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  1. I think the collector progression was worked out before they upped the earnings and people could more easily buy legends cars which often progresses you entire collector level.
  2. I was historically struggling on this corner as well until I did the CE for LeMans and picked pretty much the exact same marker that Kiroquai has annotated. I think I was doing what you were before, looking to the left which is really hard imo. The Gant marker is a great ref.
  3. people are saying the Audi R8 GT3 is now err driveable.
  4. "Also in Sport Mode, players can now choose to enter any race with either their own garage cars or to “rent” a vehicle for the event. That means you no longer need to own a car in order to take part, and you can even rent a different vehicle for events where you already own one of the eligible machines." and "There’s two changes under the hood too, one of which will come as more welcome news than the other. PD notes it has “adjusted the geometry calculations” which caused a lack of rear-end grip particularly on rear-wheel drive cars, and this should now be improved. " in the patch today apparently this is.
  5. it's worth noting that there's some bugs in the races with pitstops/tyre wear etc where depending on what difficulty you've set the game, (easy, medium, hard) the AI can do lap times that are literally impossible, like lapping 3 seconds faster on softs in heavy rain and they don't do pit stops etc.
  6. Yeah... The online lobbies are terrible atm. The lag making close racing pretty uncomfortable not to mention the lack of host functionality. It'll get there eventually but it's a bit annoying to take such a big step back from GT Sport in that regard. By a bit annoying, it's killing my interest pretty hard because unlike most of the posters in this thread, I pretty much loathe the single player in this.
  7. yeh but from a simple credits point of view, you'd get duplicates of cars you'd bought, you could sell the one you bought with credits. Wasn't perfect but a long way from this. Also, car roulette was kinda crap as you say but I got most of the GT3/GT4 cars from it which would be a monumental grind in GT7. Don't forget you gotta spend close to 100k on a full set of tyres for EACH ONE in GT7 and the cars themselves are 450k.
  8. yeah it's pretty different. You got a new car every day in GT sport from the roulette and it even let you hide the option to buy cars with real money. I seemed to get good money even from our Monday night races, or a decent chunk when time trialing sport mode. Most cars weren't that pricey except for a small amount of unicorn cars. Oh and you could sell cars. And there were loaners for some daily races.
  9. "We would really appreciate it if everyone could watch over the growth of Gran Turismo 7 from a somewhat longer term point of view." sure thing, us gamers are good at that.
  10. To follow up on Corranga's reply, I got the DD Pro and the Sim Lab Wheel Stand Pro for it. The stand is ridiculously heavy so the wheel base is totally fine on that but I concur with Corranga, the wheel base would be fine I think on most stands. I also have the boost pack so it's at 9nm. However, the loadcell brake pedal is a different story. If you just use the standard brake pedal that the DD Pro comes with, you'll be fine but the loadcell really needs your rig to be very firm and not move.
  11. on the cafe missions, you definitely got dirt tyres on? cos it's insane that in the license tests it's got bugged. I mean the dirt tyres were shit so i can't imagine how hard it is on comfort hards!
  12. I posted this in the PSN thread and there's no denying I'm feeling pretty smug about it but it might help anyone going for the gold in the final Super License test. I did one full lap on my wheel for silver then had a quick blast on controller yesterday. I put traction control back to 3 and turned counter steering assistance to strong and narrowly golded it first full lap i completed. I did watch a track guide video and the main tips were the racing line isn't where you think it is and to up shift into second mid corner on the slow hairpin corners and you get way better traction. Two hardest bits are Eau Rouge/Radillon (there's a nasty bump that if you don't lift a bit you'll spin and I recommend 3rd gear for that) and Blanchimont. Blanchimont in these conditions can go fuck itself. Hard to see the dry line, I lost most of my time on this section rolling around in the wrong gear squinting at the track looking for puddles. *full disclosure - my 'full lap' on the wheel took me like 15/20 attempts. Spin city.
  13. You should check if that bug where it gives you road tyres is affecting you
  14. I didn’t do 100s of laps to beat you at bathurst to be mistaken for Junker!!!
  15. Welcome aboard! and that was me who ran into you in the second race! no worries, these things happen! I had a mare on Monday night in the races. From 2nd to last on the first lap of that race. Ian did a false start which made me do one and then the famously lightning mclaren launches I'm famous for finished it up nicely. Annoying cos my race pace until I weirdly binned it with the old GT Sport one wheel touches not the tarmac spin out physics moment, i was only a tenth off FL. Great battles at the back though with Ian and I think Kiroquai until I did my spin. Still getting used to the new loadcell brake pedal and not entirely dialled in with the rig setup. More discussions with Mexos are in progress with additional supervision from Corranga.
  16. i doubt there's cross play between GT Sport and GT7 if that's what you mean but I think it's cross-gen for GT7 on PS4/5.
  17. There's like what, 2 more mondays before GT7? We're defo still racing GT Sport on those Mondays AFAIK.
  18. Sorry, I don't wanna kill anyones buzz. What I'm looking for in the game is almost completely about the multiplayer racing part of it aka GT Sport 2 is what Mexos and I are really after. Also I'm disappointed about no RTX in gameplay. Had the PS5 for a year and only Ratchet and Clank has given me the whole 'oooh' next gen shineys. Tbf it looks good in gameplay but I guess i had unreasonable expectations for what they could achieve on the hardware at 60fps 4k. (Personally, 4k isn't important for me but I know for some folks it is). Also, 400 cars is a lot but I hope there's some more recent cars in it? I saw all the usual Gr3 suspects in the footage but like no new Aston etc. In conclusion, will only play it for 500 hrs this year. worst game ever.
  19. Meh. this is sounding more and more disappointing.
  20. Is that right? I could see raytraced reflections on the cars during gameplay. Maybe there's no proper reflections of other cars? Disappointing if that's right. EDIT: https://www.psu.com/news/gran-turismo-7-reportedly-has-ray-tracing-mode-for-actual-races-not-just-replays/ This suggests a performance mode and a higher fidelity mode...which couldn't target 60fps...
  21. I was going to order the McLaren GT3 rim anyway but Junker made me use the 650S in our mini GT3 championship and now I can't bring myself to (so bad in GT Sport). What other Fanatec rims are any good? I want the formula style rim but Mexos reckons they bring out a variant every year and is waiting on this years one...
  22. I didn't even do 1 lap of practice. Glad I didn't now!
  23. absolute classic of a night. everyone in Gr3s meant for consistently close racing throughout! loved it
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