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  1. ah nice. pleased with that. Looks like we'd have a hell of a race around Bathurst in the GT3s! what a track.
  2. hurrah! 2:00.804. You've posted this to bait Noble into ruining my week haven't you!
  3. ach i've had in the bag so many times yesterday but no, not yet. I'm at a 2:01.1xx atm but have been more than half a second up several times before the inevitable. That's in the Corvette btw which I'm loving!
  4. This is a known bug on PS5. My pal has this happen regularly and there's tons of threads about on the cesspit that is bungie.net. They've acknowledged it's a bug but it's been a few weeks and no sign of a fix yet. There's supposedly some things you can do to mitigate it, can't remember off the top of my head. will edit this post later.
  5. @jonathanhoey I am liking what I am seeing in that vid. YES. Keep on keeping on!
  6. I’ve given up. luckily GT7 is now a PS6 launch window title so I’ve not got any FOMO
  7. ACC runs at 30fps on console and looks like a dog barfed all over the graphics compared to to PC though. It's clearly possible to make a game run on PS5 and PS4 since Horizon is cross platform but I think unless they planned for GT7 to be cross platform from the off, it would be a major reworking or essentially a remake to get it running on PS4. Personally, I hope they haven't suddently decided to do that in case it delays GT7 further even though I feel further than ever from being able to acquire a PS5.
  8. @jonathanhoeylooking briefly at your laps, the lines you're taking are a big issue. You're driving a harder track than the fastest guys. Your objective is to have the car pointed in a straight line as soon as possible and be fully on the power as much as possible. In other words, cut corners. Abuse track limits. Move way out wide before the entry of a corner so you can take it straighter and faster. Your camera view isn't helping you position the car I'd suggest. just my 2 cents.
  9. Yeah that's how most people got theirs. Not the Adept versions. 120 RPM Hand cannons getting a bit of a nerf next season though so something new might rise to the top.
  10. thanks Sharky. I really know bugger all about driving cars.
  11. what does 'blipping the throttle' mean?
  12. Oh so they'll have to release a CSL DD for PlayStation at some point so they've basically just announced a PC wheelbase that would work on Xbox if you have an Xbox wheel rim...Wonder why there has to be a 'PlayStation' specific model. Seems weird.
  13. 100% accurate. Even the sleeping in the daylight bit.
  14. I love the blue personally. Saw on the PSN chat that the CSL DD isn't PlayStation compatible but I assume it's the same situation as the DD wheel bases where there'll be a PC/Xbox base and a PC/PS base at some point.
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