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  1. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Excellent. Here’s hoping they maintain compatibility with future Nintendo consoles too.
  2. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Are those official Nintendo Controllers “open”? Never bothered with the S/NES ones as I had an 8bitdo version that works with my PC and everything else too.
  3. Nintendo store delivered, despite only ordering at 7pm Wednesday evening. As someone who was on the fence and cancelled my original pre-order I'm glad I got sucked back in - really feels like a different device entirely. The closest thing I can compare it to is when I went from my Moto G4 with it's plasticky screen and cheap feel to a then brand new iPhone 6.
  4. I think my arm has been twisted - if anyone has a spare Student Beans code it would be appreciated. All sorted - thanks!
  5. Cancelled mine a few weeks ago but getting tempted in to ordering again due to a change of circumstances (and the HYPE obviously) - surprising that they seem to be readily available for release.
  6. Perhaps he meant "is it also coming to PS4?". Which I doubt, I expect this is far enough away to be beyond cross-gen releases, and it says on the title card at the end "In Development for PlayStation 5".
  7. It's a one-off fee of £45 rather than however many hundreds Hearthstone can run to, which is also no bad thing. I like the evolve mechanic too, gives it a different feel to Hearthstone/MtG. I think I've thoroughly rinsed the demo and beaten all the NPCs now, so I'm just waiting for the full game. I think it should have enough staying power for at least a run through the campaign.
  8. Anyone playing this? https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/Shadowverse-Champion-s-Battle-2000169.html There was a very positive review on the latest Consolevania: There's a free demo on the eShop that I'm playing through and I have the full version arriving in a few days so will be ready to swap codes for multiplayer then.
  9. No unsolicited issue, but multiple unsolicited emails about resuming my sub or buying a gift sub this month - I don't remember ever receiving anything like that before from Edge.
  10. No, unfortunately not - it’s not showing as synced on PS Plus cloud saves at all and I sold my old system when I upgraded to a PS5.
  11. Couldn't resist jumping back in, picking up a used PS4 copy and buying the Yuffie DLC separately. Disappointed to learn that my platinum save has been lost to my old PS4/the cloud - I take it none of the materia etc. transfers over to Yuffie anyway? Would I be able to download a complete save from somewhere if I did want to go back to the combat sim in the main game?
  12. I wish I could give them money to upgrade my PS Plus version to full fat PS5 Intergrade. Could that be what the £8.99 is for?
  13. Or Electropylon Driver with anything.
  14. This looks like fun but I can't find any reviews. Is there an embargo?
  15. I can't even remember what the defaults are now, but I had: Always Sprinting = On Dash = L1 Melee = R1 Use Item = Square
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