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  1. so how many laps/fuel use/tyre wear etc? Gr1 cars yeah?
  2. With regards tuning, I feel like at the lower end, the N100s, N300s, a quick tune up made the cars driveable and was well worth it. That sort of thing should be shared with everyone I guess, like adjust the gears on the mini, even teh N300s. For things like Gr3s etc, no tuning is great as the cars go well in stock configuration. With regards practice, given the range of experience with the game, for some people having prior knowledge of what track is a god send as it lets you get vaguely competitive. For the no lifers (like me) I should just try and find meaning in my life outside and turn up on the night and bin it in turn 1. But yeah, I've already had enough practice in most cars/tracks.
  3. following Marsh's advice, you can get about 140k per circuit experience gold medals. So depending on how quick you can gold them, you'll get decent cash. I may or may not have grinded them all yesterday to buy a Ferrari.
  4. that mazda had the worst engine noise in the game though so it's not all bad!
  5. I’ve got a mate who’s a n00b who’d be Interested in the 2nd lobby
  6. Happy to get on the podium this week. Could have been fighting for the win if I hadn't messed up the starts on races 3, 4. I was on the front row for every race. Turn 1 problems! Need to practice fuel saving strategies as well. Can't believe Noble 1 stopped the Nurburging GP. Joe, what fuel/tyre wear were we using so we can practice the strategy?
  7. Honestly, it doesn't matter. With such a big lobby, as long as there's someone to race, it's all good! I had fun trying to charge back up the order!
  8. Massive thanks to all who took part last night. Was brilliant even though I got spun to the back in the last two races on the first lap. Battling back to the midfield was great since we had a full lobby. One request though, there was no reset to track. So i got spun round on turn 1 at Nurburgring and it took way too long to get pointed the right way. Reset to track would have gotten people back in the action quicker which given the relatively short races I think would be helpful. Big plus one for a long endurance race at LeMans even though I'm like 30 seconds a lap slower than Marsh!
  9. I saw on Col's picture that you actually were on pole for Bathurst, it's just that 2nd place is exactly in line with 1st! and blimey, a 1 point win! chuffed with that! amazing evening, thanks to all, especially @McSpeed
  10. Well you're miles faster than me at the Nordschleife. Did a couple of laps on my 'home' lunch break and i'm a full 12 seconds off the pace! But it doesn't matter because you're right, the car feels amazing on that track!
  11. @mexos which nordschleife configuration? Tourist or the 24hr?
  12. btw, we racing tonight? weirdly, i don't have any plans....for any nights tbh.
  13. What about the Nurburgring GP and Nordschleife?
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