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  1. Can't stand Troy Baker.
  2. Same situation as this iirc. The character change ability was added later on and they gave you one free one to use.
  3. You get 1 free character change with the update. They did the same in World.
  4. It's such a stupid, overly complicated decision I'm convinced it has to be something to do with limitations of their dumb game engine. surely they have enough self-awareness to see how daft it is?
  5. I'm SHOCKED the transmog system Bungie have come up with is a load of convoluted, time-gated, grind shite. SHOCKED I tell you.
  6. Spent my 1million blood points on levelling up Nurse to unlock Thanatophobia and A Nurse's Calling. Of course this now means I have tons of good purple perks on the Nurse and want to start playing as her now.
  7. Also I'd highly recommend looking up Otzdarva on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDO__Z-tZD4bfG9m4AkK_uA Probably the best DbD player around And he's got a lot of good tutorial videos e.g. He streams DbD regularly on Twitch too.
  8. Best thing to do to learn killer is to do custom games with people so you can piss about without dealing with a bunch of toxic survivors tea bagging you at every turn. It's especially helpful for harder characters like Nurse and Spirit.
  9. Whisper was great but the initial time-gatting bullshit around accessing it was annoying as well.
  10. I'm finding the online rampages pretty fun due to how chaotic it is with all the stuff going on with other players. It thing my favourite set piece fight is still Jhen Mohran though.
  11. That and Escalation Protocol were my two go-to things for catalyst grinding. No idea what the best one is just now.
  12. Dunno if the code is still active, but redeeming bilibili200k in the in-game store gets you 200k blood points.
  13. I got a steelbook and a bunch of art cards with mine, but they were chucked in extra from the Nintendo store.
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