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  1. thanks Sharky. I really know bugger all about driving cars.
  2. what does 'blipping the throttle' mean?
  3. Oh so they'll have to release a CSL DD for PlayStation at some point so they've basically just announced a PC wheelbase that would work on Xbox if you have an Xbox wheel rim...Wonder why there has to be a 'PlayStation' specific model. Seems weird.
  4. 100% accurate. Even the sleeping in the daylight bit.
  5. I love the blue personally. Saw on the PSN chat that the CSL DD isn't PlayStation compatible but I assume it's the same situation as the DD wheel bases where there'll be a PC/Xbox base and a PC/PS base at some point.
  6. ah no worries! I had plenty of 'racing incidents' myself on monday night!
  7. Well... looks like today they're announcing the CSL DD....
  8. It'd be hilarious if it is exactly that. A dehumidifier for sim racing.
  9. So Fanatec tweet yesterday... "Brace yourself and prepare to embark on a new standardd....Can you guess what's coming?" I'm reading too much into that typo aren't I. Standardd. Direct Drive? A new affordable direct drive wheel!? More likely a new unaffordable direct drive wheel.
  10. I would love to upgrade from my G29 but until I can permanently setup the wheel somewhere with a proper frame etc, I didn't wanna go Podium. What do you reckon Fanatec have got up their sleeves Mexos? A new belt driven wheel of some sort?
  11. Yeah I really enjoyed the Group Cs last night specially when I changed to R92CP for Monza. Got into a nice groove with it. I also enjoyed the last race at Suzuka where everyones tyres were dying. Was great.
  12. Thanks for the shout out but like I just posted in the GT Sport thread, I've lost my mojo with sim racing lately. Jan/Feb have been real stinkers for obvious reasons but work has been real intense and I've not had the concentration for sim racing. Taking a break and hopefully get back into it soon! Kinda hard to dedicate the time to GT Sport AND ACC as well as they feel pretty different. ACC is the more rewarding the more time you put in too and I enjoyed the couple of races I took part in recently. Will think on joining a future series! thanks all
  13. I've lost my mojo a bit with GT atm. Just can't concentrate that hard. Might be work at the moment but I'm not doing any GT except on a Monday night and just haven't got any consistency or focus and so I'm taking a bit of a break for a few weeks.
  14. argh that's a good point Mexos. Although to be fair, no idea where I'd put a semi-permanent rig in my flat. Still, my weekly visits to the Fanatec website will have to become monthly I guess...
  15. Yeah in fact, I was just grinding the lost sector for the exotic helmet the last day or so. Was great, tweaking mods and loadouts until I could get it down. Trouble is for new players, how long would it take to acquire all the mods you ideally want to be able to pick from to take on content like that.
  16. I'd love to do the Raid. Have this in PS4 and PC so is it the rllmuk discord you're talking about?
  17. So I have a question for those who have taken part in the endurance races we do. I have no idea about pit stop strategy. How to make a strategy. how you work any of it out. I just turn up on Monday, try and do a fast lap in practice and then watch you strategists disappear off doing half a pit stop in an hour on one tyre whilst I am constantly changing fuel map and trying to work out how many minutes are left versus fuel whilst also discussing why I haven't made dinner with my other half. I know Joe changes up the tyre wear/fuel each week but I am just completely out of contention in these endurance races despite being within a tenth or two of pole in a number of events. I did win Interlagos endurance but I think that's cos Noble was harassing Alex Albon at an F1 event in real life somewhere and Pimp hadn't made his Pimpulator Spreadsheet. Any advice?
  18. after 30 mins, i'm now 5107 in the queue. I never learn. fell for the hype as usual. EDIT. tempted fate. booted back to the login screen
  19. Ah Mykie! I think my forum account was different but I remember many nights playing Blur and HP with you and Karzee and Joe! Most excellent. What format are we all getting this remaster on then?
  20. Dare I say, I wanted more carnage. I would love love GT7 with like 30 car lobbies, time of day, weather and full damage. That said, the Lexus was really terrible everywhere except that first race which from my pov was really boring! All I could hear was everyone else having a great old time! Respect to Joe once again for mixing it up. don't think i've ever even see that last track!
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