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  1. Wii Sports Club Baseball was a genuinely good game that almost nobody played, and, seemingly, even fewer understood, so it *felt* like total mastery playing it online. It let you do absolutely filthy pitching, which was complete overkill because nobody online seemed to know the rules of baseball and would swing at literally every pitch (however many miles it was out of the strike zone). *Everybody* swung at the high inside splitter. You could also change to pitching submarine style in the middle of an at bat to even further mess them up. And batting had a mechanic (like Wii Sports Baseball, I think) where if you could make their pitcher throw enough pitches they'd start sweating and occasionally just auto-throw a slow fastball straight over the plate. Because I understood this, and have read Moneyball and therefore liked role-playing a team that kills pitchers' arms, I would make every at-bat last at least three pitches and often foul off more, thereby getting loads of runs at the end (if the mercy rule hadn't already kicked in). I definitely never lost a game and I'm not sure anyone ever got a hit off me. It was a strange experience.
  2. I just want to echo the recommendations for Game Maker - I didn't bother with drag and drop, and just started on youtube tutorials on the coding instead and once that'd taught some of the principles I found it really easy to transition into coding stuff myself. I've really enjoyed it. The Tom Francis ones are good, and I think Heartbeast is excellent: There's the odd difference to watch out for when tutorials are on older versions (like instance_create has to be changed to instance_create_depth) but generally it's been quite painless, I can prototype little ideas quite quickly now (EDIT - and I made a full game, put it on itch for free and three people have tipped me a dollar each, which I'm ridiculously chuffed about).
  3. I find people willing to argue themselves out of rights they have over other media really odd. You wouldn't argue that when you buy a book you're just buying a license to pass your eyes over it, you have ownership of that physical thing, including the ability to lend it to people and resell it. As a child there was so much stuff I discovered because I could swap things with friends. Just because the technology now allows IP owners to enforce more restrictive models doesn't mean that's inevitable or fine. And in housing, leasehold properties are significantly less valuable than freehold. Also I looked at my ebay history thing the other day and I've sold literally thousands of pounds worth of second-hand games. Giving up 80% of the value of stuff you're not keeping just for the convenience of not switching discs/cartridges also seems strange to me.
  4. That's interesting - what do you like about Rotterdam? Maybe it's good in conquest, it seems limited in the modes I play :/ It struck me the other day how different it was from the Seine map and that BF4 map where you could have fights in the apartments because most of the buildings aren't open, they're effectively just the walls of big corridors EDIT - also, reminded me I absolutely loved Valparaiso. Used to have a routine for the first stations where I'd get on a quad bike, wait for the first gunfire from the right, meaning defenders were distracted/engaged, then gun it down the left, smash through the fence and into the left hand MCOM station, arm it, then smoke grenade the door so anyone coming in stumbled straight into fire, worked great. The progression of that map is the sort of thing I think this one lacks - each bit was quite different, and I often used to switch classes because they needed different approaches, so for the second pair I'd often go sniper and try to clear the way for attackers, looking down the hilll to the ones in the village. Then the last pair were always absolutely savage and all the cover used to get destroyed. Maybe just the difference when maps are designed for rush primarily?
  5. I've played this enough now to feel I can say this fairly - I like it but it's nothing like as good as Bad Company 2/BF3/4. I like frontlines small best, but the maps are featureless and flat compared to good rush maps from those past games. Good rush maps had really different terrain/settings/buildings on each station, and sometimes interesting transitions (like jumping off the dam) and it's odd that in a newer game this has lots of window-dressing buildings you can't even go in (in Rotterdam) and out-of-bounds areas that don't make any sense (Rotterdam just blocks off a whole area to stop you flanking). And Hamada is just bad - it's big enough to be vehicle based, but the ranges involved in a mostly empty map mean that while you need to be an assault to deal with the vehicles, recons will kill you a lot. It's a shame because the gunplay is decent and I like stuff like the sliding/lying on your back and the new revive mechanic, but the level design's really bland and it's less open to creativity than previous games tht had more equipment (people standing on UAVs, parachuting onto roofs, C4 on quad bikes etc..). I prefer the old spotting as well. I should say I am still enjoying it (and look forward to the battle royale mode) but can't help feeling it's gone backwards.
