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  1. I lost some faith in FM two years ago when in interviews they'd say things like 'as in real football, you need to adjust your tactics for different opponents and the specific players you have', suggesting we should apply real-world football thinking to it, but *whatever* you did the back-side wide midfielder would never mark anything or tuck in the back side of the midfield to make a compact block, so WBs and FBs could just run freely off them and loads of goals came from that. The whole tactics thing is a load of bodges and fudges, which I can understand (it's a hard thing to do), but it annoys me that they then pretend problems people come from people not thinking footballistically enough. It's also a bit humourless and scared of legal action when it could be this excellent narrative playground if they loosened it up a bit (much, much weirder and more fun stuff happens in real football than in FM).
  2. The order's pretty approxmiate 1. Portal 2 (aesthetic, mood, playfulness, writing, delicious low-friction gameplay, fun co-op all phenomenal) 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Shenmue 4. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 5. Mario Maker (because I properly love Mario World and basically only play MM levels in that tileset, but it gives you just ridiculous quantities of inventive levels) 6. Super Meat Boy 7. Journey 8. Portal 9. Super Mario Kart 10. Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 11. Katamari Damacy (there's this family my parents know with 4 children under 10 who pop in now every Christmas, and the first year they came round we mostly had adult presents - boring to a child things like cooking equipment and so on - so this last time I wanted to make sure I had a really fun game to show them, of the sort their nice and responsible non-gamer parents wouldn't have, so I put Beautiful Katamari on - the epic smallest-to-biggest level - and they took it in turns and absolutely loved it; I think it's a great quality for a game that if you show it to an audience like that they're fascinated by it) 12. Goldeneye 13. Papers, please (it matches the gameplay experience to its core idea so beautifully - I remember being shocked by the intrusiveness of the naked scans you get the first time one went through, and then after you've done it 5 times you're completely desensitised. And things like having to annoyingly shift all your open papers and booklets about on the too-small desk to check through them under time pressure, you basically start behaving like a crabby bureaucrat in no time) 14. Rez 15. Phoenix Wright 16. Pilotwings 64 17. Battlefield 4 (it got much worse when they divided the player base with DLC but rush in a good team is properly fun) 18. Defcon (I think it's great because it's *not* all about clicks-per-second and winnign doesn't come from just skill in execution - if you can negotiate people switching sides and make alliances you have a big advantage, social skills and trustworthiness are genuine assets in it. I think it should be much better known than it is and I have really fond memories of playing it with people on here. If, today, you got a LAN game going with 6 people you knew well it'd be ace) 19. Slitherlink (finished every puzzle) 20. Wii Sports Club baseball (I got weirdly into this, partly as a result of reading and loving Moneyball, and I think I was one of the few people playing on English servers who properly understood the rules (not that there were many people playing it anyway) so I got to such a high rating on it it wouldn't match me with anyone in online play. I really enjoyed grinding out disgusting 9/10 pitch at-bats to knacker their pitchers and then pitching absolutely filthy sliders that people didn't seem to understand they could leave, anyway, I honestly think it's one of the closest-but-still-fun simulations of a sport I've played in games, the skills you need are quite like what you need in baseball - a quick eye, discipline, patience)
  3. https://pandateam.itch.io/asmr-star I wanted to teach myself to code a bit and it's been really fun to make, I've learned loads doing it. It's quite janky and I'm bad at art, mind, so have low expectations.. EDIT - Vice did a post on it (& spoiled one joke): https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/mbbewa/a-game-that-lets-you-become-a-youtube-asmr-idol?utm_source=wpfbus
  4. I've been playing mayo and we've been losing more than we're winning. Played against a team rated 1900 though, erk :/
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0583s3w
  6. I'm months late for replying here about relative merits of different Partridge things, but radio KMKY is maybe my favourite comedy ever so I'm going to weigh in: I think radio KMKY is maybe the best Partridge full stop, but yeah, telly KMKY they apparently had to do really quickly (writing it in about 6 weeks I think?) and it's a massive shame how it came out (even things like the studio being weirdly massive for no reason is bad when lots of AP is about nuance, just little bits of phrasing or delivery or whatever, that aspace just swamps it). I don't actually like I'm AP much, it's too Peter Baynham-y where he's fascinated with squalor (Baynham replaced Patrick Marber after they left radio). I know Armando Iannucci's said he thought series 2 of that was weak. I'd love to see Partridge do TV formats that deserve him, like a Who Do You Think You Are? or Springwatch or some gameshow (when things like Tipping Point are on..). I really liked Scissored Isle. I also have a theory that he's at his best when he's half being a hero, like a representative of us saying things we'd filter out or just outright saying something truthful that people tiptoe around normally, it's a really interesting dynamic when he's like that (there's a bit from radio KMKY where a Tory MP says 'we've been doing what needed doing, getting rates down, getting taxes down, and not handing out money but handing out hope" and Alan says approvingly "getting rid of those gypsies"). Just in case anyone's not heard the radio stuff: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1H3lY0eWP4HYml5TWtsTVpNcUE?usp=sharing
  7. Really enjoying the dualies - the dodge move (jump button while aiming) is really powerful when you're one-on-one against someone (back-dodge is handy in general if you're hit). Don't like the special on it though
  8. Mine's arrived early from Simplygames; it doesn't feel like a full sequel really (but is still fun). I like some of the changes they've made, Moray Towers now has those pipe things you can move along in squid form and they make it more fluid/flexible, you can turn one your colour and pop out above people covering the central floor. Just turned level 4 online, which is when it unlocks clothes and the dualies.. Not tried a salmon run yet
  9. It might be the bow you're using - the Rito (swallow bow is it? I think there's another one too) bows speed-load themselves(?)
