but battle royales are the thing at the moment, and Apex is free, so they're playing this. To them, having to wait 20 seconds to get a drop location that isn't a random mess of players is intolerable. And that's why they literally just run directly at every bit of gunfire they hear, and it's why they pick Octane, because he moves quicker and the other characters' running feels slow if you're used to him. The design apparently not taking any account of it is so irritating (even things like allowing idiots to ping their banners an infinite number of times). An 'avg time to drop' filter on the matchmaking wuold be great and won't happen
  12. There's definitely something in ranked where after a while toxic/bad players get sorted together at certain ranks (I think when you get to gold it never puts you with bronzes again?) so if you have a week/a few days not playing it at the start of a season you can end up in that. I had one season where I played it quite a lot at the start and moved up steadily and ended up in good cooperative squads a lot (won three games in a row with one pair). A lot of players literally see/hear fighting and run directly at it in lower ranks, I definitely noticed the difference in people being selective in when to attack and when to run at higher ranks
  13. I like this season - arenas feels really pure in that you get to properly test which weapons are best (the RE45 is so good I've starting using it in ranked). People quitting after 1/2 rounds drives me nuts though, the community in this is obnoxious (loads of hot-droppers who drop solo, die in 30 seconds and then quit even if you're in banner range) I also like world's edge - but there are definitely areas where it's chaos a lot of the time and you just constantly get third-partied or blindsided (sorting factory, fragments, used to be trainyard) so if you drop at lava city/lava fissure/skyhook it's normally manageable Had a fun game today where we were going nicely and then the others insisted on running into fragment and 2 of us got killed (me included), with about 8 squads left, but our mirage picked up both banners, made the final circle, found a mobile respawn beacon in a box and we dropped in right on top of juicy death boxes and won it
  14. Re games costing £40 ages ago - I think that might be true for the SNES/Megadrive era, but then weren't PS2 games basically all £30 at one point? Plus there was absolutely rampant piracy at that point with people selling burned game discs on market stalls all over the place. And that played a big part in a) making games mainstream/growing the market and b) setting people's general impression of what a 'fair' price is
  15. I'm sure I've died at least once to throwing a pot and then almost immediately getting poisoned by the red snake inside :/ I was thinking about the liquid physics today and whether it's worth having in the game - what does anyone think of it? I basically think the lava isn't adding anything. It makes the drill unusable about half the time and it only messes stages up rather than offering any fun benefit. It's odd how little it adds given how different it is code-wise to the first game (having physicsy bits)
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