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  1. Oh, yes, sorry, misunderstood (I'm bad at remembering boss names)
  2. I got stuck on FO for quite a long time, finally did him today (then beat another boss first time :|). Tips:
  3. Re CM -
  4. FINALLY beat Guardian A.
  5. I think one big thing to be aware of is that deflects can be very effective or barely effective depending on their timing - get them bang on and they do good posture damage, but if you keep tapping deflect you can stop them hitting you but it'll hardly affect their posture bar. Also their bar recovers much slower when their health is lower, so try to do a bit of damage first if you're going for a posture win (EDIT - sometimes prosthetics can get you cheap damage early on).
  6. Tip for AE -
  7. Beat samurai boy from the start of the game this morning after a lot of tries yesterday:
  8. Alright, so there's a boss that just absolutely depends on deflections (I assume there's no other way to beat it) and I understand deflections better now - they're not a binary got it/missed thing like parries in Souls/BB, there's a range from 'just about deflected it' to 'beautifully timed deflection' and they do different amounts of damage to enemies' poise/balance. The amount of sparks coming out tells you how good your deflection was. The boss is in the Spoilery deflecty-boss video:
  9. Tip re upgrades:
  10. I just did and am really enjoying it now - the combat system's very pure and well designed - you (normally) can't chip away at enemies or cheese them, it forces really intense engagements where you need to be building their posture damage the whole time. And when you work a boss out and stay in their face, deflecting all their attacks it's very enjoyable EDIT - tip if anyone wants it:
  11. This feels much more purely built around the combat system than Dark Souls. I've beaten two big-ish miniboss-type enemies, and just like in DS where you could play through it using a shield, then have a revelation that a no-block, dodge-based approach was possible, one of them I beat fairly easily just using DS/Bborne-style dodging and whittling them down, but the other one properly necessitates getting to grips with the deflect and I couldn't win without it (was satisfying and enjoyable to learn it though). Incredibly reminiscent of Nioh in terms of looks (predictably?) It lets you go around most of the biggies if you want to. EDIT - Also, worth saying that vs big lads you can either beat them by chipping their health down OR by maxing out their balance thing, which then lets you stab them up.
  12. In any sequel I want a Majora's Mask off-kilter sensibility, and proper cave systems
  13. I've been fine with the save system UNTIL the final battle of the campaign, which badly needs something. Tried it twice or three times and I don't think I can be bothered again until they do something in that area (but to be fair I've played a lot of Advance Wars so I haven't found it that hard)
  14. I properly love the Baba Is You demo, it's fresh and unique and I'm looking forward to the full thing. Developer seems really nice, as well
  15. I still definitely get shot round corners when I've reached cover (often when I've got a really low ping - 8/12ish). I'm quite up for a battle royale in this, I don't really enjoy the building in Fortnite so a pure gunplay one could be great. I hope they get that and Rush right and this could be excellent if there's a player base left.
  16. I think Kaizo Mario is a rom hack made by a Japanese guy to troll his friend I'm so looking forward to this, the Wii U stuff was *so* inventive (and CarlSagan's levels made me much better at the kaizo tricks). I wish they'd do proper curation because honestly how much can it cost to do that properly when you've spent years developing a game? Would improve it hugely if you didn't go into every 100 mario mode expecting 50% terrible levels.
  17. Yeah, even with that though, I used to use phase shift always in TF2 but in this it seems to take longer to trigger and it's much less useful when you don't travel as fast
  18. Yes, but also the bunny hopping and the double jump. I think it's mostly the speed being gone - I'm having to re-learn what to do when getting shot at, because in TF2 it felt like if you were moving fairly fast you could often get away and reposition but in this you're almost always best off turning to try and fight back. Interesting
  19. This not having the Titanfall movement options feels restrictive and odd when a lot of the rest of it feels the same
  20. I very much enjoy it when 'your champion' is someone with no kills ever
  21. For people struggling (if you don't want to just toggle the difficulty/damage stuff) - overall, to win battles you need to be using up their resources more than they are using up yours. I'd say don't worry too much about getting your commander hit, as they regen health (it's a resource you get for free). Generally, try to kill units in ways that don't cost you health/units - if you can get a front line of spearmen engaging enemies with ranged units behind, that's ideal. Unit-wise, I think the cheapy ones (100, 150 cost) are disproportionately worth it, even if just for slowing enemies down so you can engage them with better units you want to fight with. This could be wrong but I don't use dogs much. Wagons/transports are really useful, partly because their ridiculous range can compensate for low-movement infantry, and partly because they've got good defence and they draw enemy attacks. You can often put them in harm's way, take two hits, then withdraw and reinforce them. Exploit chokepoints ruthlessly. Also, capping buildings is good whenever you can, because enemies seem to prioritise them, so it'll often use up two of their units' attacks trying to get them instead of attacking any of your units. As soon as you can afford and protect trebuchets they're good for controlling an area (and dealing with big units like commanders and giants). I do think the early level where you get a limited number of units and don't get a base (where you have to get to different ponds) is badly balanced and boring (incentivises super-cautious play) so I can understand if people are struggling with that one.
  22. In the dying days of the SNES I remember Super Play saying Street Racer was better than Mario Kart, and reacting to Stunt Race FX like it wasn't terrible (worst Nintendo game I've ever played - I didn't understand what frame rate was back then but it must have been sub-10fps a lot of the time)
  23. I do think the visibility is an odd choice. I tried out the sniper's spotting pistol thing today in a tight battle and it seemed to be *really* effective in swinging the capture of that library point (where everyone hunkers down in corners). Even in (more visible) BF4 putting a MAV up and spotting could turn the tide of a battle so it seems even more the case when it's like this. I'm curious to see if they change spotting or visilibity because Dice seem concerned about newer/less good players bouncing off it and they both contribute to that.
  24. Yes - I think it not being free with the console killed it
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