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  1. I did a timed one - just needs a fairly clean run for 30 seconds, and if you experiment a bit there are variations that can shave time quite often: 457F-0000-00F1-A2DD
  2. First slightly puzzly course, in that there's stuff you can do in each area to stop the mole tide being overwhelming: ED1F-0000-00D7-D4E0 (added a checkpoint and tweaked a slightly unfair bit) I like that theyve included an Arino mushroom now
  3. You just need to use all the things (blocks, enemies etc..) that you've got unlocked at least once and then place a certain amount of blocks, you can unlock stuff pretty fast if you want to
  4. The difference in quality on expert 100 Mario levels is ridiculous, you'd think there must be some way of detecting awful levels (avg amount of tries per player before skip?). Levels people are willing to have 10/15/20 attempts at must have something going for them, whereas there are loads I'll have one go at and skip because it's random or awful or you get insta-killed by a thwomp you couldn't see I'd also love to see stats on average number of stars per stage broken down by elements included (like do levels with hammer bros score lower than others?)
  5. I had an interesting thing the other day where 22 people played this new level overnight (way more than any of my levels normally get), so I wonder if it got some early stars when it was thrown up in people's random rotation and then got featured for a little bit (& then fell out of that - 2 players since). I think it's hard-ish, but the hops are fun, I made the end easy and the trickiest jump can be done by just taking damage if you can keep Mario big until then: E5EC-0000-00BF-C801 Enjoyed your castle DAB - it is quite properly SMW-ish
  6. Ah, okay, didn't realise there was a trick to it. Sometimes I'd hit the saw right on its very right hand edge, get loads of distance and then get thrown about on other ones with the timer ticking away
  7. I really liked this one until the boot jumping on the saw wheels, when having to land on the right side of the wheel or get chucked backwards while under time pressure got annoying and felt like randomness was involved. Having loads of bullet launchers drop in as the time-up thing looks cool and works very well
  8. Master A1 liked one of my courses Ghosty one, supposed to be pure platforming skills, but I tried to be generous with floors instead of death-falls, and mixed in fun slidey bits: F3B0-0000-0092-42B7
  9. GokouD, cheers for the recommendation on the German guy's levels, they are really clever (but too long, I agree). I'm curious to see what's getting most stars in 6 months' time, when maybe the novelty of super-hard or auto-machine things will have worn off and straightforwardly good levels might be easier to find. 100 Marios on hard is miserable at the moment New ghosty one: F3B0-0000-0092-42B7 Tried to make it varied and space out tricky bits with just fun bits. Generally I'm finding making levels really satisfying and seeing how many goes people have had is properly rewarding. I wish you could watch vidoes of people's runs. If they include checkpoints/switch palaces/world maps in dlc it'll be incredible. Even just the SMW stuff they left out would be great to have
  10. Ah, great I think that's fair re the thwomps, and the end is a bit flat just because I hardly had any blocks left so I should probably have gone back and moved some things to the sub-world, but at the time I wanted to get it up and see how people did, I should have been more patient. I'm relieved, because I didn't think it was THAT hard but randoms playing it weren't finishing it.
  11. I'm finding this interesting for what it says about people's taste in Mario. I really dislike the look and controls of the NSMBU set, and there are certain things I just don't enjoy in any level - the fire-throwing pipes that you just have to wait for, hammer bros, blocks with enemies in, lakitu throwing spinies - but other people seem fine with them. And I completed Super Meat Boy but the levels full of metal spikes and blind jumps don't appeal to me at all. I always assumed people were all enjoying roughly the same stuff in those games but I don't think they are. And apologies for posting this again but Meat Boy-ish rhythmic jumping level that got a bit lost on end of page before: 6B5D-0000-006C-D011 It's really not that tricky but only Sam from here's completed it (I think it's good!)
  12. Sort of Super Meat Boy like to start with, moving on to thwomp-baiting: 6B5D-0000-006C-D011 Biggest level I've done so far, pleased with it.
