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  1. BBQ & Chilli in the shrine. Buy buy buy if you don't have it.
  2. Can't believe they disabled the new Resi map within hours of it being released. Apparently it was causing crashes or something? They're awarding everyone 300k bloodpoints as a result which is nice. What the hell at the new update being 30GB on console though.
  3. All my killer games since the matchmaking changed yesterday have been horrible. Groups of gen-rushing red ranks while I'm level 13.
  4. Does Jeff Grubb do anything other than share controlled leaks from Microsoft?
  5. The matchmaking gets iffy when friends with a big level difference are playing together.
  6. Yeah I thought that event with the daily shrine was starting this week or the week of the Resi DLC but apparently it's not until July 1st.
  7. For anyone that plays as killer and doesn't have Plague, Corrupt Intervention is in the shrine. It's one of the best Killer perks in the game. At the start of the match it covers three of the farthest away generators (usually where survivors spawn) for 80/100/120 seconds. It's brilliant, especially for killers with slow starts like Myers.
  8. That 250k Bloodpoints code also gives you 1000 shards btw. I found the gnome the other day as killer in literally the last second of the game just before it faded out to the post-game stats screen. Wasn't expecting it to register me getting it since it was still in the animation as it faded out.
  9. I really regret buying Legion. He was fun at lower levels but when you get into purple ranks people really know how to play around him. Discordance is a very good information perk though. I'm having a lot of fun playing Spirit just now.
  10. Pairs very well with Surveillance which is in the shrine this week.
  11. Same situation as this iirc. The character change ability was added later on and they gave you one free one to use.
  12. You get 1 free character change with the update. They did the same in World.
  13. It's such a stupid, overly complicated decision I'm convinced it has to be something to do with limitations of their dumb game engine. surely they have enough self-awareness to see how daft it is?
  14. I'm SHOCKED the transmog system Bungie have come up with is a load of convoluted, time-gated, grind shite. SHOCKED I tell you.
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