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  1. Same as Corranga, I like the GT rim quite a lot! Don’t use the McLaren rim much as a result which surprised me
  2. That being said, when I was chasing down Noble for a few laps at Watkins Glen, I was loving it. Handling felt great, totally absorbing and as usual, the strategy part did me in! Wish PD would just say 'Lobby connections are farked, we're working on it'. Silly PD.
  3. yeah, it was hard to tell if there was contact due to the usual or just major lag. Autopolis was a nightmare for me. Got spun to last in T1 but no idea if that's cos my car was jumping around for the people behind me. It was so bad that later on in the race, I was approaching a group of cars and was like 'is this even worth trying to pass anyone' in case I lagged into someone or vice versa. The lobby options still feels like premium content but the multiplayer lobby connections are still terrible. We'd only occasionally have lag problems in GT Sport so I don't know what's gone wrong here.
  4. the time of day transitions on Watkins Glen was sublime but also challenging because at a certain point, I realised I was finding it hard to spot certain braking points. Add this to the list of excuses - lag - wheel broke - it got dark - brexit
  5. Ha but at least if you can eventually join the lobby you only need to do it once! in theory of course
  6. I mean fair enough, I was just reiterating what SuperGT had been moaning about. I've not done dailies for ages cos Monday Nights used to be so much more my thing. Just taking a break for a little while and hopefully those QOL changes for private lobbies will come sooner rather than later.
  7. I'm doing a Pim and not been touching this until the lobbies/online QOL gets sorted but the ACC FIA thing is definitely unrelated. There's been no FIA association with GT since before 7 came out so this has clearly been a behind the scenes thing for some time. It's just unfortunate timing for PD when some high profile players have binned it off and the moaning from players who do mainly wanna play this online has become more vocal. SuperGT's complaints are more about the fact the Sport mode races aren't setup very well. Rolling starts on a 5 lap race where if he starts in 4th, depending on the track he'll be 10 seconds off the lead by the 2nd corner. The penalty system etc etc. All the usual but the fact is it's not moved on from Sport and indeed feels worse as a result. Also just variety of events, the BOP, tuning exploits, it's messy and unrewarding and so on. Obviously, when it's good, it's really good and that is possibly what's making people more frustrated.
  8. jeez. what the hell are they doing I was thinking about the weird acquisition of Bungie by Sony cos they worded the reasoning to be about getting the expertise of running a live service game as a big plus. At the time I thought 'pfft whatever' but what I wouldn't give for PD to take a few leaves out of Bungies' book in terms of communication and patches.
  9. nice write up! I do wish I could have squeezed in more practice as the Jag understeer really scuppered me on the dry track let alone when the rain came down! Still, had some hilarious battles on the last lap with Louis and Kiro! Absolute carnage. Also, I'm still writing that letter to your kids @Junker to apologise for the verstappen elbows out 'how rude' move at Lago Maggiore. I still feel ashamed!
  10. I think the collector progression was worked out before they upped the earnings and people could more easily buy legends cars which often progresses you entire collector level.
  11. I was historically struggling on this corner as well until I did the CE for LeMans and picked pretty much the exact same marker that Kiroquai has annotated. I think I was doing what you were before, looking to the left which is really hard imo. The Gant marker is a great ref.
  12. people are saying the Audi R8 GT3 is now err driveable.
  13. "Also in Sport Mode, players can now choose to enter any race with either their own garage cars or to “rent” a vehicle for the event. That means you no longer need to own a car in order to take part, and you can even rent a different vehicle for events where you already own one of the eligible machines." and "There’s two changes under the hood too, one of which will come as more welcome news than the other. PD notes it has “adjusted the geometry calculations” which caused a lack of rear-end grip particularly on rear-wheel drive cars, and this should now be improved. " in the patch today apparently this is.
  14. it's worth noting that there's some bugs in the races with pitstops/tyre wear etc where depending on what difficulty you've set the game, (easy, medium, hard) the AI can do lap times that are literally impossible, like lapping 3 seconds faster on softs in heavy rain and they don't do pit stops etc.
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