  10. If anyone in the UK's looking for a Switch, I bought one from tesco outlet on ebay last week: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352066660738?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It arrived today and works fine and no scratches on the screen or anything. They're out of stock at the moment but I was watching it for about a week before I bought it and they seem to get stock in every now and then (of 10+ units). They seem to then go in a day or two, but I'd imagine they'll have stock again at some point if you're willing to check it sometimes
  11. I can understand people not liking the linearity and boring quests - I found it gets a bit better when you get fast travel and can just jump to any unlocked terminal thing (including ones near quests)
  12. I think locking on can be a disadvantage in that fight - basically when he's in the air you want to be in motion so he can't hit/suplex you - running straight underneath him is fine - and you want to be coming behind him as he lands. If you've get the spear sweep move (block and square, I think?) you can time it to trip him as he lands and he's pretty straightforward like that. Also: summon! I've helped several people with him (obviously a higher level summonee makes him miles easier). And sloth talismen help with *everything*
  13. I'm not expert at this by any means, but the soul matching is useful if you have a weapon you like that's now underleveled - I had an usarigama with fire effect, which was great, but doing less and less damage as I progressed. With soul matching you can sacrifice a higher-level but not-actually-as-useful weapon and boost the one you like back to being effective. Reforge is potentially good as well, because you can blank out weapon effects and reforge and it'll give random replacements for the ones you've discarded (I tried it about 10 times on one weapon and couldn't get a good elemental effect, but did get life drain, which is handy).
  14. Re titans I like Scorch for anti-titan fighting (the armour is handy, you can control space with the flame gas thing and if you're up close the flame shield does a lot of damage) but it's tough to hit pilots if they're moving about a lot, so lately I've been using Tone and the gun's great for that. You have to use cover a lot vs other titans though, and back right off if you're outnumbered. Just hit them three times to get lock on and launch the missiles, then repeat.
  15. I'm enjoying this but I can't do the bunny-hopping thing experty people on youtube are doing. Can anyone do it, and have you got any tips? :/
  16. I'm really looking forward to this, the movement stuff on the new videos looks cool (and as if it'll take some learning). I definitely started off on the beta playing it like any other shooter and then got the hang of the grappling hook a bit and it was immediately more fun.
  17. It's worth knowing you can skip turns in big conversations by pressing O (on PS4, anyway). Although if you use it in conversations on the street you attack people :/ Not that I've done that, obvously
  18. Done a first chunk - find it a bit odd that if you're out of charge for augments you literally can't do anything to enemies even if they're right in front of you (as takedowns cost energy). I've sometimes been running out of ammo and then instinctively going up close to melee and nothing happens. I like the general atmosphere, and people's comms coming out of the controller speaker, but the team's banter's a bit grating In case anyone gets confused like I did on an early bit when.. I was probably just being stupid but just in case
  19. Last night was first try of either Titanfall and I enjoyed it but agree with people saying the one map is much too open - the more crowded city-streets-ish one is much better. I like the bounty mode (I'm rubbish at using a titan when I get one, though). The team balancing is awful at the moment
  20. My copy's here (simplygames)..
  21. I want to like this more than I do, it's not even close to Journey for me :/ I don't even really like the aesthetic. The hippyish meditation bits feel quite indicative of what it is at this point. It's perfectly pleasant but Journey was magical
  22. Edited earlier post to clarify a bit. No, can't honestly remember playing one based on a real conflict
  23. Your plural pronoun makes some assumptions EDIT - had a quick think about it, and I think what I enjoy when Battlefield's fun is my digital army men doing good/digi-heroic things. I'm not imagining I'm in a real conflict, I don't fantasise about sticking to the Chinese or the US or whoever (for example, who even notices which side you're on in BF4?) and having WW1, which real people died in and people wrote poetry about, grates by comparison. I like the gaminess of it, I like it not being like real war. I like being able to respawn and jump in a ridiculous gamey parachute descent behind enemy lines and run towards a tank like nobody ever would in real life. The realer the setting (and maybe the more you've read about the real lived experience of men who fought in it) the more that's a problem
  24. Watching the trailer, can't help finding turning WW1 into a jolly war funhouse a bit distasteful
  25. I played it when it came out, I like it. You definitely have to learn how to use the strafe button to get through the later bits. And yes, picking upgrades is important (it's not unusual to get a good one early and then feel like what you're being offered *should* be better as it's newer, but it often isn't. Plus keep an eye on your shield, and retreat/evade when it pops - it's effective to fire at advancing enemies as you boost away backwards. Buy a 2nd shield if you ever can. I haven't really played it since I finished stage 4 but I enjoyed it up to then.
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