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  1. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    I got 3 within the first hour then none (stopped playing at about 2 since I had plenty of candy)
  2. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    So their way of adjusting the amount of candy needed to evelve Magikarp for community day is just to have them spawn everywhere non-stop
  3. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Alright for some. I live in a rural-ish area and Niantic don't exactly have a good reputation for balancing the game for that vs cities.
  4. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    They've been pretty rare for me outside of events. I had to have one as my buddy to actually get enough candy to evolve it and I'd been playing since launch. Never got a shiny either. I was just saying to a friend not long ago that they should do a community day for it
  5. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Magikarp community day next Saturday!
  6. Snap. Seems pretty easy to do if you work on clearing the map in each act. I only really had to go out of my way for two trophies.
  7. I love how bleak this game is, and it's great playing a game like this where the main character isn't a wise-cracking, smarmy dickhead for a change.
  8. Loved both Prototype games. Best superhero games until Spider-Man PS4. Traversing the city was so much fun and I still don't think I've played a game that made you feel like such an overpowered badass than they both did. In a parallel universe there's a Venom game just like that.
  9. It's been a while since I've played them but I remember enjoying First Light much more than Second Son.
  10. Still looks like Zack Snyder's Avengers.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. The show could really do with timestamps for the feedback, news and what we've been playing sections.
  12. Wonder if it'll be running at 60fps on the next gen consoles? I'm assuming 4k is a given but it's weird how performance was just kinda glossed over when he mentioned the Series X version.
  13. He said in that tweet thread that the reason he's left so many jobs is because that's basically the only way he was able to get a pay rise. I think Kotaku and Vice are the only places he's worked that have a union so that probably explains the jump in pay.
  14. He said on a Waypoint podcast not long ago that he basically just works 9-5 Monday-Friday. He works from home as well (he's in Chicago and Waypoint is in NY). Not bad for some. The old 1UP Shows have been streaming on Twitch every night for the past few weeks and I forgot how annoying he was back then. I didn't finally warm to him in audio/video form until he was at Waypoint.
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