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  1. Ahh, the “stock will be available soon” for the Series X must be referring to after launch then. Thanks for clearing it up.
  2. Decided to plump for a Series X but I've missed out on all the pre-ordering shennanigans. Tesco is my preferred place to buy (can take advantage of an employee discount) but it looks like the X hasn't been put up yet. Is this a second round of allocation or are pre-orders really running this close to launch? Do we know what day pre-orders are going live?
  3. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/xcom-2-collection-switch/ X-Com 2, not Chimera Squad.
  4. Got in to a YouTube hole of watching crazy end game runs at this: Love the combat in this game, I hope they don't change anything for the next one.
  5. Well that's the platinum done. And to think, I cancelled my pre-order after being lukewarm on the combat in the demo.
  6. I’d do as much as you can. The side quests don’t provide anything that will make you op (I did every side quest possible on my first run and still had a tough time on some of the latter stages, never mind bosses)
  7. I think it's from doing I'm currently working on unlocking:
  8. A good load out makes things easier. Shamelessly copied from a strategy website:
  9. I did! Only managed to get as far as the end of the demo content so far.
  10. What are my chances of picking this up in a supermarket tomorrow? EDIT: Available to order for click and collect at Argos in Sainsburys - I can pick it up any time after 4pm today.
  11. Two further modes after hardcore, each with their own S Rank requirements. The shortness of the game did make those extra play throughs less daunting and quite fun.
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