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  1. I agree this normally doesn't work - in modern Deus Ex-type games it means everything's designed to be done in multiple ways (e.g. combat/air ducts/hacking) and they don't want to upset a player who's chosen one of those builds so everything's usually quite easy. I played Madden on the Wii online a few times and usually people throw massive downfield bombs all the time so just out of curiosity I committed instead to a grinding running game and the odd short throw off play-action. Often they'd have a quick drive, on which they'd either score or get intercepted in about 4/5 plays and then I'd have a 10-minute, 15-20 play grind (it's really hard to stop things like FB dive from getting 2/3 yards so if you're willing to use 4th down it's hard to stop). Probably wasn't very fun to play against. Someone recommended this in a Football Manager thread and it's fun: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/e42qkj/i_turned_millwall_into_the_most_aggressive_team/
  2. Haha, okay! I think I'd always prefer a Scout over it but each to their own. I normally go with a Prowler (& selectfire) or Spitfire, and then a Scout. I think really good players don't like the Spitfire and at close range someone accurate with an R99 can beat you but with an extended mag you can just keep firing for ages and in a lot of encounters you survive the enemy's first clip and then get them
  3. I mostly play duos and yeah, the amount of games you get where teammate hot drops, is dead in under a minute and then disconnects (as I reluctantly go to try and get their banner) drives me nuts. I'm normally crypto so getting the banner back's easy, as well @KYUSS you obviously know what you're doing, but why do you run two assault rifles? Aren't they a bit similar?
  4. panda_t

    NIOH 2

    Glory's also good for trading for decent randomised weapons (at the same place)
  5. panda_t

    NIOH 2

    I think the summoning speed depends where you are - took ages to find someone to help with snake boss (finally knocked him off last night). Interesting about tanking, I've always stayed light as well but I might experiment..
  6. This is one of the reasons I hope all-digital doesn't happen, in that not being able to resell digital games means you never get a proper market.
  7. This has still got the warmth of the original 2, really like the Shenhua chats in the evenings. And I very much like the idea of a man getting peckish in the middle of the day and chomping his way through 6 raw peppers, some potatoes and a couple of cabbages.
  8. Really enjoying duos and playing as Crypto. Actually knowing where people are is so handy.
  9. panda_t