  13. I like what you did with space, just that initial vertical pipe drop meant I lost the sense you sometimes have when you're seeing levels in the editor of whereabouts you roughly are, so the rest felt like more of an adventure
  14. I made a pacy autoscroller: 64BD-0000-0062-3DF1 Tried to get it so there's a rhythm to the jumps
  15. I just abandoned an autoscrolling level with periodic narration from a mediocre Alan Bennett impression when I realised you can only use *one* recorded sound effect per level :/
  16. Enjoyed it, good, fair course
  17. I've been trying to make properish Mario levels rather than wacky stuff, would be curious to see what any of you made of them: 7B3D-0000-0058-8519 Still really dislike the aesthetics of Mario 3 so they're all in SMW skin. And then I just had a fun/silly idea for a course: E804-0000-0058-A8A9 (I reckon children might really like it?)
  18. panda_t


    Played this today in one sitting, it's just lovely. Aesthetic is really dreamlike and magical-feeling and the way it makes you feel warm
  19. I love that Yu Suzuki's idea of a nice boost to the campaign isn't some big spectacular fight or explosions or whatever but two characters standing by a pond with insects making it look pretty :)
  20. Yeah, I'm really curious about where it's going with it all. The truest way to finish it (I think) would be giving the player the choice of mercy/revenge right at the end and I'm intrigued to see if they'll do that.
  21. I think it's similar in that the choice between revenge or mercy is the core of it, and they're both interested in the problems with revenge. So in Shenmue a lot of domestic characters try to warn Ryo not to get involved, and Fuku-san, Ine-san and Nozomi and all of those do the Horatio and Ophelia role of making it feel like he has human relationships he'd be losing. And you find out Xiuying's brother went after revenge and it didn't work out, like you see Fortinbras pursuing revenge for the death of old Fortinbras and Laertes trying a rebellion that fails after Polonius dies, and there's the cheeky twist in the second game about what Lan Di's motive was. They both do a lot of presenting different models of what happens if you pursue revenge (none of which are straightforwardly positive). One of the other questions (on twitter or the reddit thing) was something like 'will we see Ryo learn forgiveness in Shenmue III?' and YS gave a non-committal answer (that wasn't no). I think a lot of players just expect it to be a conventional revenge thing because that's what they're used to but the game goes out of its way to problematise that like Hamlet does the typical revenge tragedy idea.
  22. The way people talk about Nintendo reminds me a lot of all the 'license the OS' advice Apple was being given before the iphone etc... In the short term the logic for Nintendo doing mobile games or putting things on MS or Sony platforms looks obvious but their culture is so distinctive and has served them so well I think they have chances to hit on some big, special ideas in a way that not many companies (or creative enterprises) do. Which is not to say whatever the NX is will be good or succeed but I'd much rather have them trying distinctive and potentially mad stuff than pleasing short-term traders.
  23. I use the ACE 52 more than anything else - I tend to play Rush, and use it as standard if I'm defending, or maybe a silenced ACE 21 if attacking and want to be sneaky. Means you don't have to readjust to weapons if you change classes as well, which is useful. Ideally you burst fire it, 3/4 shots at a time but hipfire is good up close as well, and you can switch to single shot if there's something distant you have to hit (like people running up the cables in Rogue Transmission). Unless there's something specific I need to snipe I tend to just use the carbines all the time.
  24. Maybe I should be posting this in some Wii Sports Club thread but I'm really enjoying the baseball. Nobody online has any batting discipline *at all*, mind, and will swing at whatever filth you throw at them. Found a mini-secret, anyway - you can switch to pitching submarine if you press certain buttons while aiming your pitch..
  25. I really like Restoration - if you're tempted by the sequel she did in 2012 (Merivel) I'd resist, it's miles weaker (just all really episodic without any meaningful shape to it like his gradual self-improvement gives Restoration). First chapter of Restoration is so good
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