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  1. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Hitman 3 A2. Deathloop A3. Metroid dread A4. Psychonauts 2 A5. Kid amnesia Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Disco Elysium B2. Skyward sword B3. Super Mario 3d world Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. 12 minutes. Z2. Nintendo switch online. A cash grab with the N64 game additions. Z3. Sony/ PlayStation 5. Hugh prices, poor ps plus games, confusion over paid ps5 upgrades and a disappointing second half of the year. Sound Design of the Year S1. Kid amnesia S2. Halo infinite S3. Deathloop Visual Design of the Year V1. Psychonauts w V2. Forza horizon 5 V3. Deathloop Writing of the Year W1. Disco elysium W2. Unpacking W3. Deathloop Format of the Year F1. Xbox series Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Xbox games studios
  2. Cloudwater have a new place open- Sadler’s cat, near Victoria station. Vocation have recently opened a bar in Society (indoor street food type place) and it’s excellent. Fierce have opened in the Northern Quarter in the last year. Northern Monk are there too. Beatnikz republic are on the same street as Northern Monk and worth a visit. Port street beer house always have a great selection on. As does Beermoth cafe off Market street (they have a takeout shop in the Northern Quarter too).
  3. 510 today for me. https://turnip.exchange/island/e91c137d Will be away but will check to make sure the connection hasn’t dropped.
  4. Thanks I’ve been and left you a tip on my way out! Great island
  5. Thanks for accepting me there, that'll pay for a new bridge for Beanville! Great island and house, puts me to shame.
  6. Got this beside me, long afternoon ahead! Trying to get the wife into this as she'll love it. I know it's one island per switch but can we share the cart and have separate islands on separate switches? Don't want to island share if she's not going to stick with it.
  7. 01 - Bon Iver - Bon Iver 02 - Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell 03 - Protomartyr - The agent intellect 04 - Radiohead - A moon shaped pool 05 - Father John Misty - I love you, honeybear 06 - The National - Trouble will find me 07 - LCD Soundsystem - This is happening 08 - Vampire weekend - Modern vampires of the city 09 - Low - Double negative 10 - Beach house - Bloom 11 - The National - Sleep well beast 12 - Jamie XX - In colour 13 - Shins - Port of morrow 14 - Protomartyr - Relatives in descent 15 - Fleet foxes - Crack up 16 - Broken social scene - Hug of thunder 17 - Big Thief - UFOF 18 - Cut copy- Zonoscope 19 - St. Vincent - St. Vincent 20 - Avalanches - Wildflower
  8. From UK Nintendo Twitter- launches 6th rather than today.
  9. How did you find it? I can't see it anywhere.
  10. Watcher Knights are not optional. I came across them last night and like you found them a real struggle. Tips in spoiler for what it's worth. I managed to do them after about an hour of frustration and when I managed it I felt like I just got lucky. It's by far the hardest boss I've faced so far but it is doable!
  11. “Don't put your hands on a forward when he's in the box, don't mess with him, don't touch him, don't push him.” http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/evertons-sam-allardyce-praises-referee-14020025 Genuinely don’t see how the two can be distinguished. Both equally soft. Crazy reaction in the studio.
  12. 01 - Protomartyr - Relatives in descent 02 - Broken social scene - Hug of thunder 03 - Rolling blackouts coastal fever - French press 04 - LCD Soundsystem - American dream 05 - The National - Sleep well beast 06 - Fleet foxes - Crack-up 07 - Slowdive - Slowdive 08 - Mac Demarco - This old dog 09 - Grizzly bear - Painted ruins 10 - The xx - I see you
  13. Keep an eye on this- http://m.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-playstation-vr I managed to bag one myself about a week ago. Places are periodically- and randomly- getting stock in. Never in huge quantities but there is a steady enough supply. Move controllers on the other hand...
  14. Your point was that it was a simple matter of just finding a striker. You've failed to name any that suited your own conditions. Do I want you to name more? Yeah, it you can. My point is that it wasn't an easy task. I was completely against Lambert but thought that he could have offered an alternative if managed properly. Which he hasn't been. He should be moved on. And replaced. With someone suitable. It won't be Benzema though! That's where we are. On Balotelli I was on board for what it was- a calculated gamble in a poor market. I wasn't sure if he would fit us, but at £16m and in the absence of any other options I was willing to see how it went. He could have turned out to be a £35m player or a £5m player. Unfortunately it's been the latter. Benefit of hindsight and all that. I agree that the committee have been poor, but it has to be put in context. We're not a top tier club that can attract those players, pay those fees and sustain that sort of wage. Nor is there an abundance of top talent out there.
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