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  1. Yeah highly recommend that 69 F1 car. It was like 2.5 million and worth saving up for. We wanna do a longer race in it, some class liveries available.
  2. very enjoyable races. After the main races, we tried out the new Honda F1 car that came with the latest patch and it's well worth the credits. Awesome in cockpit view (non-VR) and really fun to drive. I do wonder if Racing Hard tyres was a bit much though, surely too much grip for that era of car? Defo worth us doing a race with it though!
  3. Another question - have you put in the recommended settings for the DD Pro from Fanatec for GT7? They have pretty different suggested values.
  4. it's also possible the actual shaft into the wheelbase isn't properly connected. I had issues earlier in the thread with it gradually pulling out and ultimately disconnecting. There's a point where it's not fully connected but still works and feels weird so might be worth checking that.
  5. yeah massive kudos to @Junker and @Fretnoise. Dare I say the lobby stability was the best it's ever been? Loads of close racing which frankly I wasn't used to in a few err dicey moments. Apologies to @Corranga at Spa, I actually just lost the car on the straight even though it definitely looked like a twitch in your direction! If Noble is expecting an apology....nah. I put a load of FIA badges on my livery so I think I'm covered. As for @GwiDan it probably evened out in the end..
  6. I'm running out of time on this TT. I'm like 3 hundreths of gold. It's so close, I just need a lucky run but dunno if i'll get another chance before the deadline. Hardest one yet for me but I have definitely improved as I've gone. Just need to hook it all up. wish I could do like Noble/Mexos on this one, spend half an hour and then move on. EDIT: 3 hundreths off not 3 tenths! EDIT 2: aaaand done. Most satisfying TT gold ever. Putting this here for when some bastard alien goes 2 tenths faster on Wednesday.
  7. Err sorry but it’s already silver. Maybe try remote play? One for the ages? Gold on a pad on a phone?
  8. err so someone's gone faster. Even Noble is only just gold currently. the time i just did would have been gold two days ago. This is a hard one.
  9. the new time trial is quite difficult. given how short the lap is and how fast and the damn penalties, i'm not sure i can easily find the time I need to get gold. My main issue is the last left hander before the end of sector 1. I'm losing like half a second on Kie25's ghost there alone. Anyone else got any tips on how to hustle the RB around there? I'm only like a tenth and a half off I think currently.
  10. missed these comments from Kaz about the Lobbies from about a week ago. https://www.gtplanet.net/yamauchi-gt7s-online-will-evolve-20221128/ 'There are more things we can do on the code side to make it better'. No. Shit.
  11. I almost wonder if there's some sort of licensing or budgetary thing going on with it and PD and the manufacturers. The lack of modern GT3s or even just modern Ferraris etc is odd and then all these Vision cars. it's almost like they're like we can't afford to re-license to make current Ferraris but this Vision stuff is cheap but that doesn't make any sense either to me as surely PD / Sony is rich enough to make it work. Oh wait, Kaz is a weirdo and probably thinks the Vision cars are all awesome. #musicrally #neverforget #nissansilvia
  12. there's some easy credits to be made in the Anniversary Nations Cup events. There's two races that give you 1 million credits each for a win. Willow Springs in the Escudo, 7 laps and Spa with rain in Gr3s. They've also changed Daily Race A to be one of the Nations Cup finals which is Deep Forest Reverse in Gr3s and increased rewards which are still completely pathetic. I did two races and I do not like that track in reverse. It really doesn't work very well.
  13. Thinking about it, the only true lag test I'll accept as GT7 lobbies being fixed is a Junker hosted lobby without lag whilst racing Pim in Audi R8s.
  14. yeah but i watched streamers testing lobbies weeks ago and it all seemed good and yet we still get awful lag some nights. I've got zero faith in them.
  15. Outside of the menus when it forces you to tune, i haven't touched that part at all. I'd argue that's been a total waste of time in GT7. Interlagos in Gr3s was probably the most common Daily race in GT Sport so don't be surprised that most of us have rinsed that track to death. I found gold fairly easy this time around but but must have done 1000s of laps around there so I'd be a bit mad if I didn't. Just gotta put the laps in, you can do it for sure.
  16. It IS a good lap but the physics change has noticeable made that TT out of date to the extent they should have wiped peoples times imo. low 56 is great. Must be a top 3% lap time I would have thought.
  17. ah there's no video, sorry. I think there's at least 1 to 1.5 seconds more to find for me, if I do a good lap, I'll post it. I'd defo run TC off for this one but you can't floor it in 2nd gear unless you're absolutely straight. 3rd gear is pretty good. I think you need to turn off that braking indicator personally. It's too distracting. You gotta be figuring out yourself where to brake so you can decide if you could brake later or softer or in some cases, earlier than the game thinks. GT7 gives you a lot of laptime if you get on the power early enough. Oh and abuse track limits more. and get Mexos to post a vid with a 53:0xx.
  18. ha so I had a quick go at that license test time trial at lunch. Quite fun to quantify how much the games physics have changed since launch, I went 5.5 seconds faster. Think that put me at about a 1:56.6xx? That's pretty mad how much it's changed. They actually need to patch and potentially wipe all the license test times it's so different. That'd be fun actually.
  19. GR3 of your choice. Nurburgring GP circuit. Jon's done a 1:55.5xx. One person in the world has done a 53.9x.
  20. Didn't realise initially that you can use any Gr3 car in the latest TT. The global leaderboard was all 911s at first and my friends leaderboard the same. Then Junker puts in a time in the Jag and I thought 'hacker'. The top 100 is now got a bit of variety to it which is interesting. Quite a good change of format and I wonder if they've done that to get a benchmark for a potential BoP pass on the Gr3s. Getting the best drivers to push that class of cars hard on a pretty good test circuit. Then I remember that it's PD and you can probably choose other Gr3 cars by accident.
  21. Just admit it. The pink mist descended and you Gandalfed me into the next LOTR movie.
  22. wait did you not even get a penalty? The FIA, man. the goddamn FIA.
  23. 🤣 I love this. You avoided Pim like a pro! Stay on target! bahahaha
  24. Hmm that page is so badly formatted. They're rounding up times. I did a 1:13.05x and it's listed as 1:13.9. The next times after me are 1:13.1 etc. Idiots.
  25. Interesting. Care to expand? I guess the car in the TT is less unique feeling, less interesting maybe? not driven anything else really so not sure how it's changed overall.
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