    NIOH 2

    The new weapons, enemies and the shiftling stuff (which I'm not completely used to yet, feels like there might be some more aggressive way to play using it) are making this fresh and different enough for me, looking forward to the full thing. Big fan of the skip emote as well
  10. What sort of approach do you have? I'm interested because I'm finding the opposite (just won two in a row, albeit with decent teammates). I'm quite cautious normally and I like the new meta a lot (I didn't enjoy the old super-aggressive, everyone shotgunning each other at close range while jumping thing). Absolutely love it in ranked when shooting starts nearby and someone pings the opposite direction to suggest just running I'm at gold III (about to get II) and I'm not getting any crashes on an old PS4.
  11. I was shocked by how bad FIFA 19 was. I'd only played 18 on the Switch and thought I'd try the proper full-featured release but it was terrible - the whole thing feels stiff and clumsy (and the bugs and pay-to-win element and ridiculous ways to score becoming optimal are well documented). There's a whole weird mini-industry of streamers whose entire income is dependent on playing FIFA and seeing them have to choose between a whole grim year of playing a dreadful unfun game and losing subscribers was sort of fascinating.
  12. I think I'm too cautious in this, and yesterday I got my first season 3 win in a game where I did more than 1000 damage...for 1 kill (Scout double tap & a decent scope is great). I like Crypto, his drone is basically the MAV from Battlefield. I suspect it'll make a massive difference in games with decent squads, knowing where everyone's coming from.
  13. Yes, the idea for that bit was spin jumping between the plants and then off the third one you're high enough to carry on to the right. It's interesting that putting in any other objects can make players use them though (and obviously a shell IS super-useful normally in lava/poison levels). Thinking about it, I wonder whether it makes a difference that MM levels are made by players - i.e. in a mainline Mario game if something was ridiculously hard (too hard to be fun) you'd probably assume there must be another approach or route or something, but there are so many awful player-made levels out there for this that when you hit a roadblock in a level maybe that's just the level. I'm relieved they felt fair, anyway.
  14. It's really interesting/useful getting very specific feedback like this, cheers, I appreciate it. The flowing bit is what I was going for, a bit of rhythm to it. The drybones shell I sort of assumed people would use to jump out of to get up to the on/off switch really quickly (giving you quite a good amount of time to make it to the P switch and then on) but I can see it makes sense to be reluctant to lose a power up - just after the P switch you get to climb higher, quickly, so that bit's supposed to feel like finally you're escaping the poison (and it does stop rising there), but I suppose a player has no way of knowing the shell's not going to be super-useful, I'll think about whether I can somehow signal that. The invisible block bit is supposed to be a running spin jump :/ (I did put a Z there! Cape kaizo levels do it a lot and I've enjoyed it in them so I wanted to include it, but I can see it could look malicious when it's not supposed to be).
  15. It's fine, please don't feel bad about not grinding grimly on, I appreciate you even trying it. I think balancing's tough, because we all have different preferences so I tend to make stuff I'd like to play (& I played Mario World a *lot* as a teenager) but obviously that won't be for everyone. I liked your level, by the way, good job.
  16. Somebody please save my good level from obscurity by clearing it (I worked hard on giving it a good rhythm and it's had 8 plays, it's honestly not that hard and looking at the deaths nobody seems to have made the first checkpoint): Poison Cliffs Climb MYX-92R-06G
  17. What have they done to the sound design with the update? It's weird. It's always been a bit funny with positional audio so it's difficult to tell where people are but the levels are all over the place now, teammate comments are massively quieter, it's a strange choice
  18. I'm really enjoying this too. The little changes (new classes etc..) make it feel fresher and I'm enjoying the academy. Being able to recruit from other houses is a great idea (I got Felix and Petra, and she's a ridiculous dodge tank as an assassin now) . Playing as Golden Deer, so if anyone's thinking of recruiting any of them - Lysithea's great, can one-shot enemies often and isn't as fragile as you'd expect from a pure magic unit; Leonie's excellent defensively, can leave her on an island with no worries after a while; Hilda's a decent tank/knight but posibly other houses have units like that anyway(?); Raphael as a brawler is fun. Claude's fearsome but I don't know if you can recruit heads of houses. It's a bit easy, is the only problem (especially when the player unit becomes godlike). Tips if anyone's struggling - training weapons are really useful because they don't cut speed so often allow the double attacks. Check how many attacks (the red arcs) are coming in when you leave a character on a square (you can usually finesse it so only one is if you're worried about the unit). And don't forget divine pulse (ZL) lets you rewind a *long* way if you lose someone/make a mistake you want to undo. I'm curious what happens to people playing red house after Actually think Rhea's well written, the subtext of her being a bit reactionary and theocratic isn't made too obvious, just enough to generate doubts. (and I don't think the Lear stuff goes beyond the names, unfortunately)
  19. Discovered nabuz's courses today, they're really good: m5c-c5y-hpg (not at all hard but really charming and well thought out) Liked this one too: 5td-kcp-tvg
  20. I think there's just a delay on the info coming through, I've had the notification that someone's cleared it and they don't show up in the list until later.
  21. The multiplayer versus thing in this is hatefully bad. Partly because loads of the random levels are just rubbish, but just the core choice that you can physically bang into/bounce off each other is super-irritating, especially in SMW3D and NSMB modes where the characters take up more room on screen so there's less room to see/make jumps. And it just chooses levels at random (possibly favouring shorter levels?) so nothing's designed to have four players and you get things like three players waiting for a clown car to respawn when one player's taken it, or a switch level where you make jumps hoping that nobody hits the switch and makes the platform you're on disappear. Then on top of that lag makes it unplayable sometimes. The best thing about is that it lets you give up on a course immediately if it's a 'collect all 175 coins!' one. The Mario Royale thing the community made is so much better designed :/
  22. I do think Nintendo could have done a LOT more curating MM1 stuff - some of the puzzly levels CarlSagan played in youtube videos were properly incredible design and there's no reason they couldn't package actual good levels together by the dozen
  23. Having played this a fair bit I don't like it as much as I want to. Quite a lot of the levels are a conceptual puzzle (which I like) with a precise sokoban puzzle on top (which isn't fun at all). I'm finding it annoying to work out what needs doing and then having to fiddle for another ten minutes to get the sequence of box pushing moves right. It's a weird mix of enjoyable head-spinning rule-breaking and fiddliness. Given what makes the game unique I'm also not sure what I think about it very quickly getting into 'wall is wall' and 'rock is rock' rules all over the place. I really like the good bits of this and I'm glad it's doing well but I don't know how much longer I'll play it.
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