  6. Yes, I quite like it (but I agree about the maps)
  7. I just tried Breakthrough, it's not as good as rush - capture the flag means actually capturing anything needs numbers, whereas rush was partly cool because you could sometimes smoke the target and get in and set charges
  8. I'll try it, cheers
  9. Not having played a BF since BF4 (which I really liked) I'm not sure what I think of this - I like some of the changes but I also keep thinking of things that'd make it better and then realising they were in Bad Company/BF3/4. I can understand them wanting to change the TTK because even now, having played a bit and getting decent on frontlines, if I play Grand Operations I just find Conquest involves getting flanked/blindsided all the time. Spotting being so limited now and other players being harder to spot than in previous games contribute to that, so I can see why they thought something needed tweaking. Also I always played Rush more than anything else, partly because it defined the space a bit, you knew where people were coming from and what they were going for, so frontlines is my favourite mode in this but it's not as good. It's an odd mix where a lot of it favours expert players but there's almost no bullet drop any more. I also think vehicles take too long to kill (you can easily spend 2 or three respawns taking a single one out and all the non assault players might as well die in the meantime).
  10. I like this but I find the mood a bit grim/oppressive. I'm not sure I'd say I'm actively enjoying it for a good chunk of playing it
  11. The twist in Bioshock is meretricious and empty when the linearity of the game dictates that you follow that path. It's not And then to treat you like you're complicit in carries no weight Self important and flashy plotting, it's on the level of Victorian melodrama and gets talked about like it's inspired
  12. This reminds me of a katamari game a lot (in a good way), it's got nice feel and the ridiculousness of it is very enjoyable. It is quite disposable-feeling (and very easy) but I know I'm going to end up showing it to loads of people (it's the kind of thing that children will delight in like they do katamari)
  13. Jackie seems like a right dick edit - The hacky gangsters-as-imagined-by-people-who've-seen-films dialogue in this is rubbish. They have no psychology, they're just threat, they're like the baddies in Home Alone
  14. The Baba Is You prototype is so fresh and good, I hope it's a massive success for him: https://hempuli.itch.io/baba-is-you
  15. If you can get two purple shooty traps the first boss is super-easy. Jump over the fire wave thing and be ready to immediately roll towards him under his jump and you don't even need to directly attack, just refresh your traps and be patient. And stay away when he's got the red bleed effect on.
  16. This is great, had a run where I got a and just ripped through to about 3 stages further than I'd got before. It does a really good job of feeling tight but also fluid, and the animation's nice but it's still very responsive. Feel of the double bow and how often it lets you use your traps are both really enjoyable
  17. I think a decent amount of the endgame is luck (e.g. if you get a nice circle that means they have to come to you, or you're on the high ground, or someone's just fought 2 people and is low on health/shield or whatever), if you can get to the last two a few times you'll win some. I had about 5 second places before I started winning them (and have had some gifted wins since, like people not moving in time and just sitting in their forts until they can't escape the storm)
  18. Just call me the bushslayer, lads: (edit) This was pretty silly as well:
  19. I always want to throw-and-detonate the C4 like you could remote mines in Goldeneye but it doesn't work very well
  20. I've had an absolutely crazy run today where I played five solo games and won three of them. I feel there should be a name for a win where you only kill one person... Really enjoyable final game where I managed to flank all of the last three people and killed them before they knew I was there (stuck a plunger on one of them - turned out that's not enough to kill them :/). Having a sniper rifle made a big difference in the end game, where you can headshot people peeking out of forts. What explosives do people choose? If you can't get a rocket or grenade launcher do you take remote explosives or plungers or what?
  21. Just to join in: I'd had about 5 second places before that so was chuffed to get it. Got to a good quiet bit behind rocky hills as the circle got smaller, and knew roughly where they were. Then built a decent elevated brick/metal mini-plateau to cross to another nearby hill, keeping it small and behind tree tops in the hope nobody would see. Killed one guy trying to get up to the hill and the other after he did get up, built over the top of me and dropped down. My tip (for what it's worth) is to be aware of where the majority of players will be all the time (and avoid it, or at least keep an eye on it). Playing in squads is interesting just to see what people do, and loads just want to put markers down on titled towers and get straight into a ruck. So if possible I try to get round to the back side of the circle (whichever side's furthest from where most players will have dropped). And when you see other players, for anything other than a definite kill, leave them. The longer nobody knows where you are the longer they spend killing each other, and I normally don't bother building if I think nobody'll see me if I'm hidden by terrain or behind cover. I didn't know that about wood, Pistol, that's really useful
  22. Have fairly substantially updated it this week, multiple endings and lots of new silliness..
  23. panda_t

    SNES Mini

    If anyone's going to play Cybernator/Assault Suits Valken, it's really important you get the weapon powerups on every level. Found it really hard before I realised that first time round. It's great once you get the insanely powered-up laser.
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